The Forever 27 Club-or The Unfortunate, Insanely Talented Musicians Dead at 27

Via Jennifer Cusano
on Jul 25, 2011
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Securing a spot in the “Forever 27 Club” or the “27 Club” is not something any musician should aspire to do, but Amy Winehouse’s death on Saturday July 23, 2011 makes her a permanent member, alongside some of the most famous, influential, insanely talented, extremely troubled artists of our time.

Amy joins the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones (guitarist/founding member or The Rolling Stones), Ron”Pigpen” McKernan (keyboardist, singer, founding member of The Grateful Dead),and  Kurt Cobain to name but a few.

The parallels you can draw between Amy and Janis are extreme. Both were powerful women, with strong voices and a stand alone act. Both paved the way for a new sound in their respective generations, with Janis making room for groups like Jefferson Airplane, and Amy leading the way for artists like Adele. While its unfortunate, what each of these women will more than likely be remembered for is their deep involvement with drugs and alcohol. So much so, that to call it substance abuse would be putting it mildly.

In fact, while the cause of Amy Winehouse’s death has yet to be determined and released, what all of the above artists have in common, is that drugs and alcohol played a part, if they were not the cause, in each of their untimely deaths. With each passing, huge holes were left within the rock and roll community, and with each of these talents, it was not their deaths that made them famous, but the music that came before. Maybe the limelight is incredibly unbearable.

Either way it is a complete shame, and an eerie coincidental forewarning to musicians, both aspiring and those already on the stage. As public figures, these people should have used their time to promote a better way of living. Surely their resources would have allowed them to walk a different path.

“With great power comes great responsibility”(Ben Parker). The abuse that each of these people inflicted upon themselves should be a lesson to people everywhere, no one is invincible.  Amy, may you finally find peace when you get to where you are going and may you always rock out.


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5 Responses to “The Forever 27 Club-or The Unfortunate, Insanely Talented Musicians Dead at 27”

  1. ManicHendrix says:

    ” Cain MacWitish says:
    July 26, 2011 at 05:07
    Human being try to find patterns in ANYTHING… Its called patternicity…its like finding a picture of Jesus on toast… http://www.scientificameri​…
    AND Yes I AM saying this article is as crazy s finding “the miracle” of a Jesus picture burnt into toast.
    The ONLY good thing about it is it may draw your attention to this:
    Rock and Roll and Suicide by Cain MacWitish
    July 2011, in memory of Amy Winehouse”

    So dude basically what you’re saying is that this post sux and yours is better. I totally disagree with just about everything you said but the above in particular, seeing as the remainder was just some crazy rant about yourself and your own greatness (vain? narrsasistic?) Anyway I don’t see how you could say she is finding a pattern in anything and degrading her like you did because the facts are the facts and there is a pattern here. All of these great musicians died at the age of 27 which she points out, and the fact that they all had drug problems is not her pulling shit out of thin air or buttering Jesus’ face on toast or whatever crap u said. THISE ARE ACTUAL FACTS AND BECAUSR OF THAT THERE IS A PATTERN-so explain please how she found a pattern or used some ridiculous term you prob made up called patternism? You know dude if you want to write about yourself there is an open blogging forum here on elephant.

    Anyway- great piece as always Jennifer. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Theresa Saia says:

    Love this article – very insightful. It's a shame such talent was destroyed so soon. Love the quote by Ben Harper – Jenn – keep up the good work.

  3. Hey Guys!
    Cain~ I am so glad you have chosen a better path for yourself, and I thank you for commenting here. This post generated a strong reaction from you. The only thing I want to point out is that of the people I mentioned above, maybe one of their deaths was ruled a suicide, the others were just unfortunate victims of their own actions 🙂 Thank you for sharing so much about yourself
    Hendrix-I love to share, thanks for reading 🙂
    Aunt T~ Youre the best 🙂


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  5. star says:

    Ever heard of Saturn return? It starts around age 27. My age. *sigh*