Groovy Spin Art: Kid Powered, Planet Approved.

Via Diana Mercer
on Apr 10, 2010
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Remember when battery powered Spin Art was the craze? I remember making psychedelic, groovy swirls by dripping paint onto a swiftly rotating sheet of cardstock until I was dazzled, or the batteries went dead, which was more often the case.

Our version is stripped-down and kid powered; no batteries required. Spin art allows children to explore cause and effect, patterns, color-mixing, and centrifugal force through play. It’s also invites the use of the whole body; great for coordination, timing, strength and balance.

Try It Now:

Salad Spinner (often available at yard sales for pennies)
Squeeze bottles (I like to reuse my agave, mustard or honey bottles)
Paint (try Clementine all-natural paint)
Heavyweight paper or cardstock squares

Put the paper in the salad spinner and drip, drop and squeeze paint on top. You may want to limit your colors to 2 or 3 for a more interesting result, but don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself.

After the paint is to your liking, put the cover on the salad spinner and spin away! Be sure the spinner has come to a full stop before you open it to prevent pinched fingers. I love turning the final result into greeting cards, postcards, or mini collages in flea market frames.


About Diana Mercer

I've been delighting in and learning from children for almost 20 years as a teacher, and former owner of Clementine Studio: Art Space for Children. I love to watch a child's spirit emerge and develop through the process of art. I'm also a big fan of stilling my mind with yoga, meditation, and the art of mindfulness, cooking up a fresh, local and organic dinner from the Farmer's Market, making sweet music with my friends, and baking fancy birthday cakes.


4 Responses to “Groovy Spin Art: Kid Powered, Planet Approved.”

  1. Judy says:

    I remember Spin Art. Everyone loved those. Good for you to have found a way to make them>

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