New Cosmo cover tells it like it is.

Via elephant journal
on Apr 26, 2011
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13 Responses to “New Cosmo cover tells it like it is.”

  1. Ben_Ralston says:

    Aha! Ouch, I wonder how many Cosmo readers are gonna see this…

  2. YesuDas says:

    Oh, my; I'm conflicted. On the one hand, I think this is both hysterical and right on (except, maybe, for the world news part; plenty of otherwise smart people indulge in things like Cosmo.) On the other hand, I've had people tell me that they're reluctant to pass along links to my blog because of all the sex on EJ's front page. Sure, EJ isn't Cosmo by a long shot–but is it free enough of Cosmo's shortcomings to be nasty about them?

  3. Yogini5 says:

    Yes, Cosmo has hardly changed in the roughly 15 years since I aged out of their target demographic. It is just American-Marie Claire with a somewhat better sense of humor.

  4. elephantjournal says:

    We didn't create this. I think we're all supposed to be able to have a sense of humor about ourselves, and that should include elephant and our faults, and Cosmo and theirs.

    That said, I challenge your friends to find a blog that is exploitative. We love sex, we all do. But we always make a point, it's literally in our editorial guidelines, to tie any funny or sexy or controversy (three categories that always get clicks) to mindfulness, to our mission. Are we always successful? No. Do we always try. We'd better! Otherwise, what are we here for? ~ Waylon

  5. AMO says:

    I'm a serious person, and, I like clothes, so I do look at Cosmo when I go to the salon, though I would never buy one…

  6. Elisabeth Winkler says:

    Much as I love magazines, I stopped buying Cosmopolitan when I realised alll those glossy pictures and advertising had a bad effect on me – I invariably ended up feeling inadequate and unnattractive.

    Former-editor of the UK version, Marcelle d’Argy Smith, said its editorial was always driven by advertising particularly for cosmetics – hence emphasis on never being satisfied with one’s looks.

    Such a shame. But then that is why we need indies such as Elephant Journal.

  7. erica says:

    i love this. it's right on.

  8. kerstin says:

    hahaha hilarious

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  11. Tara says:


  12. jaime says:

    you're nothing like cosmo, not even a little. i dont think this is nasty at all, i think its hilarious. im guilty of indulging in mags like that once on a great while, but we all know its celeb gossip, expensive clothes and more and more "1st world problems"

  13. April says:

    I think its funny. Let's not take everything in life so damn seriously. Lighten up. Its a bit of fun! Thanks EJ