July 25, 2010

Marilyn Monroe Yoga.

Marilyn Monroe does Yoga?


For more photos of Marilyn doing old school yoga, click here.


New York Times: “The Subtle Body,” “The Great Oom.”

The New York Times on the story of Yoga coming to America:

“Indefatigable Charlatans.”

(sounds like an awesome name for a garage band)

Some great quotes via teachers of yoga: “The purpose of yoga is to prepare us from getting cheated; to enable us to make better bargains, and to get what we go after!”

And “fabulous sex”!

A quote from the article: “…even the most esoteric and ancient spiritual tradition mutates weirdly when it meets a modern culture pursuing happiness with ever diverse means.”

Yoga plus America? A sad, sexy story of greed. And, yes, some inner peace. Check the wonderfully well-written, worthy article in the NY Times re two new Yoga in America books:

> ‘The Subtle Body’

> ‘The Great Oom’

“…the more vulgar aspects of its inevitable commodification in the United States, like $1,000-a-night yoga cruises, ­ought to be deplored. Certainly, the civic or political virtue that results from limber, yoga-toned bodies is not yet measurable. And it would be nice if American followers of yoga, who increasingly define the future of this Indian discipline, would at least occasionally seek something like spiritual transcendence, though, for some at any rate, prolonged lovemaking and deeper orgasms will remain more feasible than — and may even resemble — ecstatic oneness with the big Self.”

“Soon, Marilyn Monroe was claiming that yoga improved her legs.” Click below for full article:

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