If Jamie Oliver had one piece of advice for children, it’d be…

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jun 5, 2011
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The latest episode is out. Watched it last night. So inspiring…I loved especially the ice cream class, following on the heels of it becoming clear than many children (aged 17, even), don’t know where basic food comes from:


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2 Responses to “If Jamie Oliver had one piece of advice for children, it’d be…”

  1. elephantjournal says:

    Great comments from my friend Valerie and her pals:
    Valerie Soraci
    ‎20 minutes in you realize just how ass backwards this country has become. 17 year olds thinking honey comes from bears and chocolate comes from a chocolate lake. I shit you not.

    Fenno If angels come from the sky & fit on pins, the world was created in 7 days by some vindictive bearded dude & Jesus rose from the dead, what's wrong with honey bears & chocolate lakes? Get out of your head! 😀

    Valerie Soraci You make me laugh, Fenno! I know, what's wrong with me thinking young adults should know where butter comes from. Shame on me! 😉 I need to go buy my first pair of blinders I suppose…

    Amy K can i start at 20 minutes or do have to watch the whole thing?

    Valerie Soraci ‎;)

    Sarah T I have an uncle who is in his late 50's. He could not believe that butter still came from cow's milk. He thought we would have developed something more efficient by now.

    Eric S Well, most butter isn't real anymore, so it's likely true that most butter-ingredients comes from corn! Something like 60-80% of a McDonald's milkshakes are from corn!

    Valerie Soraci I thought that when I first saw this, and that's sad in itself. Corn is not the future. yeeeesssh and as someone who would like to see less and less reliance on animal byproducts, I should be thankful there's a vegetable spread even out there that competes wit the yumminess of butter. *sigh* Life's a bitch in the ethics department.

    Sarah, that's hysterical, ask him next time if he'd eat a steak grown in a lab, since he has a liking for technology 😉

    Norm If it tasted good and had the right texture, I would eat a steak grown in a lab. Medium rare with a dash of salt and pepper.

    Valerie Soraci ME TOO! I would love to chow down on a steak again, it's been more than 20 years since I've had a steak (hamburgers along the way, but no steak) and I remember reeeallly enjoying it. Is that borderline GMO though? Seriously, we need to start a food ethics department in college phil departments for everything that's on the cusp of reality in our diets. Start thinking now, boys.

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