A Girl.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jun 16, 2010
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The World is a Mess.

What’s the solution?

It’s not the internet, or government. It’s…{dramatic pause}…well, watch the video.

With thanks for the tip to Jared Krause, who got goose bumps watching this, and said so, which made me watch this, which inspired me to share this with you.


For more, Girl Effect.

The Girl Effect, n.
The powerful social and economic change brought about when girls have the opportunity to participate in their society.


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20 Responses to “A Girl.”

  1. Tamara Moravec says:

    Why hasn't a boy done those things already? Cow, herd, cash, village…huh? Planned Parenthood abortion propaganda.

  2. Carlos says:

    Peter Senge (author, among others, of "The fifth discipline") usually shows this clip during his lectures on sustainability, when he criticizes the way environmental and green issues have become synonyms of sustainability. According to Senge, green issues are important and urgent, but they're not enough to a broader sustainability agenda, which requires going beyond the usually negative ecological and environmental agenda. The Girl Effect would be a good example of a positive agenda.

  3. AKgirl says:

    It's all about empowering at the root (grassroots?) level where the greatest change can occur. Thanks for the clip!

  4. swati jr* says:

    as the old saying goes, "if you want to see how spiritual a society is, look to see how it treats its womyn." imagine if patriarchy, white male superiority, racial and dominance issues could be eradicated? we still have a lot of work to do. thanks for the image.

  5. swati jr* says:

    he has. he's always been allowed to do those things. sadly, females haven't- hence generations of subjugation. how am i not making this PP abortion prop. connection??

  6. swati jr* says:

    help womyn around the world build sustainability for themselves and their communities by becoming midwives: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/324/363

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  8. Zaskoda says:

    Great… So the vast majority of the homeless are men. Women are now performing better in college – graduating in larger numbers with higher scores – largely due to female only scholastic programs… Yet, somehow, no one cares about fighting poverty unless it’s affecting a girl? Great message….

  9. pedalgrl says:

    Zaskoda – in which countries are your comments manifest? The world is still overwhelmingly orchestrated and dominated by male forces. You are not incorrect however, as we often batter all men in the name of the "bad" men. There are women who also would oppress the masses if given supreme power. But I would submit that, even though women represent 50% of the world's population, it is the woman who still fights for equality at ever turn.

  10. Zaskoda says:

    @pedalgrl – The United States of America… And yes, women face severe challenges in much of the world.

    You can tell me that women fight for equality all you want… but this video is impactful only because it frames a woman as a victim. When men are victims, no one cares… Men aren't allowed into domestic abuse shelters even though the numbers of men reporting domestic abuse is skyrocketing right now. Men are routinely denied access and parental rights to their children while other men are going to jail for not paying child support for children DNA testing clearly shows aren't even there's to begin with. There are tens if not hundreds of thousands of men sitting in prisons or living the torture of being labeled sex offenders because of false rape claims. When accounting for marital and a parental status, women ear more than men. When considering corporate level jobs, women make considerably more than men. Yet you still hear how women are underpaid. The striking majority of violent crime offenders, including rapists, were raised by single moms, yet men rarely get parental rights over women in divorce cases. I want equality and happiness… but I'm really growing tired of this constant women as victims mentality. A body guard recent came out with sexual harassment complaints again his extremely famous female client… and he was publicly mocked and widely laughed at… told to man up… American feminists aren't fighting for equality, they're fighting for domination… because they aren't lifting a finger to help anyone but themselves. Men are still the ones expected to do the most dangerous work. Women live longer and men are given the jobs that are most expected to kill you. We spend a fortune of government money on women's health while what little men's health exists is privately funded. Equality, I think not.

  11. Zaskoda says:

    Speaking of education, I'm having epic grammar fail…

  12. Eric says:

    It's not about labels and concepts. Call it 'girl effect', 'womyn', 'feminist', 'matriarchal', 'big heart show', but the message is more about a NURTURING principle which is lacking here in the U.S. and all over the world. It is a matter of balance more than equality~and we have been out of balance for thousands of years.

    It's not a 'man vs. woman', 'either/or' proposition. When we are taking care of each other and not being selfish and greedy, when we can let go of the opiate of power and oppression, then we are ALL respected and nurtured.

    Then we can be whole.

  13. swati jr* says:

    beautiful eric!!

  14. Suzy Liz says:

    It's very important to support and educate girls for many reasons, including because of the role girls eventually have as mothers.
    The presentation, "A Girl," glaringly omits the unchanging fact that even educated girls will one day marry and have babies, which is not the end of the world, but a beautiful new beginning for the young women and for their village, too.
    It is unfortunate — and seems a particularly postmodern, Western view — that the word "husband" was included in that presentation only in terms of a negative outcome.

  15. Daniel says:

    Bravo! Nice propaganda. Not sound thinking but very emotional and driving.

    I am a returned Peace Corp volunteer from Kenya. My wife, who I met stateside is from Zambia. I am well acquainted with village life and poverty. And this video makes fixing it seem so possible. It is unfortunate that reality is far crueler than we choose to admit. This one girl in one village. How many cattle do you suppose this village can support? I have been in a few where the village contained only a few cattle and they were sallow from lack of food. Some had none. Sadly, this video is akin to the notion of consumption in that we can just go on producing and producing until everybody has what they want.

    Ahah! Consumption! The golden calf! If we all just make sacrifices to the God of Capitalism he will make all things right.

  16. sarasvati3 says:

    This video gives me chills!! Good ones!

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