April 1, 2011

University of Colorado opens Pot Dispensary at Wardenburg Health Center.

Photo: preyanka

CU Goes Green!

Instead of being forced to support corrupt pharmaceutical companies, CU students will have the option to medicate naturally at Wardenburg Health Care’s coming new addition, a marijuana dispensary dubbed Puffaloes. Announced yesterday in CU’s daily email the ‘Buff Bulletin’, the university pharmacy will be the first to offer herbal remedies to their students suffering from pain, anxiety, nausea, and other illnesses. The dispensary intends to have a rooftop garden where they will grow 70% of their medication, in addition the grow space is being designed by CU environmental architect students.

Photo: vayronica

Campus is buzzing with the excitement of having access to the healing love of Mother Earth’s plants at the convenient swipe of a student’s Buff card. Freshman Ziggy Korb says he is “hella stoked the university is making moves toward a more holistic approach to health”.

Photo: Bob Andrews

Two juniors Mary and Jane wonder what effects the new dispensary will have on CU’s notorious 4/20 on Norlin quad. Will there be pot vendors selling baked good? Other questions, how will Puffaloes impact university enrollment? Will it be strange to buy pot alongside your professor?  What other universities will follow CU’s lead and offer natural health care on campus?

Read more about the benefits of marijuana here.

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