Via Jeffrey Woodruff
on Jan 5, 2011
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Individuals, who were influential in their companies, are now government officials tasked with regulating their former employers. Our food supply is now largely being regulated by biotechnology and Monsanto Supporters. Our financial system is largely run by Wall Street cronies.

A summary of corporate executives running the administration:

The Food and Drug Administration
Former Monsanto chief lobbyist Michael Taylor (7 years as a Monsanto attorney) is the Deputy Commissioner for Foods at the FDA.  Among his responsibilities, is food labeling. Dream on: I am looking forward to seeing products clearly labeled “GMO” or “GMO free” or rBGH free on milk cartons.

(What about the new Food Safety bill?  Continue dreaming: The new food safety regulation focuses mostly on food-bourn illnesses.  The Senate had an amendment in the bill to ban bisphenol A (BPA) from food containers, but this was pulled from the bill in order to garner approval.  You have to love unlimited funding of political campaigns!)

US Secretary of Agriculture Biotechnology Industry Organization
Tom Vilsack is Monsanto buddy and biotechnology supporter.

US Assistant CTO
Andrew McLaughlin is former Google executive, director of Global Public Policy. He was influential in constructing the net neutrality laws and do not track.  He left the CTO office (December 2010) after the FCC outlined two networks- wired and wireless- each with their own brand of “neutrality”.

Securities and Exchange Commission
The head of the SEC formerly ran the industry body FINRA/NASD.  She was paid for by fees collected from the industry, now she regulates the same industry.

Secretary of Treasury
Timmy Geithner was the NY Fed President, overseeing Bear Stearns bailout and let Lehman Brothers fail.

Chief of Staff
Former JP Morgan executive.

Opinion- Moving forward
Maybe the government can rely less on Monsanto, Goldman Sachs and Google to govern our food, biotechnology, financial and technology decisions. To make significant progress on food policy (needed upstream reform for health care legislation to be effective) and true financial services reform, we should close the revolving door between government and private industry.


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Jeffrey is a competitive cross country skier and marathon runner. He has completed sixteen marathons in six countries. Jeffrey recently received his Master of Architecture at the University of Colorado Denver.


7 Responses to “Change”

  1. Thanks for shining some light on the incredible amount of collusion between our government and the corporations theye are supposed to be regulating. Keep it coming Jeff!

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  3. Jeffrey says:

    Chris- the collusion continues. William Daley is leaving JP Morgan Chase (a federal bailout firm) to join the White House as Chief of Staff. I updated the chart above. Jeff

  4. nathan says:

    It's time to wake up and stop drinking the bi-partisan kool-aid! Both parties suck. End of story. Organize around issues like this, not election campaigns!

  5. Eric says:

    Jeff, thanks for putting it out there!!

    not that a documentary has all the facts, but if anyone saw the film "Inside Job", the dots were connected in a clear and concise manner, making it clearly evident that the revolving door between corporate boardroom/government/academic validation has allowed for the entire paradigm to be mutually shaped & supported by this triumvirate of collusion. this has been happening for decades but as we saw in 2008–the stakes are much higher now with globalization.

    collusion & plutocracy: this is how America is truly governed. had this paradigm been in place in the 1970's, I doubt that we would have passed the Clean Air/Water Acts (~and they are at risk even now). Charles Keating and others went to prison for the Savings & Loan scandal of the 1980's, but then Wall Street got in there and change the laws so that the short-sighted and destructive actions which caused the debacle of 2008 were, in fact, legal.

    ::we're doing what's right for Big Business, for the myth of unfettered growth, for profit, greed, and materialism….but we're not doing what is simply RIGHT by all beings, and our planet::

  6. TamingAuthor says:

    Crony capitalism is always a step on the way to the Big Government dream of Marxism.

    The error is in not following the Founding Fathers advice on limiting the power of central government.

    Once we shred the Constitution and increase the power of government then that government can award favors. They can choose winners and losers.

    And when they have power that they can dole out those favors (power) will go to the highest bidder and one will have collusion and corruption and deception. When this takes hold at the level of the federal government, which should be restrained by the Constitution, one has an almost unbreakable alliance.

    The only solution is a return to limited federal government with tight restraints on power. This has been the direction the Tea Party is advocating but the far (extreme) left has not been helping. They have not realized the extent to which their cries for more government play right into the hands of crony capitalism. They are placing the nooses around their own necks.

    Unfortunately, once this progresses too far the only way out is a total collapse of the society and the culture. We are nearing that point.