35 Years of Yoga History – A Photo Journey

Via Donna Freeman
on Aug 9, 2010
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Visual Commentary on Yoga in America

Back in 1975 yoga in America had a different feel and face. Yoga Journal now has a gallery site which provides a visual tour of the past 35 years of magazine covers. It is an interesting exercise to flip through these covers to see how intentions, trends, styles, and focus have changed over the years.

Like me, you may find yourself spending far too much time browsing through the decades, revisiting the movers and shakers, the articles and the images which have shaped and molded the yoga movement to what it is today.

A fun interactive bit is that you can even vote for your favorites.

Check out Google Books Yoga Journal archives to read the articles once you’ve enjoyed the covers. Thx to YogaDawg Howls for the heads up.


About Donna Freeman

Teacher, author and expert on yoga for kids and teens, Donna Freeman firmly believes that yoga can be done anywhere, by anyone, at anytime. She grew up in British Columbia, Canada but was introduced to yoga while living in Cape Town, South Africa during her nomad years. She is currently learning acroyoga with her kids and enjoys practicing tadasana while pumping gas or washing dishes. Bob Weisenberg describes her book Once Upon a Pose: A Guide to Yoga Adventure Stories for Children as indispensible. For more about yoga for kids and teens visit her website yogainmyschool.com or the Yogainmyschool.com facebook page


4 Responses to “35 Years of Yoga History – A Photo Journey”

  1. Thanks, Donna. This is great.

    Bob Weisenberg

  2. I spent way too much time this morning flipping through the covers. The ones from the 80s slay me. Interesting to see how trends change. Even the headlines are a time capsule.

  3. Linda-Sama says:

    oh, my! clothes! how archaic!