Yoga Class Writeoff. ~ ava bird

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on Mar 13, 2011
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Yoga Class Writeoff

Yesterday, at yoga,
the receptionist asked if I wanted a receipt for the class.

With surprised confusion, “Yes!” I said,
then quickly asked the teacher
if I could
write this class off on my taxes.

“With this receipt, yoga master?”…

Could I get a break, please…

on the downward
upside upward
and back around poses?,

Do you know?

Could I write off
my ass
in the air
on my back?
Like a fish
Flipping flapping
like a bass
and twisting my toes under my ass?

A call from the mat!…

a discount on my taxes as I

Inhale, Exhale
Slow then fast,
ignore the guy with gas..
but please pass that water miss…
caught the gist
in my neck
at the twist of a thigh,
Try one more time
to just Breathe,
Unwind …

We’re right on time
for another bind,
feet in line…

Be kind to your knees and shoulders, dear yogis”
Says the teacher
and please stretch your thoughts and toes in every pose,

As we go once more to down dog,
Breathe deep in through your nose,
You just know….
as you breathe out in a flow
drag that mat against the wall
reaching tall
on your head for a cushion

pushin! up to down dog
eliminate the brain fog
with a hop into frog

I’m a cow!
then a cat!
Sat in boat
Then float
to an updog,
never a showdog though,

Blow off those thoughts!,
And connect the dots
in the heart.
the heat in the skin
starts the beat pounding
in eyes of the heart
“impart love and wisdom
til you’re dizzy…”
she says,
“Breathe like your busy”

I felt like I was gonna throw up for a minute
but it passed,
then I laughed!
as I went upside down in plow,
My mind wanders…
wonders about
The Tao, The Way
Im allowed to stretch my mind a little,
spine a little…
uncrackle the brittle
the back and neck unwind a little
and those hamstrings a lot too!

just got a clue
about something going on
deep down
in those thighs…,
who knew?

Was I wrong to try?
To pry the lies from my mind?
oh my!
what I was holding on to!
for nothing,
my ego
gets in the way of me at times
like these poses sometimes seem
to lean to the obscene,
glancing sideways
to watch thy neighbors ways,
but distraction doesn’t pay,
dreams of getting paid lead into
fantasies of getting laid
fade to focus on the ways meditation makes my mind high
like a white flying object
up in the sky
and lights up the dark parts
of my mind.

And soul…

Still I find,
I get in the way of me sometimes
with these poses
like the IRS,
Federal Reserve posers
pulling harassing holds
and notes to pay up
and debts to pay down…

I forget
as I go upside down again in handstand
Landing safely in a backbend
Not pretending
Not lending or sending 1/3 of my check
to the Federal Reserve
who didn’t earn
and doesn’t deserve
I learn how to serve,
sign my name in table,
letting go of the fables
maybe wobbly
yet still
I’m present
and still able to handle
these challenging situations,
asanas on prana
with positive vibrations..
with grace, gratitude, happiness
so I owe it to myself,
and not the IRS,

so “YES”, ms. yoga master says,
“you may write this class off on your taxes!”

Ava Bird is a poet, writer, artist and photographer who flies in Los Angeles and Berkeley, California. Currently, she is having a love affair with mother earth and loves her beaches, mysterious forests, mountains and rolling hills, offspring, fresh oxygen and green grass! She is thankful for local, organic sustainable agriculture, bees and their honey and the vibrant artistic culture of LA and the bay area.

ava bird obsessively writes poetry, tries to publish it, and produces art shows wherever she can. Presently, her artwork is featured in a show entitled ‘EROS’ @ 2905 Shattuck Av Berkeley, a mixed media erotic roller coaster collage, until spring 2011.

she creates raw food bliss treats for those that dare to fly high Email her: ompoem AT hotmail DOT com.

Her new book of activist writings ‘rage against the war machine’ will be released by beatitude press (Berkeley, CA) really soon!


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13 Responses to “Yoga Class Writeoff. ~ ava bird”

  1. Bill Mitchell says:

    Yoga is a labor of love, self-love too. And should not only be tax-free, but free. Teachers should be paided from Capital Gains tax.

    Lifeguards do not charge fees, they are public employees, as a vital social service for the common good. And more importently are the free thinking radicals in the arts and political action. Walking for fitness, buying organic food, and a preventive health measures are public works, building a better society. Not only deductable, but grants for doing it!

    Thanks for the inspiration for that thought provoking idealism, and vicarious yoga class too.

  2. Enjoyed this, Ava. Be sure to enter your favorite Yoga poems in The Poetry of Yoga project.

    Posting to Elephant Yoga on Facebook and Twitter.

    Bob W.
    Yoga Editor

  3. Just posted to "Featured Today" on the new Elephant Yoga homepage.

  4. Rebecca says:

    I love it! And I also wrote off yoga classes/passes on my taxes this year. It is education for my job as a yoga teacher, right?

  5. ava bird says:

    hi bob,

    thanks, yes, i have entered several poems to 'the poetry of yoga' project! i can even send more!

    thanks for the post and all your great work too!

    all the best,

    ava bird

  6. Oh my God I'm All Stretched out & turned upside down…Goto cut back on your Poetry losin tooo much weight… Hardly recognize myself…But you're always lookin good t bird to the very very last wurd ((;

  7. ava bird says:

    hell yah, you go girl!

  8. ava bird says:

    you are a true revolutionary!

  9. ava bird says:

    thanks so much bob!

  10. Just posted to "Popular Lately" on the new Elephant Yoga homepage.

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  12. ava bird says:

    yer the best bob!