July 31, 2011

Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assh*les.” ~ William Gibson.



Update: let’s remember: even assh*oles repent, sometimes.

Don’t try to be cool. Try to be you.

Even if you has small breasts, or a receding hairline, or pimples, or a muffin top, or hair on your back, or thick glasses, or a penchant for some uncool hobby (I collected baseball cards and stamps and coins and played D&D and read scifi when I was a boy)…it’s always more attractive—and more importantly, more fun—being yourself. So go ahead: read that big book in front of the cool kids—just breathe and relax and remember that at the end of the day you’re the one who has to live with yourself, and you’d be best off if you like that self.

That said, learn from the cool kids how to dress and how to be outgoing…it’ll give your true you cover.

Those who chase fame, spend their lives trying to be cool, chasing a fake ideal that isn’t themselves? One of ’em, Heidi Montag, a C level reality star, just pretended to do yoga with her personal trainer…really a photo stunt to show off her new, well, you know. And that’s all well and good, I hope she continues and learns to love herself just as she is—but, for us, and the young ones among us particularly, well I hope the trials and travails of our reality show friends—whether Jersey Shore or The Hills, etc—may serve as a reminder, that “cool” might be hip, but it doesn’t equal happiness.

D-bagery may seem cool: but what’s truly cool is being yourself, even if you’re uncool.


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