23 Feet’s Outdoor Theater tour – It just feels right.

Via Allie Bombach
on Apr 12, 2011
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There is always that moment where you think “okay, I could do this the easy way, or the way that feels right.” Boom – you got yourself an outdoor theater.

23 Feet is a story about living simply to do what you love in the great outdoors. Last summer, we hit the road and traveled across the west not knowing who we would meet.  We filmed everything out of our 23 foot, 1970 airstream named Roma and crossed our fingers, hoping that we would be able to find the stories we knew this lifestyle holds.  Whether it was the luck of the road, or the kindness of the community that we were searching for, we were able to connect with some pretty amazing people.

Uncovering the untold stories that come with living a simple life, 23 Feet searches for the balance between doing what you love, and doing what is expected, while holding onto community and keeping that wild independence.

Now, faced with holding onto a film celebrating the power of nature and beauty of simplicity, there was a moment where we realized that there was something missing in premiering this film cooped-up inside a theater…

So, this summer, we are headed back to Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and California where the film was created, to celebrate living simply and to share the story of 23 Feet. But we’re not showing it in theaters… 23 Feet is about a love for the outdoors, and in that same spirit, we’re building an outdoor theatre that is attached to the airstream itself.

We are coming to each location with a solar powered generator, a projector, a sound system, and a projection screen that will attach to the Airstream’s awning. Yes, we’re getting crafty with this one.

From connecting with youth climbing teams in Estes Park, to Grand Canyon park rangers, to the full-timers in Yosemite Valley, we are seeking out not only the locations that inspire us to get outside, but the communities that thrive within them.

We hope to see you on the road, we’ll be the ones with dusty smiles from ear to ear outside of an oversized silver bean high fiveing climbers, rafters, surfers and others who are living the dream between the lines.

Leaving Portland, Oregon on April 25th with a gaggle of gals that inspire us, we’ll  premiere 23 Feet May 6th in Boulder, Colorado with our wonderful host – Elephant Journal.

Month of Colorado!


About Allie Bombach

Living in her restored 1970 Airstream, Allie recently relocated to Portland, Oregon where she works as a freelance videographer and filmmaker for the outdoor industry. She graduated from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado with a B.A. in Business Marketing with a concentration in videography. A former raft guide and snowboard instructor, Allie found a passion in inspiring others to make the outdoors a part of their lives. Finding inspiration from the power of storytelling, she strives to promote simple living and environmental education. Only finding true peace while in between the lines, she finds “home” while on the road. An avid commuter in love with her bike, Allie is always in search for the next adventure, a good high five, and a hoppy IPA.


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  1. Rutters says:

    we are the older gen airstreamers, 32 feet, and we are ready to track you down in Santa Fe. We're meals on wheels, livin' large and proud of you all….Lincoln and Patti Rutter