Venezuela is Recycling American Classics.

Via Jeff Meyer
on Dec 13, 2010
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An interesting video that highlights recycling in a not so obvious way.  Venezuelans, much like in Cuba, recycle old cars and even fix them up.  It can be a way to make a lot of money, bring people together, and with gas so cheap, why not.

Or is this just prolonging the harm to environment through their inefficiency.  After all we are losing the battle for our maple syrup.

Their government grudgingly brings gas prices down to .10 [American] cents a gallon which supports the ability to drive these cars simply because they can.

“While Venezuela is a major oil producer, the subsidy still costs the government more than $9 billion a year. For all his populism, President Hugo Chávez has lamented its drain on public finances, calling gasoline prices “disgusting.”

But he has not touched the subsidy, which many Venezuelans consider a birthright. An increase in fuel prices in 1989 helped set off riots in which hundreds, perhaps thousands, were killed.”

Anyway, here is the video but the article is a must read as well.  A fascinating look into a world that we left behind.

If you have 47 minutes, there is a great documentary called “Classic American Cars of Cuba” that can be found on PBS affiliate WLIW’s website.

Thanks to Jan Socher for the featured image.


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