June 21, 2011

A Republican criticism of Sarah Palin (and Deepak Chopra).

From a Republican: “Why Sarah Palin…is an ‘intellectually shallow, ignorant, arrogant, narcissistic fraud.'”

Today I read this conservative site that calls Deepak Chopra all manners of thing. One commenter, while agreeing generally, assigned similar criticism to Sarah Palin. Here’s his comment. For the rest, click over. ~ ed.

I have read her “works” AND researched her.  It is because of this study that I have arrived at my conclusions.

“1.  She is a classic narcissist – The narcissist is described as being excessively preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity.  This very apparent when comparing the Herstory she painted in her books compared to the facts.2.  Intellectually shallow – You’ve heard her speak, right?  You betcha!
3.  Ignorant – (Does not mean stupid) Her mouth regularly gets ahead of the facts… or is it the other way, the facts get in the way of her mouth?
4.  Fraud – Ugh, where do I start?  She is a fiscal conservative: In six short years she took the small town of Wasila, Alaska (pop: 6,000) from $1 million in debt to nearly $25 million in debt leaving the Wall Street Journal (same ownership as Fox) to call it, “A Financial Disaster.”  She opposes ‘redistribution of wealth’:  Her landmark legislative success (though not really hers, she merely signed someone else’s legislation), ACES taxed business and redistributed that money to the citizens of Alaska.  Family Values: She had a shotgun wedding, her daughter would have had a shotgun wedding, another daughter removed from school AND another pregnancy ‘scare’, two daughters spewing racist and homophobic remarks (they admitted and apologized).  Ethics:  She was found by an Independent Council (Republican) to have violated ethics and improperly used her office as Governor in her pursuit (vindictiveness) to have her former brother-in-law’s employment terminated.

I am a Republican.  Initially I had concerns that she could win the GOP nomination which would guarantee a second term for President Obama.  I no longer have that concern as she has been recognized for what she is anymore, a cartoon.  She obviously had no chance for any Dem vote, the Independent vote (favorability/would you vote for/is she qualified) is starting to match the Dem vote pattern, and the Republican support is splintered on her. Hopefully the party will cast her aside and get to the business of finding a candidate who can unseat Obama.”

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