Healthy Body? PETA says vegetarian diet is naturally better. {Adult}

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on Apr 21, 2011
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The number one or two excuse for most folks who eat meat isn’t that it tastes good: that’s an honest, frank reason that I believe, because I used to eat meat. The excuse I hear most is that

“I need meat for my health.”

Meat, these days, is so over-consumed and, well, dirty—factory farms and bad diets and chemicals and abuse equal unhealthy animals—and fish is so mercury-laden it knocked Entourage’s Piven down for the count, and is not recommended in all 50 US States for pregnant mommas or their soon-to-be children.

Here’s some info on how a vegetarian diet can make you strong, healthy and, well, feel like showing off your nekked body in PETA ads. ~ ed.

A meat-free diet promotes good health and protects against numerous diseases, including heart disease, cancer, strokes, and diabetes. Vegetarians and vegans typically weigh 10 to 20 pounds less and live six to 10 years longer than their carnivorous counterparts. Scientists have also found that vegetarians and vegans have stronger immune systems than their meat-eating friends.

Leaving meat off your plate benefits not only one’s health but also animals. “I hope after seeing this campaign that people will … want to go to and get more educated and see what happens to these animals in slaughterhouses and how horrible it is, because basically you’re eating fear,” Laflin explains. “So when you see these animals being slaughtered and tortured, that you’ll think twice about ordering that steak.” Watch the video that the meat industry doesn’t want you to see here.

Laflin also shares the secret to her sexiness, saying, “You can have a beautiful body … feel great, look great, and be a vegetarian.” Check out PETA’s free vegetarian/vegan starter kit and experience the benefits of a plant-based diet for yourself.


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30 Responses to “Healthy Body? PETA says vegetarian diet is naturally better. {Adult}”

  1. Blake says:

    An omnivore who eats whole, organic foods is healthier than a vegan who eats processed meat substitutes. Meat is NOT the source of our dietary problems. Over-processing is. Factory farming is. But to say that it's the consumption of meat? That's pushing an ideological agenda that has no basis in reality.

    The only study that has ever been produced stating that a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle is healthier is The China Study and that piece was full of holes, completely ignoring any form of scientific method. The only people who rely on the study are vegans. The scientific and health community have torn it to shreds.

  2. elephantjournal says:

    A animal who is eaten by a meat-eater is less healthy than an animal who is not eaten by a vegetarian. There's mercy as an essential human quality to take into consideration, too, is my point (esp if you happen to be Buddhist, buddy…). And I think I agreed in my intro with your point above re factory farms…


  3. Brandi says:

    save the animals but objectify women…hm.

  4. elephantjournal says:

    Yah, we've touched on that here, and elsewhere:

  5. Ben_Ralston says:

    Seeing a woman's naked body does not make her an object. Does it? What is wrong with nakedness? I don't get it…

  6. bootsinflow says:

    Additionally the evidence is more profound that obesity and modern diseases are caused by sugars/carbs, not meat, and that healthy fats are actually those high in Saturated fats—your meats,coconuts, avocadoes. Polyunsaturated fats (long chain fatty acids) are weakening our thyroids/adrenals. Recent research has revealed that too much omega-6 (polys) in the diet creates an imbalance that can interfere with production of important prostaglandins.34 This disruption can result in increased tendency to form blood clots, inflammation, high blood pressure, irritation of the digestive tract, depressed immune function, sterility, cell proliferation, cancer and weight gain. Meat and fats are the only essential nutrients as your body can make glucose from them. All cancers feed from glucose except pancreatic, which feeds from fructose. In the beginning of the 20th century, people ate an avg of 10lbs of sugar/yr…now we eat 145-175lbs.

    We live in a time that food does not necessarily have to be seasonal so the variety of nutrients do not have to devastate our health. But in a time when change in seasons had greater control in our diet, meat and fats could be stored for longer periods, longer than nuts, grains, vegetables, which would mold, turn rancid and produce mycotoxins.

    I must agree with Blake with regards to the industrial processing, which is polluting our land, animals and our bodies. I believe this is the source of our disease and shame. This is where I wish PETA would put their focus on. Why doesn't PETA include indigenous peoples to advertise the sanctity in keeping animals/land sacred? Although the current advertisement is sensual, I believe their advertising is superficial, and trivializes the cause. Although, I support PETA for their efforts in ethical treatment of animals, I believe consumption of animals should be brought to greater accountability, not prohibited.

  7. Ben_Ralston says:

    For what it's worth, I believe that whether or not a photo objectifies anyone depends a lot on context, style, and also the energy or 'tone' of the photo. We need to *discern*. In this case, the woman looks powerful and in control, and is obviously choosing to use her sexuality, nakedness, and personal power to highlight her choices. So I would say that far from being objectified, women may feel empowered by this…

  8. AMO says:

    I'll stand with you on this Ben. I think that a part of what is wrong with relationships in the west today is the quick rush by women to claim victimhood. A strong, healthy, beautiful woman who likes her body and enjoys how she looks should be able to have her photo taken without someone calling her a victim or, more questionable still, calling all women victims because this one woman had her photo taken. I don't feel victimized by, or objectivized by, these photos. Human beings are genetically predisposed to enjoy looking at beautiful, healthy beings of all kinds and we shouldn't make such a fuss over it…

  9. Raven says:

    Why are their ads always so slutty? Yes yes sex sells, so what., anyway. I was raised with the Native American knowledge, that animals are food, shelter and clothing. Once an animal has been killed, wasting anything on it is basically a crime. White man use to kill for sport and trophy on Native land and leave us starved and angry as hell. I get as mad thinking of the animals that have died, then someone comes and ruins part of them with paint, poison or angry words for the human pushing forced conformity. Then the animal is truly wasted. With all due respect to other people, mind your plate and body, Ill mind mind and we wont throw paint and stones at each other. Agreed? No I didn't think so.

  10. Dave says:

    Waylon- Fair point about being a Buddhist. However, your intro and the article focuses on diet and health. Blake is spot on. Those of us omnivores who eat a well balanced diet of whole, organic foods are healthier than vegans/vegetarians who load themselves with over-processioned, factory-farmed foods.

    Omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans alike should be conscious of where their food comes from. I know a lot more about how my meat is produced, unfortunately, than the veggies I consume. I made the decision a number of years ago only to consume meat that I harvest–deer and elk from Boulder and Larimer Counties.

  11. Dace says:

    A woman becomes an object if she feels like one. If she feels sexy and self confident, she is sexy and self confident in eyes of others, too.

  12. NotSoSure says:

    Blake: Learn to use Google. A quick search will provide you with a myriad of studies of vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan , etc. diets. If you had taken the time to educate yourself before you made your anti-vegan rant you would have found that there are many studies whose conclusions found greater benefits of veg over meat. So please, try to bring some actual facts to the table before you accuse persons of pushing ideological agendas.

  13. elephantjournal says:

    Matthew Lane Tripp I am an objet

    Daniel Thomas Williams I am still waiting to hear the opinions of the women who are being "objectified".. I can't pretend to understand that concept 100%, but it seems odd to say they are being objectified, when attention is what they want. It almost seems as though some people are calling them victims, as if they are too dumb to know better, and that seems sexist in and of itself…

    Donna Trainer gee, why I am not surprised to see yet ANOTHER article of this sort on EJ. Eating meat again helped me to lose 80 lbs.It's all about balance, although I do agree with the over-processed food being bad-same could be said of Morningstar Farms soy meat-nothing healthy about that. I would never go back to being veg again-sorry but my health and sanity comes before any animal's life.

    Jennifer Wade Donna, one of the reasons articles of this sort appear on EJ is that a great many of us who read EJ's articles are vegetarian or vegan.
    I am curious to know what precisely about eating meat helped you lose 80 lbs.

    Adele Tomlin
    ‎…being 'objectified' does not mean being a victim. What it means is that the predominant way women are represented in the media (TV, film, news etc.) is based on how they look physically as opposed to other qualities/skills they have suc…h as intelligence, creativity, motherhood, charity etc. This does not just affect women but girls as well who are gender policed with advertising and media into thinking that their main value and role is to look sexy and pretty for men. Women and girls are also vastly outnumbered by male characters in most movies and TV shows as well. Geena Davis did an excellent research study on that.

    Adele Tomlin
    In fact, Daniel's comments that these 'women want the attention' misses the point. Maybe they do but so what? Does that mean all other women 'want attention' from men? Does that mean that the onyl females represented in the media should be …'pretty women'? O that women should only be spoken about in terms of their physical qualities? Raising these issues is not about being a 'victim' but about raising awareness and consciousness about the horrendous inequality and sexism still present in the way women (and girls) are valued by society globally and how that is driven and perpetuated by mainstream media and unaware men, women and parents. Its about taking the 'power' back from those who wish to see women as 'physical objects' only.

    Jen Podvin I believe it is up to the women who choose to pose this way, they are doing it for a good cause. Why is a naked body exploitive? A naked body should be looked upon as beautiful and natural, not explotive. Just my 2 cents.

  14. elephantjournal says:

    Sarah Gunnin I think men and some women are scared of womens sexuality …so that's why all the comments when e journal gets sexy. Fear of sexually strong turned on women. Xo

    Adele Tomlin
    A naked body per se is not exploitative necessarily. Did I say it was? What IS exploitative and unhealthy is the predominant representation of naked women as physical objects ONLY in the media. If it were not a problem how come so many wom…en and girls have eating disorders and seek plastic surgery these days? How come so many ads targeting young girls and women are about looking pretty? I don't object to nakedness at all (men or women) as long as it is proportional, healthy and balanced out by other representations of women that show them being valued for other qualities besides physical ones only. I am sick of taking my toddler son into my local supermarket and being bombarded with images of naked women. I am also sick of picking up the newspaper and seeing pictures of actresses as opposed to pictures of women who are excelling in other fields/ways. It is tragic that worthy causes like PETA feel the need to lower themselves to the status quo on this and ignore the issues of gender and misogyny, when their cause is worthy in its own right. This is really quite a simple point, a person would have to be blind and/or deaf not to agree with this.
    Thanks for reading the article before commenting folks. For what it's worth, I believe that whether or not a photo objectifies anyone depends a lot on context, style, and also the energy or 'tone' of the photo. We need to *discern*. In this… case, the woman looks powerful and in control, and is obviously choosing to use her sexuality, nakedness, and personal power to highlight her choices. So I would say that far from being objectified, women may feel empowered by this… As for the actual content of the article, I feel that everyone is different; some people, as Donna, above, may feel more healthy eating meat. But most people (in my experience) usually feel healthier as vegetarians. Our society is obviously oriented towards an omnivore diet (meat) and therefore articles like this are highly useful and educational. ~ Ben Ralston
    Adele Tomlin
    Surely, the question is not about whether or not 'women feel empowered by it' though. The question is does it encourage MEN and women to take up veganism/vegetarianism? If yes, why? For what reasons? Why would seeing a picture of a beautifu…l female naked body encourage someone to do that? The problem lies in the answer to those questions. Personally, I don't feel empowered by the photo at all. I would imagine the main purpose of PETA having such photos is to draw men, not women, into their cause. How does seeing a pic of a naked woman in support of veganism empower me as a woman? Please explain.
    Sarah Neumann
    ‎" you want my body" with a naked woman posing???? That screams objectification to me! Also i want to point out it is amazing how much media can influence women in the realm of eating disorders ….and many women become vegetarian for the p…rimary reason that they think meat will make them fat! How superficial and this add just adds to the superficiality of our culture. What happened to being *educated* on the topic of vegetarianism? The consumer needs to know WHY they should * limit* meat intake for reasons such as not supporting the inhumane factory-like production of animals or the harm it does to our environment! Wanting to "not get fat so I wont eat meat" is a very selfish cause. How about a healthier marketing strategy?

    Mandie Busbee
    This is one of many reasons why I do not like Peta. (Note: I am a vegan!). There is a link between obesity and meat, but that is a completely different subject with way too many variables! My problem is the fact that everybody is differe…nt and many people have different expectations on perfection (body wise!). No one should go vegan/vegetarian and expect (what they believe to be) the perfect body! You should do it for health and for the enviroment (or whatever purpose you wish to use on choosing veganism).

    Peta gives vegans/vegetarians a bad name! Peta has the power to do good….(better than this, at least!)


  15. elephantjournal says:

    Gaby Doman I have been veggie for 21 years. I don't have that body. 🙁

    Nicole Woods ‎:) I think PETA wants you to be shocked into reading the content whether it's naked bodies or stickers about puss in Milk. They are banking on people taking it too serious and starting discussions. It's a cute ad!

    I've been vegan over 10 years and I won't ever go back to eating meat. And no I don't have a body like that either.

    Elizabeth Be
    Donna, you didn't explain why going veg didn't actually work for you. I don't think any argument justifies this kind of abuse: Unfortunately, some people do not eat the appropriate foods as vegetarians/vegans…, but it's 2011, and the information is readily available (PCRM is a great source), so that's no excuse. As for the ad, I believe that if this convinces someone to give up eating animals, then it has my full support. In my opinion, nothing justifies the torture that these sentient beings must endure. NOTHING. If you consider yourself a compassionate person, then you shouldn't be supporting that kind of cruelty. If you disagree with me, please don't reply until you've actually watched the videos in the link I just pasted and you fully know what you're defending. You cannot debate without the facts – that goes for any subject. 🙂 Also, if anyone has any questions about being vegan, I have no problem offering my advice. 🙂 I am a feminist and a vegan, and I support PETA because they have saved millions of animals (I mean that in a literal sense, check out their website and go to the "Victories" page).

    Merlin Griffin
    Men and women pose for Peta. Vegans in general have lower cholesterol-(mine is very low) lower instances of heart disease, diebetes, certain types of cancer…not to mention it is is better environmentally-globally-and doesn't cause horrifi…c pain and suffering of animals. I think seeing super skinny models in fashion is more damaging. The Phila. Some Peta ads are more conservative…Philly Chase Utley-dressed in uniform with his adopted pit bull Jack. Ads appealing to sports fans are great. Animals are objectified being labeled "research tools" and "pork….beef…." At least peta models choose to pose-animals are shown no mercy…thank goodness for animal advocacy groups.
    LaLa Seidensticker Wow, what a great way to lose a fan of elephant journal. Can't believe these horrible comments.

    Brandi Renee Mell Can we talk about how unbelievably photo shopped these pictures are?? How about natural beauty? This kind of media sets ridiculous and unachievable standards for women. Sorry but being a vegetarian may help you lose weight but it won't help you to have a perfect photo shopped body. Not to mention how much plastic surgery she potentially has.

    Merlin Griffin
    When people get cancer-high triglycerides-diebetes-heart attacks-strokes…….. why are they told to follow a vegan/vegetarian diet..? Because it is healthier. Bill Clinton went on vegan diet, Bill Maher, Chelsea Clinton, Kathy Freston ar…e vegan. Anyone who watches "Earthlings" will be moved and if you don't care about animals 🙁 at least care about yourself…The American Dietetic Association recommends it. Duke University has put "Eating Animals" on required reading list. You can feed more people globally if we follow a vegan diet. I have felt much healthier since I became vegan. I make sure I take B 12 vegan supplements.See More

    # Must say I agree with everything that's been said pretty much. Thank you all for the respectful, constructive, and positive dialogue… Ben R

    Teshawn LeVarr Edmonds Wrong! A veggie diet will simply make one shrivel into nothingness! This is a load of lies they're telling!

    Carol Dwyer Veg is the way to go. There is No doubt about it!

    Lolly Galvin Its def not objectifying. And your health is never in jeopardy if you don't eat meat. Its just the opposite.

    Merlin Griffin… Great ad showing great baseball player Chase Utley with dog Jack in PETA ad. (Wife Jennifer Utley is animal advocate-on board of PSPCA)

    Jennifer Wismann ‎@Brandi Renee Mell…Thank you for saying that!! That is soo true. I am soo tired of Peta's ways of getting their message out, they do not help other movements by this crap!

  16. elephantjournal says:

    Jawnie Hodge Williams I was a vegetarian for 30 years and never ended up with an air-brushed body with just-right lighting…! What gives? Really though, I started eating meat (non-industry) about a year ago and cut out alternative proteins like beans, grains, and tofu. I feel better than I have in years. No more bloating at last! And I lost weight. Hmm…

    The Yoga Treehouse EveryBODY's different 😉

    Andres Meneses The wonders exercising and photoshop can do for the body.

    Donna Trainer
    Elizabeth-I've seen all the videos, including 7 Minutes in Hell over 10 years ago in college when I was quite the feminist and when I was vegetarian for a time period, and also mostly vegan for sometime as well. I needed to change my lifest…yle and put my health first, so I incorporated a healthy balanced diet which included meat. Different things work for different bodies and a balanced diet that included meat was what works for me-and yes, as I said my personal health, wellness, and emotional sanity come before an animal.
    Jennifer Kossmann Warren
    What is PETA accomplishing with this ad? PETA makes itself a joke, by lowering itself to the tactics of 'lowest denominator' advertising tactics ("sex sells") while simultaneously pissing off many female vegans who know the ad is a lie (b…eing vegan does NOT give you a photoshopped body) AND are outraged that the vegetarian/vegan movement is being reduced to stereotyped, unrealistic standards of female physical attractivenss. Does PETA seriously think ANY adult men or women are going to become vegan because of seeing this ad? It seems likely that the only people who might be induced to change their behavior would be young women/teenage girls with poor self-esteem and body image, and IF they made a change, it would be for shallow, superficial, unsustainable reasons (changes which are made for appearance only, as opposed to health, or world-view, do not generally 'stick' anyway.)

    So, yes, PETA is supporting a distorted and limited view of women, presenting distorted reasons for becoming vegan, lying about what becoming vegan would mean for an individual, and actually turning many people OFF their cause, and off of them. I wonder how much they paid their Madison Ave Advertising Agency to do this wonderful service for them.

    And I agree with the commenter who said that PETA also tarnishes the reputation of other, legitimate organizations, by association. Very sad. Maybe PETA is actually being run by the Koch brothers.

    Seriously, that conspiracy theory may have something to it…so many conservatives enjoy portraying liberals as "PETA Nut Jobs."
    (I'm waiting for their next ad, featuring Charlie Sheen with his 'goddesses' saying "Vegans are WINNING!")

    Martha Chisnell It doesn't take a vegetarian diet to have a body like that. It requires the necessary genetics and exercise to maintain it. Not everyone can have that body regardless of what they do or do not eat. I tried vegetarianism and it didn't work for me, I enjoy meat, feel better and look great!

    Sandi Strong
    On the health issue: I think there are more factors to "Vegetarians and vegans typically weigh 10 to 20 pounds less and live six to 10 years longer than their carnivorous counterparts. Scientists have also found that vegetarians and vegans …have stronger immune systems than their meat-eating friends," than that they just don't eat meat. It is more likely that it has to do with the amount fiber and nutrients they are getting from the additioanl grains and vegetables they consume. If you added 2-4 oz. of meat, eggs, and even some cheese, once or twice a day to a vegan's diet, you would most likely still be just as healthy.
    Sandi Strong
    On the objectification issue: Yes, PETA's ads are purely marketing strategies that sexualize individuals to get your attention. If they were not, they would not have such provocative titles. "8-second ride" – I don't even get that, but I ca…n only imagine what they are referring to (are there really sex acts that only last 8 seconds?) and "want my body" the double entendre is there for a reason. I'm a huge fan of May West. That's ownership of sexuality. She sometimes objectified herself, but she was also strong enough to know how to own it. AND, she wasn't out there on billboards where 6 year old girls could read her words. Right now my 6 year old daughter and 8 year old son both come home from school talking about who is "hot". – They don't even know what it means (I've asked), but they know the idea is that if you are not hot then you won't have a boyfriend or girlfriend. They already believe this. Ther are many ads that share the glory and beauty of the human form in all shapes and sizes, but PETA's are there to do much more than that. I have a friend who has a nudes photo website dedicated to photos of average women, no touch-ups, non sexualized or desexualized, in order to serve as role models for younger women. Even the Dove campaign now tells us that we can be beautiful and have fat on our bodies, but we must use their prodict to have attractive armpits and that our fat must not be lumpy, so use their cellulite cream.

  17. Blake says:

    You are citing to Google? Obviously you don't know that I am a reference librarian and have read the studies. The two studies that are always cited two are referred to The British Study and the China Study. The scientists behind the British study just admitted fudging the numbers to fit their theories. Google that.

    And the China Study has been debunked.

    So when you do research, I suggest you go beyond Google and look to see if who you are relying on has an agenda.

    FYI, I am not against veganism. I'm just against lying to people and this is at worst a lie, at best an unsubstantiated belief.

  18. NotSoSure says:

    I never mentioned the China study, so I have no idea why you keep mentioning it. You are the one who went on the attack with the comment about "ideological agendas". You also erroneously claimed that the only study supporting veganism was the China Study. Even with vastly inferior abilities to your own I was able to easy find research from respected institutions supporting veg/vegan diets. So, with very little effort I was able to prove your statement wrong.

    So, why do you keep on making untrue assertions? Why do you feel the need to prove your own superiority? Why do you believe that every researcher/person who has the audacity to disagree with you has "an agenda"? From what I have read from you, it appears that you are the one who has an agenda.

  19. Blake says:

    If a study on the effects of oil on wildlife was conducted by BP, would you not question the results? You always look at the source of the information to see if they have something to gain from the study, a.k.a. an “agenda.” What you want to see is what’s called “impartiality.” A good researcher not only researches the information but those who are providing it. “From which study has this information come?” should always be the question on your tongue.

    So forgive if I don’t take PETA’s word on the health effects of being a vegan. I wouldn’t trust smoking studies from tobacco companies or taste tests from Pepsi. Why? They have clearly stated agendas.

  20. dan says:

    A reference librarian without references, saying that if you eat unhealthily, you’re less healthy… eh.

  21. NotSoSure says:

    Peta? I never mentioned Peta or claimed anyone take Peta's word for anything. I also never claimed that a reader not his his/her judgment in deciding the value of any study. And now you bring up BP. Err, what? Please try harder to make a coherent argument. All of your posts are full of assumptions which are not true.

    You said that "most vegans" rely on the China study. You do not know most vegans and it is pure arrogance on your part to appoint yourself the vegan spokesperson.

    You say that you have read all the studies, which I seriously doubt. Professional researchers in the fields of medicine and biology would be hard pressed to read all the studies due to the time involved. And those researchers have a professional interest in keep up with the literature.

    You said at first only the China study supports vegan diets. The confronted with my first post you changed your story and said that the studies "Always" cited are the China and British studies. First of all, no one "always" cites either study. And I was easily able to disprove the truthfulness of your "only the China study" statement.

    China study debunked? Only if you purposely choose to believe some critics over others. I found a wide range of opinions as to the value of that study. Also, I don't care about the results of the China study. It is an observational study and as such can not prove or disprove anything.

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