When Organic Isn’t an Option

Via Heather Lounsbury
on Apr 14, 2011
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You want to know what I hear when I recommend eating organic?  “It’s so much more expensive!”  Patients of mine who don’t live in California also say, “It’s impossible to find in winter.”  So I get that buying all organic isn’t always realistic or plausible.

When it comes to produce, some non-organic options are safer than others.  Please use this list when doing your shopping.

The 12 Most Contaminated, AKA The Dirty Dozen

* Peaches

* Apples

* Bell Peppers

* Celery

* Nectarines

* Strawberries

* Cherries

* Pears

* Grapes

* Spinach

* Lettuce

* Potatoes

The 12 Least Contaminated

* Onions

* Avocado

* Sweet Corn

* Pineapple

* Mango

* Asparagus

* Sweet Peas

* Kiwi

* Bananas

* Cabbage

* Broccoli

* Papaya

Asking your grocer to carry more organic, local options will encourage them to supply the demand.  As the demand grows, more farmers will listen.

Live natural. Live Well.



About Heather Lounsbury

Heather Lounsbury, L.Ac. is an acupuncturist, nutritionist, environmental activist and radio host. One of her goals is to put fast food and greenwashers out of business. She's available for phone consultations. Find her at livenaturallivewell.com.


7 Responses to “When Organic Isn’t an Option”

  1. @tishushu says:

    Great post! sometimes ya just can't get the organic stuff…

  2. georgia says:

    thank you! excellent info. is this a global list or is it us produce only? i live in the uk and shop organic as much as possible but sometimes it's not possible.

  3. SEMPER Fi says:

    Thank you FYI, but is it safe to assume that Oranges are one of the least contaminated as well??

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  5. Great info! I usually buy everything organic, but good to know what is ok to buy when organic produce is not available.

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