The Emotions of a Child upon Catching his first Fish.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jun 3, 2011
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Are Children naturally Vegan?

A fish named “Free.”

Boy catches first fish. Complicated emotions ensue.

I remember catching my first (and last) fish: I cried when I realized it’d died. It’s kinda like how I loved bacon and such, until I learned that it came from pigs, which I read about in children’s books.

“He’s a nice fishy, he’s beautiful. Does he like me? I touched ‘um!”


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10 Responses to “The Emotions of a Child upon Catching his first Fish.”

  1. ZensationalCreations says:

    So adorable. I bet he had butterflies in his tummy. The way he says "it's beautiful" is priceless.

  2. Don't forget, fish have feelings, too. They even have their own Bhagavad Gita: Gita for a Fish

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  3. elephantjournal says:

    Mary: Children are Naturally compassionate and compassion leads to veganism naturally. May all beings everywhere be happy and free!

    Anahita: I concur. My first experience as well. Thanks for posting.

  4. Dove says:

    Such a cute little boy… I'd say, no, children are not naturally vegan…especially in remembering how I used to hide those nasty little green veggies inside my mashed potatoes as a kid, lol 😉 As a former vegan who was spurred to become so by a horrific story about the mistreatment of cows, I do so wish we lived in a reality where death wasn't a necessity. Cruelty certainly isn't though.

    I see Nature as being very wise–and it's clear that this reality requires balance. And death is part of maintaining that balance, it makes this world possible. Death is not evil, it's just a doorway out of this world and into another. Of course, all beings are frightened and resistant to going through that doorway (unfamiliar, fear of the unknown) but we all go through it.

    Our bodies are prolific with living things (just like Mother Earth), inside and out, and I believe each and every one of them have "feelings." And yet, that doesn't stop us from using mouthwash…or breathing…or using soap, all of which kill these little beings who want to live, just like us. If "everything is god," then they too are "sacred," yes? They live, eat (from our bodies, just like we eat from Mother Earth), they mate, have little ones… You don't know that they don't have as much feeling as any other being…same with plants, which certainly reach strongly for the sun, for life (how do you know they don't have an inaudible sound of despair at death?). But either you kill them, or they will eventually kill you, or you die from not eating them. That's the circle of this life, of this reality. If your desire is to never kill another being, that would require you to die. Such is the nature of this reality.

    Sweet little butterflies, I wish they lived forever, they're so wonderful 🙂 They live for only about a month, and yet they seem so happy and free. I believe they have feelings too, and like all of us, they go through that door called "death" and are "reborn" as something even more beautiful, as I believe we all do. All life is sacred, and never truly dies. Perhaps if we knew what wonderfulness awaited us on the other side (maybe butterflies do, ha), we'd make no effort to stay in this life. That was probably a good strategy per whatever created us 😉


  5. mado says:

    Wow, if children are naturally compassionate I don't know what I got. My child was not naturally compassionate. Naturally curious, yes. Loves animals, yes. But compassion is something that developed over time and is still developing at age 8…

  6. Joy says:

    Beautiful, Dove. Very wise!

  7. Joy says:

    I loved the fact that he named the beautiful fishy "Free". This toddler knew that he couldn't keep the fish and wanted to christen it with it's new status. I'm charmed.

  8. Cautious Swimmer says:

    How would you like to have a jagged metal hook pierce your mouth while you're trying to eat your cheerios?!

  9. Jered Morgan says:

    Clearly children are naturally vegan. Which is why these morally inferior uncompassionate brainwashed savages are eating animal foods in this video.