June 23, 2011

5 Ways Yoga Has Pervaded My Non-Yogi Life: Like It Or Not. ~ Allison Moore

1) Like having to see my canine companion do upward dog every morning and sadly demonstrate a form that is far better than mine.

2) Having to smile and control the urge not to strangle another friend who has  justified quitting their job and taking a ‘leave of absence’ from life for 2 months to go to Bali or Bora Bora  in the name of yoga or yoga training. Call me when you get back from having sex on the beach with ‘Raj’, your yoga guru, I mean your “spiritual training”……

3) Like having babysitters tell me ‘sorry’ they aren’t available because it’s their night to scrub toilets and clean the yoga studio…. Really? You’d rather scrub a toilet bowl than get paid to hang out at my house and eat free Ring Dings while watching Full House reruns on Nickelodeon?

4) Like having my online Scrabble partner hit triple letter and triple word scores with Sanskrit words like ‘Ukatasana’…. Ummmm, OK…. what language is that exactly? Mind if  I make a comeback play in Swahili?

5) And last but not least, finally admitting that I wear yoga pants not just because I take a free yoga at the Rec Center once a year, but because they make my butt look way sexier than my cheap-assed Target sweat-pants. And for this, I give the yoga community big fat sun salutations!

Allison Moore is an executive recruiter based in Boulder Colorado.  Originally from the swamps of New Jersey, she moved to Boulder, Colorado to seek a better life.  Allison has two amazing boys, a big horse-like English pointer named Blue and has to work ‘round the clock to feed them all.

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Read 5 comments and reply

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