The Practice of Appreciation

Via Diana Mercer
on May 29, 2010
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My friends Amy and Anna are getting married today. I wanted to get them a toaster, but instead of presents, they asked for appreciations.

I love this gift. The process of reflecting carefully on my friends, and articulating all the taken-for-granted qualities I love about them felt deeply satisfying.

The little tags are tied onto the flowers with hot pink raffia, and each card
contains an appreciation like “I love Amy’s giggle.”

Our speech is one of the most important ways we can take into the world the lovingkindness, or metta, that we develop in meditation .

I’ve said already that mindful speech should not only be honest, but should be meant kindly. One of the most effective means of being kind in our speech and of helping others is to express appreciation of them.

This is an excellent practice.


About Diana Mercer

I've been delighting in and learning from children for almost 20 years as a teacher, and former owner of Clementine Studio: Art Space for Children. I love to watch a child's spirit emerge and develop through the process of art. I'm also a big fan of stilling my mind with yoga, meditation, and the art of mindfulness, cooking up a fresh, local and organic dinner from the Farmer's Market, making sweet music with my friends, and baking fancy birthday cakes.


2 Responses to “The Practice of Appreciation”

  1. james says:

    the world is going to hell in a hand basket . What ever happened to real families

  2. diana says:

    i wonder what you mean by 'real?'