22 billionaires disliked this video.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Dec 3, 2010
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VT Senator Bernie Sanders offers an cathartic speech.

Is our egalitarian society becoming a “banana republic” with the most “unequal distribution of wealth and income of any major country on earth”?

There’s a war going on in this country…a war being waged by some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in this country against the working families of the United States of America, against the disappearing and shrinking middle class of our country…”

~ Sen. Bernie Sanders


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5 Responses to “22 billionaires disliked this video.”

  1. meatpietatters says:

    Bernie is partly correct. Between the Bilderberger jerk-offs, the multi-nationals, Wall Street, The Federal Reserve and their minions in our Federal government, all of them are bent on eviserating the US manufacturing base, seeking lower cost outlets and maximum profits in off-shore hell holes. Fatter bottom lines at the expense of the US working class.

  2. Thanks Waylon, Sen. Sanders is correct: we're turning into Argentina – a country that once had a thriving middle class.

  3. Alden says:

    Love this! The first step is to deny personhood to these corporations so they can't donate in large amounts and control this country. A person will do things they don't personally believe in, if their salary depends on it.

  4. tamingauthor says:

    What a total load of B.S. Misdirection. Lies. Citizens need to be able to water board their Reps in order to get at the truth.

    Who runs almost all the left wing (socialist) blogs, think tanks, media outlets? Who funds and oversees the Center for American Progress that dictates Obama administration policy? George Soros, billionaire.

    How does Soros make his money? Offshore hedge fund speculation. What has he pledged to do? Crash the American dollar. Impoverish the American middle class. Why? Because, according to him, they stand in the way of his plans for a one world government. This freedom stuff bugs the heck out the ex Nazi collaborator.

    Who are the millionaires and billionaires Bernie talks about? Not Republicans for the most part. Check it out. Who has overseen the Wall Street fiasco and bailed out the rich? The Soros run Obama administration. Check out Geithner, Bernanke at the Fed, and so on…

    Who is bankrupting our middle class by sending our tax dollars overseas to support special Soros projects like offshore oil drilling off the coast of Brazil? Obama.

    Who saved the New York Times, the flagship of the left, from bankruptcy? Who owns a good percentage of that paper now? Carlos Slim Helu, the wealthiest man on earth. Personal fortune of $55 billion. You see the Mexican people in poverty scrambling across the border? And Carlos, the wealthiest man in the world, keeps the liberal New York Times afloat? Who pays for his countrymen to survive? The middle class taxpayer. Why is Bernie Sanders not railing on about Slim? Why is he not calling on the wealthiest man in the world to pay for the cost of illegal immigration of his countrymen? Bernie is being dishonest.

    What about the great socialist governments that Bernie extols? Anyone look at the massive financial trouble in Europe lately? Anyone pay attention to the Marxists and Communists rioting in the streets? Yeah, Bernie we want more of that. (And, oh, btw, what did the Fed do with our middle class tax dollars? They sent nearly a trillion to bail out European banks. Yep, Bernie keep calling on the taxpayer for more.)

    Take a look at the great Marxist experiments throughout history. Talk about inequity. ALWAYS the money ended up in the hands of a very few and the population was reduced to poverty. And death. This has never varied. There are no exceptions. The grand socialist experiments for which Bernie stands have ALWAYS caused great suffering. And the socialist experiment that we are already well into in this country is doing the same thing. Folks there is serious pain ahead.

    Does Bernie Sanders really believe that Soros is going to pay more taxes if the Bush tax cuts are repealed? Is there anyone here that really believes that? No. It is going to be those who run actual businesses that make actual products and hire actual people that will pay… not the hedge fund speculators like Soros who are above the law, yet running our country.

    Take a look at Russia. Is Bernie totally lame when it comes to tallying up inequity? What system did Soros set up in the Soros Empire (as George calls Russia)? A system of gangster oligarchs. And the people are poor. Take a very, very close look at the Soros dream in that country.

    Bernie Sanders is either one of the dumbest people to walk the earth or one of the most dishonest. Let us pull out the water board and find out which it is.

    C'mon, Elephant we need to wake up and stop promoting nonsense that will destroy this country. If you want to do something about inequity demand Congress investigate all the dealings of Soros hedge funds. Demand the FBI raid his offshore funds and disclose exactly what is taking place. Shut down the billionaire speculator who has ruined other economies. It is time to quit helping his pawns run a con game on your readers.

  5. Joe Mohr says:

    Totally agree–as most do–we need to strip corporations of their rights as citizens! This is horrific and a main cause to MANY environmental/social/politicaland economic problems the US faces today!!!