July 20, 2011

Murdoch & News Corp Testimony: Pie in Face, Devil Horns, Simpsons, Arrested Development. {videos, funny}

What we imagine when we watch it:


God sent us a visual message, here, methinks:

“Rupert Murdoch calls today ‘the most humble day of my life’ (see video below), but refuses to accept responsibility for scandal…”

^ Apparently, most-humble-day-of-his-life isn’t saying much for this billionaire world-bender:

Humble, indeed. During the testimony a comedian managed to pop a pie in his face. A commentator criticized the pie-in-the-face move, saying it made Murdoch look sympathetic, something no one else had managed to do:

Via Daily What:
James Wolcott: “this guy has made Murdoch senior look vulnerable and sympathetic and Wendi heroic. Well done, fool.”

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