December 7, 2010

The Experiment: GOD.

G-D is Light and we
are all one. Love and Compassion were given to us, the G-d like beings that were created in reflection of Divinity, to navigate through the perfectly connected web of Life. Love is the behavior, the practice, the key to a peaceful and a successful journey through the unavoidable fear of Death and also necessary to accomplish true happiness, true joy, true harmony.

All source texts considered sacred and all  religions followed by the masses teach this: To Love and be compassionate. G-d is light and We are all one.

When it comes to Spiritual practices, nothing beats meditation.  As we know, the end is mostly the beginning and this truth is all you need to take with you if you are not interested in reading THE EXPERIMENT: GOD, Since this truth – when it comes to spiritual practices, nothing beats meditation –  is the essence and the result of a bold entheogenic experiment, where 5-MeO-DMT is used and where the goal is to understand by your own experience that G-d is Love and We are all ONE. G-d is Light and WE are all ONE through LOVE.

The Experiment.

5-MeO-DMT, molecular cousin to the more commonly available N,N DMT (often simply called DMT), is a naturally occurring endogenous psychedelic compound, meaning that it is produced naturally in the human body.  The temple of Awakening Divinity uses an admixture of toad venom, phalaris grass extract, and psychotria viridis extract, all of which contained 5-MeO-DMT. The device, is a “lamp,” as the host preferres to call it, works as a pipe, an alchemical vessel of brass and glass in the form of a piston-based vaporizer. The chamber was first filled with argon gas, an inert noble gas, so that there would be no oxygen present and therefore nothing to burn. The mixture of 5-MeO-DMT extract is placed at the bottom of the chamber and then heated from beneath, filling the entire chamber with a white cloud of vapor.

A complete unnecessary experiment in my humble opinion. As I believed before, I believe now, this understanding of G-d is reachable in every moment we live, in every breath we take, in every people we meet, in every star we see in the sky, in every full moon, in every flower, in the sun, in the planet, in the rivers, in the trees, in the smile of a child, in the eyes of your beloved.

The experience of G-d is everywhere, all the time, without and within. And as everything else in the Universe, it is your choice to surrender to this divinity or to question it in disbelieve. A disbelieve that, in my humble opinion, comes from one of the most rooted vices of character that humans suffer from: doubt and the compulsive desire to control.

So we doubt the miracle of our existance out of our rooted desire to control what we know, though when it comes to knowledge we are usually ignorant, absorbing others information as a method to adquire our own understanding. “Blessed are those who believe”. I believed G-d is Love and we are ALL One before the experiment, through the experiment and after the experiment.

And what an experiment! A bold violent rush into your mind, exhausting to the body, what the experimenters themselves call a practice of Death. Everything is in it: your fears, your controlling nature, your vulnerability, your lack of trust, the outer energetic influences that corrupt your soul and which we know as demons, the black hole of individuality that leaves you alone; it is common to purge, and experimenters might explain the purging in cosmic terms, but lets not forget this is toad venom, and the body naturally thrives for healing, so you are poisoned and your body wants it out.

A sensual experience might come with it when in your chaotic cosmic reality you find the purest energy in the Universe…trust…which is love…and in the biological dimension, the energy that reproduces life.  An invitation to navigate the cosmic geometry, the patterns of life, the DNA information, through your senses manifests and, in my case, connecting to the energetic healing message of my beloved, my lover (whose healing energies are quite angelic), who when in fear of what he was witnessing in me, sent a heart beat to sooth my soul and remind me of wellness and our freedom to ride in tandem any cosmic wave thrown at us.

Again love. Through the sensual universal pleasure experienced in the colors and textures of the wave of our love I found order from the chaos in the universe and through it finally the integration of ALL into the GOLDEN LIGHT that death near experiences talk about, the light that storytellers describe in the divine tales of hope. Light, all is integrated and connected and through is mathematical truths become one expression of energy: light. And light comes with a sense of peace and bliss.

As far as being all ONE, important notice is that in the ceremony the shaman uses music. We all know music holds the key to the gates of heaven, musicians are the heriophants of the mysteries, who raise humanity vibration through the healing power of tone.  In the most recents studies and ancient literature about the healing properties of music, we find that music has the property of tuning rithm and tone in your body to the specific harmonies that music is playing,  in mystical terms it integrates all parts of your soul, body and mind  and when we tune into harmonious sound and frequencies resulting in harmony of the self.

At the moment of bliss (when in the light) in this experiment, the specific music that was played reached a divine mayor tone, similar to that tone/music  used in movies to represent high sacred motivational states of mind. This specific tune had voices wispering in it (The ones that were comprehensible were”: We are one, eternal, love).

The message I got from this experiment contains that any intelligent and educated  understanding is aware that SOUND is the Creator. All main religions talk about it: THE WORD is the beginning. Through SOUND (OM) the Universe vibrates is constantly created.

Therefore, whenever you find yourself in such open vulnerable state of consciousness, what you hear (sound frequency with vibrational value in it) is essential stimulus to where your subcounscious (the mind) will turn. Be aware of external influences and stimulous (external referring to any stimulues that does not come from your divine self) when you surrender to the energy of others. Make sure that what you are practicing is LOVE and COMPASSION when taking care of others as much as when you take care of yourself, specially if your practice is one of divinity.  

Whatever experiment you do, remain in the light and in the services of others’ wellbeing. In the Universe all is vibrating and elements combusting under the ultimate truth of the law of nature, CHANGE. SOUND organizes its chaos, music heals or destroys. Acknowledge the vibrational POWER OF WORD, what you say and think will create reality for yourself and others.

Be light.


All practices that look for evolution and spiritual growth will take you through the same path: knowledge of the self and trust in the divine light: G0d. Meditation is a practice of self observation with a map to divinity and the easy to follow how-to practice to achive that state of bliss, light.

Meditate. It is so much more peaceful, a practice where you are the master of your own mind and body, a practice of death that gives you the opportunity to know yourself moment by moment, breath by breath, in complete awareness and within consciousness, as is. Meditation also brings with it the pshycodelic qualities of the senses, so it also offers you with the amazing display of colours and textures that you dicover in the geometry of Nature.


Beautiful journey, bold and intense, the body suffered from it, the brain suffered from it, the whole next day was heavy, in pain, exhausted. The body and brain had just died. Mine, at least. A bold experiment. An unnecessary experiment in my humble opinion for those who believe G-d is Love and We are all One; recommended maybe for those who choose to live violent life times.

In all my life, I have never, ever, doubted that G-d is Love and We are ALL one. I knew it before, during and after the experiment.

As always, life is a reflexion of yourself and this is only my humble opinion after experiencing toad venom in my system, neither validating or negating others experiences and opinions regarding the subject.

In my dreams last night, while asleep, the “I” was asking G-D for forgiveness, forgiveness for the abuse that the ” I” had put the mind and body under, while in search of the qualities of Spirit, while doing this experiment; it was as if the intelligent web of  life and all its DNA information was already AWARE that doubting such divinity and trying to prove it by the alteration of consciousness through the comsumption of substances is in itself a violation to the universal unity of G-d and the law of Nature and just another statement of the ego trying to control what is, instead of just “being” in peace and synchronicity with the highest universal values of life. In complete trust of the divine, in complete peace with the self and others.

As far as the fear of Death…well… it is a fact that we all die, so I choose to believe that it must be a magnanimous experience and one where we will all find each other again. When afraid to not see your loved ones again, I say…catch you on the flip. 🙂

In my humble opinion.

“Blessed are those who believe”

Be love, be light


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