Frito Lay: Our Biodegradable Bags Make too Much Noise So Screw the Environment!

Via Jennifer Cusano
on Aug 11, 2011
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Yes, the company will be ditching their compostable Sun Chips bags because people are complaining they make TOO MUCH NOISE?!?!? (and no, the new bags will not be eco friendly)

Stupidity smart marketing at it’s finest. Should you want to visit the Facebook Page, click here and here. What is wrong with people??


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7 Responses to “Frito Lay: Our Biodegradable Bags Make too Much Noise So Screw the Environment!”

  1. ARCreated says:

    don't eat that crap anyway

  2. ahhh I love Sun Chips, and unfortunately now I will not be able to eat them anymore–

  3. leelaanaa says:

    put them in a BOWL?

  4. Leigh says:

    I bought the compostable bags last year, happily put the chips in a bowl and the bag in my compost. My hot compost took almost a year to decompose the bag and my neighbors laughed at the slow degradation (not the 6 months as advertised)…. but compare that to a normal chip bag. It would take…what… a decade? Longer?

    They should have two bags available – noisy and quiet. Some of us would by the noisy compostable bags.

  5. margie says:

    Well, that’s a step backwards. What does that say for the Company. Not Much! it’s all about profit.

  6. margie says:

    Betcha nobody thought of that. So simple lol

  7. leelaanaa says:

    it blows me away how people get so worked up on such small things like a bag making noise? dont they ALL? lol … i mean COME ON…………….