May You Live In Interesting Times*. ~ Pippa Sorley

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on Jun 23, 2011
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Dr Jean Houston

Dr. Jean Houston woke me up this morning.
Normally, I don’t like to be woken up. In fact, most people in my family stay as far away from me as possible before 10am. But, this was different. This was a powerful awakening…and everyone in the room felt it. Her too-short lecture at the 2011 LOHAS conference was received with hoots and hollers and a standing ovation.
Many of us believe that we are in the middle of a revolution. A revolution of the mind. And folks like Dr. Jean are the messengers. She, like many represent the ‘Paul Reveres’ of this revolution.

Bucky Fuller

I had the honor of literally bumping into Dr. Houston shortly after her inspiring speech (I’m not the most graceful of people). Her humility, her openness, her kind eyes, and the beautiful story written in the folds of her face fascinated me. Here’s a woman who has spent years studying with the likes of Joseph Campbell, Margaret Mead, and Buckminster Fuller, and right now, here she is, taking the time to “see” me. Taking the time to listen to my rants about the hypocrisy of the Feminist Movement. I left our brief chat wanting for more, which, magically, I will get. I will interview her in more depth in 2 weeks, which I will post here for anyone who might be interested in what the messengers — and maybe in this case the angels — of the future have to say. How do we move elegantly and consciously through this current phase of Transition? What challenges do we, as humanity, need to address first? We know we have no road map, so where can we look for directions?
Just a few of the quotes that struck me:

“Do any of you feel as if your life is a micro-laboratory of what’s going on in world?”

“We are the ‘People of the parentheses’ in the history of humanity”

“It’s time to leave our life of serial monotony behind; rather, let’s take this opportunity to prepare ourselves to become stewards of The Spirit.”

“It’s time to harvest the human capacity.”

How fortunate we are to be living in such times. I have much gratitude to everyone attending this conference. The anticipation of change is palpable. Let’s ride the wave. You ready?

** title of this article is taken from an ancient chinese proverb**

Pippa Sorley is co-founder of eConscious Market, one of the Internet’s leading online green retailers. She has 15+ experience working for both nonprofit organizations & corporations within the Natural Products, LOHAS, and Sustainable Business sectors. She lives in the Republic of Boulder, Colorado.


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7 Responses to “May You Live In Interesting Times*. ~ Pippa Sorley”

  1. Werd says:

    We are in the middle of the Revolution! Love to hear a follow up on Dr. Houston. Look forward to a follow up

  2. Jack says:

    Sorry fr my typo's….just before sleep and after a long day…J*

  3. Jack says:

    Oh, and did you know that the origin for the title of your article, "May You Live in Interesting Times" is an ancient Chinese curse? Unwittingly, iI think it is an apt title for your article and these times; we are indeed not lucky to be living in these times.

    In great big heart, Jack

  4. Pippa says:

    Yes, i purposely quoted the title which comes from on a famous old Chinese proverb, which I put in quotes to denote that they are not my words. Thanks for communicating, I would never intend to poach someone else’s words as if my own. We will make correction shortly…

  5. Marcie says:

    Thank you for introducing me to Dr. Jean Houston. My life feels like I’m trying to live my human capacity. Nice to have a mentor along

  6. Jack says:

    You and anniestory seem to have completely missed my point. I was not commenting on the right or wrong of quoting Confucious but the fact that this saying has been used as curse throughout history in China. So, the title to your piece is connotes a curse….to be living in these times. That is why I agree with the title, these are cursed times to be living in., if you bothered to look at any of the links I provided above….take a look. Read and learn. I am in the same boat as you, wanting to believe that we can solve this but the damage has been done…I am deeply sad about this reality. J*

    By the way, I am the regional organizer for an international event —to say no dirty fossil fuels—in my town called Hands Across the Sand, for which I wrote an article and ele did not publish on time. Sadder yet…

  7. Jack says:

    Here, from Wikipedia:

    "In his remarks the phrase "May you live in an interesting age" is labeled a Chinese curse. Coudert cites a letter from Austen Chamberlain, half-brother of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, for introducing him to the curse. He also says that Chamberlain learned about the curse from a British diplomat in China…"