Who’s Your (Role) Model?

Via Lindsay Jean Thomson
on Sep 15, 2010
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My beautiful, sweet, smart grandma is one of my role models

A few years ago I canceled all of my magazine subscriptions. Image after image of teeny-tiny, airbrushed models and out of reach, expensive goods made me feel bad about myself. I hate to even admit it but reading magazines made me feel fat and poor. Eventually I realized that most magazines, even yoga magazines, are more advertorial than editorial. Why continue to pay a subscription fee to be sold a  lifestyle I don’t really want or need?

Nowadays I sometimes cheat, lingering in the long line at the grocery store in order to peruse an old favorite. Perhaps some of my magazines were unfairly cut (The New Yorker), but others I don’t miss at all (Vogue). These images of fashion week Model-Morphosis from T Magazine Blog are a good reminder of the true story behind the beautiful images, of how models are completely transformed – often away from their natural beauty, I think – by teams of hair stylists and make-up artists.

Who do you truly want to model yourself after? Chances are you don’t care what they wear or how their hair looks. Maybe they are objectively beautiful, maybe not. They are beautiful because they inspire us. Their images are the ones we should surround ourselves with and celebrate.


About Lindsay Jean Thomson

Lindsay Jean Thomson is a San Francisco-based vinyasa flow yoga teacher. She teaches at International Orange and is the co-founder of Flex Hour Yoga.


2 Responses to “Who’s Your (Role) Model?”

  1. Guest says:

    What a great story. It reminds me of the day I hear Diane Garnick speak. She has become my role model, and now she talks about how important it is to have someone special to look up to. Thanks for the uplifting story.

  2. Caroline says:

    So well put, Lindsay! Amen, sister.