October 25, 2011

Look Who Supports Boulder’s 2B & 2C

There are many reasons why I’m voting yes on 2B & 2C. I could talk about how I don’t like that a corporation (a monopoly, at that) has 100% control of a basic public service. I could talk about how Xcel has raised my electricity rates by 20% over the past few years. Or I could go on about how citizens have absolutely no say in what Xcel does, where their energy comes from, and how much they charge because the Public Utilities Commission isn’t elected by voters. But, instead, the most basic reason why I’m voting yes on 2B & 2C is because it’s just the right thing to do for our community. And here’s why:

If there is one thing you remember, it should be this: Passing 2B & 2C doesn’t create a municipal electric utility. The only thing these measures will do for certain is obtain the remaining information we need to be able to make the decision about if a municipal utility is feasible. Xcel has refused to release the remaining information about the cost of their infrastructure and the only way we can force them to disclose this information is if we pass 2B & 2C and allow a judge to negotiate a fair price. And if, and only if, the following 3 requirements are met will the city even be allowed to move forward with forming the municipal utility:

  1. Rates need to be cheaper than or equal to Xcel’s rates at the time of acquisition (and if they’re cheaper at this point, logic says they’ll always be cheaper because costs of coal are rising and costs of renewables are dropping)
  2. The municipal utility needs to be able to bring on more renewables than Xcel can offer us (currently Xcel’s power comes from about 90% fossil fuels. Modeling shows a municipal utility could potentially reduce greenhouse gas emissions by half within the first few years of formation)
  3. The municipal utility needs to have better than or equal reliability than Xcel’s current Boulder territory reliability

So, what does all this mean? If even just one of these 3 requirements aren’t met, then we don’t move forward with the municipal utility. If all 3 are met and we decide to move forward, then we’re guaranteed to have good reliability, good rates, and more renewable energy.

So why would someone still vote no? Why would you prefer to have less options and stick with Xcel for another 20 year contract instead of get all the necessary information to make an informed decision about our choices? If you’ve still got a few points you’re stuck on, check out the “Top Ten Myths About Municipalization” to help you sort through the facts.

P.S. Even if 2B & 2C pass AND we meet all 3 of the above requirements, there’s still a chance that we’ll have Xcel as our power provider. If these measures pass, the city will have the additional leverage to put pressure on Xcel to meet our demands on renewable energy and rates. At that point if they come to the table and negotiate with us, we have the option of signing a new contract with them.

Who’s Supporting 2B & 2C?

The Boulder Weekly
The Daily Camera
The Denver Post
YS Yellowscene Magazine
Elephant Journal

Cindy Domenico (County Commissioner)
Stan Garnett (District Attorney)
Bob Hullinghorst (Treasurer)
Ben Pearlman (County Commissioner)
Will Toor (County Commissioner)
Deb Gardner (State House)
Dickey Lee Hullinghorst (State House)
Jack Pommer (State House)
Dorothy Rupert (former State House/Senate)
Ron Tupa (former State House/Senate)
Tom Plant (former State House, Head of the Governor’s Energy Office)

Matt Appelbaum
KC Becker
Macon Cowles
Crystal Gray
Lisa Morzel
Susan Osborne (mayor)

Jonathan Hondorf
Suzanne Jones
Dan King
Lisa Morzel
Tim Plass
Daniel Ziskin

Robin Bohannan
Cindy Carlisle
Dan Corson
Gwen Dooley
Allyn Feinberg
Dick Harris
Spense Havlick (Deputy Mayor)
Linda Jourgenson (Mayor)
Sally Martin
Shaun McGrath (Mayor)
Don Mock (Deputy Mayor)
Françoise Poinsatte
Steve Pomerance
Bev Sears

Boulder County Democratic Party
COSEIA – Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association
Sierra Club
BGBG – Boulder Green Builders Guild
New Era Colorado
Unity of Boulder
21 Wheels
Communities Engaged in Global justice
CRC – Center for Resource Conservation
Earth Guardians
Everybody Eats!
MoveOn Boulder Council
Physicians for Social Responsibility
PLAN-Boulder County
Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center
The Solar Gardens Institute
Solar Mission Trust

Dennis Kucinich
Albert A. Bartlett (The Essential Exponential)
Daniel Berman (Author: Who Owns the Sun?)
Eric Cornell (Nobel Prize Winner in Physics)
John Farrell (Institute for Local Self-Reliance)
Hunter Lovins (Natural Capitalism Solutions)
Bill McKibben (350.org)
Harvey Wasserman (Journalist/Activist)

21 Wheels
3rd Street Chai
Abraham Paiss & Associates
Action Marketing Group
Bella Energy
Bilden, LLC
Boulder Book Store
Boulder County Democrats
Boulder Electric Vehicle
Boulder ElectroRide, Inc.
Boulder Outlook Hotel
Carmichael Photography
Clean Tech Law Partners
Clementine Arts
Climate Crisis Solutions
Common Threads
Congruity Technologies, Inc.
Cool Energy
Creative Light Source
CrossFit Roots
Ecological Lawn & Tree Care
FearLess Cottage
Gravity Renewables
HEI – Hartman Ely Investments
Hyperlocal Industries
Kitchen Foundation
Kitchen Next Door
Kitchen Upstairs
Lynn Hill Climbing
Natural Capitalism, Inc.
Namaste Solar
National Eco Wholesale
North Pines Energy
Openspace Store, Inc.
Oxford Gardens
Ozo Coffee Company
Pangea Organics
Perry Shoe Shop
QuiCreate, LLC
Renewable Choice Energy
Snackle Mouth, Big Mouth Snacks
Solar Gardens Institute
Solectria Renewables
Southwest Generation
Spruce Confections
Stone Creek PR
Sunflower Farmer’s Market
Synergistic Building Technologies
The Cup
The Kitchen
The Laughing Goat
The Van Heyst Group
Thom Krueger Services! Inc.
Two Spoons
Wheelhouse Associates
Wonderland Hills Development Co.

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