May 26, 2011

In every throat, there is the ability to gag.

“In every community, there is work to be done..In every nation, there are wounds to heal…In every heart, there is the power to do it.”

~Marianne Williamson


Spiritual Feel-Good Fluff, anyone?

Spirituality isn’t about nice words, feel-good aphorisms, generalities. It’s not about perfecting ourselves, or self-improvement. Spirituality itself, as a term, doesn’t describe what it aims to describe. As the Zennies say, the moment we solidify that which we are talking about, it ceases to be true.

Those of us who practice meditation and walk a spiritual path need to remember to communicate in ordinary, human terms. If there’s a gag-reflex, as there was for me with the above words, we may be only speaking to our own choir. A professional communicator such as Marianne Williamson must remember to speak beyond the “spiritual crowd” and to the masses who didn’t know they gave a care. That’s our aim, on elephant.

So we’re not about spirituality. We’re about living a good life that also happens to be good for others, and our planet.

~ Waylon Lewis

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Read 10 comments and reply

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