Cinco de Mayo Potluck? Make these Papas Verdes!

Via Rachel Znerold
on May 5, 2011
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Inside a tiny corner market in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, I gazed up-and-down the store’s two colorful aisles, knowing the odds were slim (okay, nil) that I’d spot soymilk or Earth Balance–still, I felt compelled to look. My fiancée, Scott, and I were excited to prepare dinner in the kitchen of our luxurious, hillside villa and were craving mashed potatoes.

Armed with beautiful red potatoes, gorgeous green onions, and avocados aplenty, I was up for a bit of kitchen experimentation. I ended up whipping together these delicious Papas Verdes (Green Potatoes)  and served them alongside a heap of bright, local broccoli.

This is one impromptu vegan recipe I’ll be taking back home to San Francisco with me…just in time for Cinco de Mayo! Enjoy!

Papas Verdes

  • Red Potatoes, 4-6
  • Avocados, 2
  • Olive Oil, Splash
  • Green Onions, 1/2 cup diced
  • Salt and Pepper, to taste

Boil potatoes. Pit and dice avocados. Sauté green onion a few minutes until browned. With a large fork, mash the potatoes, avocado and green onions together. Salt and pepper to taste. Serve hot and enjoy! (Even better served cold the next morning for breakfast. Cerveza nonoptional.)

Discover more amazing veggie recipes at Eating with Abs, the brainchild of the stunning and talented Abigail Wick! I’ll be sharing my favorite real food recipes there each month!

*Abigail’s Question: Do you have a secret, offbeat mashed potato dish? Mine’s nowhere as adventurous as Rachel’s, but it’s just as simple to prepare: Blend boiled tubers with a splash of oat (or any other non-dairy) milk, handful of nutritional yeast, minced clove of garlic, lots of hot cayenne pepper, and salt. What’s your nontraditional twist on this classic dish? xoxo, abs


About Rachel Znerold

Growing up in the Colorado countryside, Rachel Znerold knew early on that she was different…she saw dazzling beauty in decomposing logs and expressed her individuality with wild drawings on her sneakers. Now, as a prolific painter, eco-fashion designer, performance artist and writer, Rachel makes a life out of making art. With a degree in Fine Art and Advertising from The University of Colorado in Boulder, Rachel began to pursue her art career full time. Aiming to share her awe of the world and the art of the everyday, she has taught painting, fashion design, and performance at a variety of schools, museums, and non-profits. Rachel has been commissioned to paint murals in Colorado, New Zealand and Mexico, and eventually landed in San Francisco, becoming a part of the Mission District’s vibrant art scene. Rachel believes art is instrumental in building strong community and a culture of social activism.


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    Great recipe! No tricky procedures or whatsoever. Thanks for sharing!