December 16, 2009

If we make 6,000 Fans by Friday, Oprah has a surprise for you.

You get a car! You get a car! You get a car! Ever-y-body gets a car!

Click “suggest to friends” here, and help us get to 6,000 Facebook Fans by Friday. Fans equal traction with our community, and beyond. Traction equals traffic, dialogue, and two-way learning. Traffic equals advertising, which keeps us and our small staff publishing deeply meaningful content and makes for more dialogue and two-way learning. Dialogue and two-way learning make, hopefully, for a funner, brighter, savvier, more active and relaxed world.

And that’s something we allll want: Democrats, Republicans…even Sarah Palin.*

*who apparently doesn’t believe in Climate Change, unlike so-called Whole Foods Republicans; and who was recently told to get back in the kitchen by Glenn Beck, perhaps the only character who could make liberals take her side.

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