Sarah Palin: Petty Woman.

Via elephant journal
on Jan 19, 2011
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Jon Stewart: Fair and balanced?

And, funny:

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Petty Woman
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3 Responses to “Sarah Palin: Petty Woman.”

  1. guest says:

    Your headline: Petty Woman automatically shows your bias as a liberal idiot.

  2. TamingAuthor says:

    "Liberal idiot." Hm. Fair accusation when you continue to substitute cynical comedians for real news.

    We need to get away from presenting real news topics on Elephant solely through pop culture goofs. Perhaps Stewart should be balanced by an equal number of Beck clips. Or commentary from CATO.

    The difference between Beck and Stewart is that Beck presents factual material anyone can go research through other sources. He offers a point of view, but focuses more on research and building a logical case. Stewart mentions having Beck on his show, but I wonder if Stewart will agree to focus the discussion on the facts Beck presents? In other words, skip the funny personal attacks and get to the actual essence of the debate. One can avoid the truth all day long with jokes, but how about an actual discussion?

    (Surprisingly, when Stewart appears on O'Reilly we see he does have more to offer but apparently he cannot present that side to his core audience. He made an exception when he tweaked Obama when Obama appeared on his show.)

    A generation raised on the slant of comedians such as Stewart (who stands like a giant of integrity next to Bill Maher) buys into willful ignorance. A more or less blissful ignorance that tunes out real life and replaces it with sanitized laughs designed to reinforce the false identity of "I'm so smart and elite and hip" that I do not need to deal with facts.

    There is still a great need for a Dharma News program that looks with compassion on the ignorance that is ruining our nation. A unique view that lifts up the false views one by one to reveal the truth that can carry us forward into a future of compassion and peace.

  3. Note to Sarah – Da Nile is a river in Egypt.