September 24, 2011

Beloved Misfits. ~ Tania Kazi

Photo: Christian Ferrari

Calling all Misfits! You know who you are!

The round pegs in the square holes, the constant outsiders and misfits in any given situation, across neighborhoods and continents. The ones who never understood the meaning of rules and why one had to follow them? The ones who kept pushing the envelope further and further and snapped like an elastic band one too many times?

The ones who refused to walk the smooth path of life, stepped on by so many it became seamless – instead you decided to walk against the wind, on the most untrodden of paths, with sand on your boots and wind in your hair. You know, the one with the restless anxiety that always haunted you? You may be exhausted from the continuous uphill battle, yet you refuse to take rest and keep marching on along.

The relentless warrior kings and queens!

You know you’ve tried hard to fit in a box, but bless you for not succeeding! We each are different and individual in the way we were created, so why try to fight it and reach an unnatural perception of harmony that will only bring you misery in the long run? That unease and discomfort of trying so hard to fit into a situation that you know is instinctively not yours to own. And so, frustrated, you gave up and gave in, and then began the thought process of carving along your own path.

And you wonder: Who’s the fight for? Who are you really fighting but yourself? The norms that you grew up with, that were called tried and tested did not feel well suited to your persona and so ensued the endless struggle. The battle of wherefores and why?

Perhaps now or soon you will realize that you are not meant to fit into a box. That you are fluid, and graceful and beautiful and wild just as you are. That you need not fit a prototype of perception, that you are your own breath, unique and individual and your own heart-beat, running at your own pace. Your traits are as unique as your physical features. We are beautiful because there are so many of us and each is so different from the other. And yet we belong to the vast and varied gamut that is the human family. We are connected by our uniqueness.

So try and yield a little, give in to yourself and your inner calling. No matter how tedious the road appears, it’s worth it, only because troubles are hiding around every nook and corner regardless of whose path you imbibe. The one you charter or the one that’s chartered for you.

Keep trying until you reach a point of quitting the process of thinking, judging and predicting the future. And start breathing into your own skin.

As a meditation guide, that was the best gift I could’ve given myself. I stopped resisting the urge to fight myself. I just accepted. Silent and gracious. Warts and all. And that is when the larger-than-life-wheels of the inner alchemy began their silent murmuring.

And though I still have many a mountain to climb, I continue to try doing it in harmony with what my inner calling is. Nothing else really matters. Following your heart is not being selfish, it’s being true to who you are meant to be. True to what your authentic self is.

So celebrate your unconventionality and if you’re still running against the wind, then I wish the sun’s energy catapults you toward all your dreams, I pray that you continue to fight for your own inner freedom, so that your loved ones see what you are made of, and not succumb to a life of drudgery and fear because that is what others expect you to do – instead, in your freedom, those around you will find courage to seek freedom and know that there is nothing wrong in wanting your hearts desire. That state of being will bring deep inner joy to your soul, and that is what you will partake to your loved ones.

So march on! The road is long and winding, narrow and un-yielding, but keep going because sometimes nothing feels better than the wind of uncertainty to shake your ground and coax the best out of you enough to stretch your wingspan and take flight.


Tania Kazi is a yoga teacher, a meditation guide, an Ayurveda Life Consultant and a mom. she is also a student of Feng shui + Vastu Shastra and believes strongly in an outer environment that supports and compliments inner peace. Tania works for a think-tank in Washington, D.C. where she holds a position on the board of directors. Her loyalty lies in the betterment and the healing of the human soul, which she does through her yoga and meditation classes while also working toward empowering the indigenous peoples of the developing world. Tania is a thinker, yogi, a writer, an activist and a breaker of moulds. She resides in Manhattan. for further musings, do visit:www.taniakazi.blogspot.com.

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