July 20, 2011

Undies, Bras and the Authentic Self. ~ Zali Nash

Photo: Audrey Pilato

A Bit Of Fluff To Ponder.

It was teeming down rain and I was garbed in my raincoat and a frothy summer dress. As I strode along enjoying the splat of the rain, all of a sudden I noticed movement at the bosom station. I had put on my strapless bikini top to keep the pancakes from flapping around and it appeared that it had slid down and was now saying hello to my waist. Whilst the prospect of hula hooping is always attractive, I passed up the bikini hula hoop in favour of working out the likelihood of the bikini top making its way over my hips.

Photo: Caroline Frantz

Comfortable with the steadfastness of the straps, I glanced up and my little eyes popped out on stalks as I saw ahead of me a girl in a wet white shirt and short skirt with a very nice black bra and g-string on underneath. She was walking with a seamless gait and exuded the sort of confidence in self that you like to bask in. Well now, I see sites like this all the time in Moscow town…but this was different. Her demeanour and walking style was stripped of ego and it was just comfy and complete.

I was fascinated. It got me to thinking. Your underwear really does say so much about you. It says things like “I am tired and can’t be bothered.” It says, “I want to be adored as a sexy beasty.” It says, “I have a hundred things I need to get done today.” And don’t forget “I hate my thighs and fat tummy.”  These little mantras whisper away in a physical form, reaffirming those perceptions we have of ourselves or sometimes just expressing an emotion.

If you were to rifle through your underwear drawer what would you find? If it is anything like mine, it would be a few bits and pieces of “good” underwear that rarely see the light of day, there may well be your come hither underwear which hopefully gets a look-in regularly, then there is your every day mix and match underwear. You know, “These undies were on sale and are oh so practical and comfortable.” “My ex bought me those boxers fourteen years ago and I can’t bear to part with them.” “I have

Photo: Felix E. Guerrer

always been a y-front man and so what if there are more holes in them than Swiss cheese.”

In my mind, your intimates should really be a reflection of that true self. They should be a physical expression of who you truly are. Every time you slide into your undies you are honouring your self. You are paying respect to the physical body, you are exuding your truth about life. If comfort and simplicity are values your authentic self holds up there, then get comfy and wear simple knickers. If you love to see brightness and joy in the present moment, then wear underwear that expresses that fun. Your most intimate garments should be a physical manifestation of you and what you value; not of what you think others might like to see you in or a manifestation of your perceptions about yourself.

So throw out the saggy, baggy knickers and twisted, tangled bras and look deeply at yourself. Wave hello and skim over the ego that wants you too look a certain way and hunt for underwear that makes you feel good inside. Then watch that self step out in the rain with purpose and completeness.

It would be great to hear what your underwear says about you…


Zali is an Australian writer and yoga teacher living in Moscow for a few years. You can get more of Zali’s writing here.

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