Fox, by far most popular news network in US, just plain lies re President Obama’s Nuclear Weapons reduction victory. {Jon Stewart video}

Via Waylon Lewis
on Apr 11, 2010
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“We must never stop at all until we see the day when nuclear arms have been banished from the face of this earth.”

Ronald Reagan said that.

With thanks for the tip to Danny Fisher.

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The Big Bang Treaty
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4 Responses to “Fox, by far most popular news network in US, just plain lies re President Obama’s Nuclear Weapons reduction victory. {Jon Stewart video}”

  1. Adam, an elephriend, posted the above link to his FB Wall.

    Why do you thank Elephant journal? I just watch them all the time on

    well, to be fair, if ur gonna go after a single-sided awful, terrible lying network……u have to post clips about both…..however, i dont know that really anyone watches msnbc… See More

    Theres TONS more…..for both Fox and Msnbc…..they are both garbage….Personally, I NEVER watch the cable news or listen to talk radio anymore….ever

    Adam L. Johnson
    @Jake – cause elephantjournal posted the link, I watched it, and then laughed.

    @Matt – we've been over this before, my intent wasn't to go after anyone. I just thought it was funny. I also think it was great that Stewart pointed out all the holes in this new treaty. I don't think the problem is in one-sided … See Morejournalism, its that there is NO journalism happening on these networks. Its 24/7 commentary with little to no substance focused on politics, gossip, and almost never anything to do with world news. If I want news, I listen to NPR, PRI, or BBC world news.

    I also posted it to help drive a little traffic to a site I like and could use more readers.

    Waylon Lewis
    Matt: You'll appreciate this one, then:
    I'm a bleeding-heart liberal and can't stand watching MSNBC, either.


    Stephanie P
    i've been wondering if the haters are having a feeding frenzy because they see (the others) as being silent victims

    Marcia S
    This clip is exactly what Jon Stewart does so brilliantly well. If only all the legions of Fox News viewers who believe they are getting 'fair and balanced' would actually balance their propaganda indoctrination with his witty insight once in awhile. Alas, he seems to reach only the choir.

    Mary F
    "video not currently available in your country", do i really miss the scent of swamp gas?

    Amy D
    Having a moment of silence before responding.
    Ok, back.
    Does anyone want to credit this lack of logic to the fact we're just a lazy society that's grown tired of questioning truth?
    When a network like Fox is the most popular, providing inaccurate news (we all know this already), it not only diminishes our already weak world credibility (ha, ha, look at what those dumb ass Americans watch), it creates a society paralyzed by fear, paranoia and ignorance.
    It's like our very own Al-Jazeera TV.

    What most concerns me about the unexamined blind faith people place in Fox is that it fuels not simply anger… but rage. Seemingly rational and lovely people have turned into frightening zealots. I guess whatever the reasons people choose to buy what Fox is selling and despite what the rest of the world thinks about Americans….we who choose hope over fear need to do what you did Amy… and give ourselves a moment of silence before responding to all the ugliness. Good call.

    FOX new most popular? Mwahahahahah!! That's rich! It is easily explained in these terms, people universally slow down and turn their heads when they pass a bad car accident. We want to see dead bodies or blood. Somehow, it is part of the human experience. I seriously doubt if ARBITRON would support this conclusion!
    Mary, can you watch Daily Show on Hulu, then? You're in Canada?

    Ron, I did a few searches and Wikipedia seems to back up Stewart's statement and

  3. Hi,

    I just wanted to say that I have been reading for a few months on and off and I would like to sign up for the daily feed. I am not to computer smart so I’ll give it a try but I might need some assistance. This is a good find and I would hate to lose touch, and maybe never find it again.

    Anyway, thanks again and I look forward to reading again sometime!

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