7 billion human beings, One Planet: Calvin & Hobbes weigh in.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Oct 23, 2011
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Calvin & Hobbes, we still miss you, but though your ink has been dry for 20 years old now, you’re still relevant.

More on hunting. Huntin‘. Huntin‘.

World population hits 7 billion on Oct. 31, or thereabouts…Humanity remains on a steep growth curve.

What a population of 7 billion people means for the planet:
It took humanity until the early 19th century to gain its first billion people; then another 1.5 billion followed over the next century and a half. In just the last 60 years the world’s population has gained yet another 4.5 billion. Never before have so many animals of one species anything like our size inhabited the planet…
…And this species interacts with its surroundings far more intensely than any other ever has. Planet Earth has become Planet Humanity, as we co-opt its carbon, water, and nitrogen cycles so completely that no other force can compare. For the first time in life’s 3-billion-plus-year history, one form of life — ours — condemns to extinction significant proportions of the plants and animals that are our only known companions in the universe.


Population Boom! Watch n’learn:

And, the Matrix, with a negative view on the human species that I’m reminded of whenever I fly in a plane over suburbs and more suburbs and new suburbs curling into retreating forests:



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16 Responses to “7 billion human beings, One Planet: Calvin & Hobbes weigh in.”

  1. Suri kate says:

    Overpopulation is definitely not a myth!

    -What If Experts Are Wrong On World Population Growth?
    "A central tenet of demography is that global population will peak at 9 to 10 billion this century and then gradually decline as poorer countries develop. But that assumption may be overly optimistic — and if it is, population will continue to rise, placing enormous strains on the environment."….. http://e360.yale.edu/feature/what_if_experts_are_

    -Say it loud: I am childfree and proud
    "A person who cares about preserving a livable environment has lots of options for doing her bit, and you've heard all about them: live in an energy-efficient home in a walkable neighborhood; bike or walk or take public transit when possible; drive an efficient car if you drive one at all; fly less; go veg; buy organic and local; limit purchases of consumer goods; switch to CFLs or LEDs; slay your vampires; offset carbon emissions; vote for climate-concerned candidates, and hold them accountable for their campaign promises.

    But even in aggregate, all of these moves don't come close to the impact of not bringing new human beings—particularly new Americans—into the world……." http://www.grist.org/article/2010-03-30-gink-mani

    -7 billion its time to talk
    Take the pledge http://www.populationspeakout.org/

  2. Junio Herdez says:

    … In one week we will see massive depopulation. It has already started with the deep horizon spill. The Japan nuclear disaster. The massive floods. The financial crises happening through out the world.

    I've been traveling the out of site areas this past year. And it's all i see. Poverty in places that never had poverty.
    It's going to happen like it or not.

    By the way. CFL light are terrible for the environment. They contain heavy amounts of mercury. Led light are good but the manufacturing process is still very polluting to the environment.

    This is why I'm still proud of using my old fashioned light bulbs. Why .. because i don't mind paying the extra dollar a month to less pollute other peoples land.

    The child free and proud statement scares me very much.

    My statement is this one. I have children and I don't rely on television and other people to teach them how to live properly and see eye to eye with everyone and everything. My children are smart, educated, kind and compassionate.

    And why that statement.. Well with out getting to deep into it. I'll recommend you go and watch the movie Idiocracy (2006).
    And if you can't understand the pure genious behind this film…

    Then I'll wish that you parents had come up with the slogan of I'm childfree and proud. 😉

    because you suri kate.. need to start thinking for your self. And stop reading those conspiracy false flag articles.

  3. Suri kate says:

    Dude, first of all you didnt even read the article …secondly If you really think that in one week we will be seeing massive depopulation then , dude , it seems to me that the one who is not thinking critically , and reading conspiracy false flag articles is you my friend.
    Finally , i am childfree and proud , and intend to keep it that way no matter what ….and yes i think of it as my personal contribution to the environment . You can have as many kids as you want , in the end its them whom are going to live in a piece of shit world ….and its your kids and grand kids who will suffer and carry the burden of a planet devoid of clean water and natural resources….so dude i couldnt care less….i take responsability For my actions and my persona and thats it.

  4. GreedISGOOD says:

    There's nothing to read in the article.. it's nothing but videos.

  5. drbinder says:

    When all the people who are actually mindful and aware of such matters stop having children it only leaves room for the unaware and mindless to continue populating the world with more unaware and mindless people.

    Why is it that the people who actually should have children, don't. And the people who shouldn't have children, have 9.

  6. Junio_Herdez says:

    Muffin. You mad. Sounds like you have something up your elitist ass.

  7. Suri kate says:

    Lol dude you are hilarious , really.

  8. Suri kate says:

    Ha ha ha i know what you mean! The answer is in the question itself .

  9. Colin Wiseman says:

    Check out this movie. It speaks volumes of truths!

  10. Joellen Raderstorf says:

    Two more population morsels to know about: http://populationaction.org/Articles/Whats_Your_N
    I'm 48 and the population HAS doubled in my life: http://populationaction.org/Articles/Whats_Your_N
    AND http://www.motherthefilm.com/

  11. Jay Winston says:

    It’s all these damn Buddhists like Waylon reincarnating all over the damn place. That’s the damn problem…

  12. Dario Jovovic says:

    Why are you worrying about overpopulation? The Galton eugenics like Bill Gates will take care of it and what left behind will be beautifully exterminated by his Monsanto and DuPont friends, not to forget GSK and similar pharmaco altruists. If everything fails you always have your trusted friends, saints like Lockheed-Martin (with a little help of Exxon), Blackwater, etc., with their sophisticated ways to liberate human beings from their lifes. So, don't worry, your corporations are going to take care of humanity. After that it will be a paradise on Earth…or what is left of it.

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