Treating Crohn’s Disease—Naturally. Debbie Sarfati; video.

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on Sep 13, 2009
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Crohn’s Disease is horrible, no good, very bad. It’s as if the devil made it up one hot day when he was bored, just out of spite. A more tehnical definition, you ask? Okay. It’s Wikipediatime. Crohn’s Disease is…

…an inflammatory disease of the intestines that may affect any part of the gastrointestinal tract from anus to mouth, causing a wide variety ofsymptoms. It primarily causes abdominal paindiarrhea (which may be bloody), vomiting, or weight loss,[1][2][3]but may also cause complications outside of the gastrointestinal tract such as skin rashesarthritis andinflammation of the eye.[1

Can we treat and control Crohn’s Disease, naturally? What’s worked for you or your loved ones? A neighbor just told me about how his wife went through surgeries, how it effected her ability to get pregnant…and how, finally, luckily, she encountered Debbie Sarfati’s work.

Debbie Sarfati

Alternative Medicine Magazine,
September 2005

Conquering Crohn’s Disease

By Debbie Sarfati

Aug. 8, 1996: I remember the date of my first colonoscopy clearly. On that day the cause of my five years of mysterious pain and suffering finally was revealed—in images of my intestinal walls broadcast on a small TV screen. At 18, I was now officially diagnosed with Crohn’s disease—a chronic condition of unknown origin that causes ulceration and inflammation of the large and small intestines.

The diagnosis, while certainly not good news, was actually a relief. Now that my disease had a name, I thought I could finally be cured. After a half decade of suffering, I clearly was ready for that one magic pill that would “fix” me. The tearing pains in my abdomen would soon be gone, I would be able to eat without fear and eventually feel strong, energetic and healthy again.

I was convinced I was on the road to recovery. And I was. But it was a very different path than I originally imagined.

The conventional route

As is common with Crohn’s disease, the conventional treatment my doctors initially prescribed after my diagnosis included a combination of anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants and steroids. I was told that my 85-pound body required 28 pharmaceutical pills a day to heal its intestinal wounds and relax my fitful insides.

However, instead of improving once I began these medications, my condition seemed to worsen. I couldn’t eat without getting sick. I couldn’t get through a day without pain. I was exhausted. My colon often hurt so much and was so cramped that I couldn’t stand up straight. I felt like my body was toxic, which I now know it probably was.

For the next two years, I continued to see doctors, often complaining about how awful I felt from the medications. But I still was willing to do and try anything they prescribed. What they offered was more medicine.

First, they told me to increase the dosages of my current medications. (Wasn’t nearly 200 pills a week enough?) Next, when higher doses provided no relief, I was given different medications to try. I was even enrolled in medical trials using drugs that were not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration because I had exhausted all the approved drug options that were available to me at the time. In short, I was trying everything that modern medicine had to offer me, and my pain persisted. My intestine was so weak that I developed a fissure (a tear in my colon) and had to have surgery to remove the diseased area. When I returned to one of my doctors, desperately searching for another solution, he reviewed the results of my most recent colonoscopy and congratulated me for being “in remission” since there were no active ulcerations present in my colon at the time. In tears, I asked him why I was still having constant diarrhea and why my body always felt shaky. His solution? A prescription for the antidepressant Prozac. Although I dutifully filled the prescription and took one pill, I quickly rebelled. I wasn’t depressed—I was sick! There had to be a better way to wellness.

I continued to be at a loss as to why I was not well when I was listening to and following directions so closely—until I finally realized that I was listening to the wrong people. My doctors were drowning out the voice inside me that kept suggesting I may not be on a path to wellness.

The Nutrition Solution

I often say that changing my diet was my last-ditch effort to save my life. I had repeatedly asked my doctors about nutrition and was told it was not important. They said my symptoms were due to “the poor state of my digestive system” and that food had no effect on that.

So, I researched nutrition myself… here and go to Debbie’s web site for the rest.

Below, a random video I found—the only one that came up when I searched “Crohn’s Disease natural.” I can’t attest to it, but thought I’d include it.


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10 Responses to “Treating Crohn’s Disease—Naturally. Debbie Sarfati; video.”

  1. leslie says:

    Thank you for posting this, as it is very timely for my family – my sister has just been diagnosed with Crohn's.

  2. Thanks for this article; my sister-n-law was recently diagnosed and struggling. I'll pass this along.

  3. DTD says:

    We took her off all foods for which she showed a "severe" reaction (eggs, dairy; the test was for 90 foods). I started her on a morning smoothie with rice protein powder, coconut milk, soymilk (I just recently started using soymilk without carageenan, a known intestinal irritant), flax oil, a powdered multi-vitamin, etc etc. She also started on a very low dose of anti-anxiety (I've read that 65% of people diagnosed with Crohn's also have anxiety). She now weighs 105 pounds, has grown 4 inches, and, best of all, the local IBD specialist has agreed that "nutritional therapy has successfully placed her into remission" and her "eating doctor" even anticipates a full healing of her colon by next year (fingers crossed). So, in answer to your question, YES! It is possible to treat Crohn's without steroids, etc. It requires a fine mix of MDs who are willing to look outside the box, ardent advocates for alternative ways to approach it and lots of research. Many blessings to all of you.

  4. DTD says:

    Sorry, my post was "too long," so I had to break it in two and now the second half needs to be approved.

  5. DTD says:

    The rest of the story: We took our daughter off all foods to which her system "severely" reacted, started her on a morning smoothie of soymilk (I just changed to one without carageenan, a known intestinal irritant), rice milk, coconut milk, a multi-vitmain etc etc. and she ate as much of the non-offending foods as possible. She now weighs 105 lbs., is full of energy, and, best of all, the IBD specialist confirmed that "nutritional therapy appears to have put her Crohn's into remission" and she "does not need any steroids (etc) at this time" Better yet, her "eating doctor" (our at-home colloquialism for her), is optimistic that the intestinal wall will heal even more. So, in answer to your question, nutritional, alternative therapies DO held relieve the symptoms of Crohn's. I should note that she is taking a very small dose of anti-anxiety medication — from my reading, 65% of people with Crohn's have anxiety issues — and that has helped also. Blessings Be.

  6. Max Beau says:

    Is there really a legit way to prevent hangovers? I don’t think so.

  7. No joke , what you wrote and posted have a sense , thanks and i will likely be again!

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  10. Joe says:

    Listen to the patient testimonial below. This patient suffered from severe Chron's disease which resulted in her having a portion of her small intestine removed. She has experienced amazing results with this new product line, which includes the molecular hydrogen product and alkaline greens & protein.