Which Republican will be in charge of US Energy policy: the dumb one or the corrupt one? {Stephen Colbert}

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on Nov 19, 2010
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Newly Republican House swings Chair of US Energy to Fundamentalist Christian/Climate Change Denier or…Oil & Gas’ favorite BP-defending wind hater. {Stephen Colbert}

It’s said that you get the government you deserve in a democracy. I’m a liberal…but a moderate one. I dig many conservative values, which used to include conservation (Teddy and Nixon are two of the greatest environmental, America-the-beautiful loving Presidents we’ve ever had).

But this is so funny it’s pitiful.

So, thanks, voters: future generations herald your sh*t-for-brained candidates for House Energy Chair:

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2 Responses to “Which Republican will be in charge of US Energy policy: the dumb one or the corrupt one? {Stephen Colbert}”

  1. Did Colbert ever do a comedy bit on the money that Obama received from BP? Did he ever do a comedy bit on the fact that the brother of John Podesta (who runs the Soros financed Center for American Progress, which writes policy for Obama) was the chief lobbyist for BP? I don't watch Colbert so I don't know if he used that rich material for his routine. Did anyone see anything like that?

  2. Bud Wilson says:

    Let's stay focused on the issue. It's about climate change – deniers who want to maintain the status quo for profit and control of resources vs. those who care about the quality of life on this planet now and in the future. A predictable tactic of the right wing is to assassinate the character of those who are speaking truth to power. If our law makers are corrupt and ignorant both, by virtue of being puppets of corporate interests, then it is up to all of us to stop bickering about ideologies and get on with the profound need for transformation of our energy consumption, generation and distribution.