October 18, 2011

Mastery of Consciousness. ~ Tapasyogi Kalathi Adiyen Aadi Nandhi

As consciousness grows, so does our ability to think clearly from harmony, bring focus to priorities and create the power of intensity within intent.

These are certainly amazing and exciting moments we share together. With tools of consciousness such as meditation, yoga, tai-chi and all other inward-rewarding-conscious activities becoming ‘popular,’ so is our collective consciousness expanding faster than ever before. So what does this mean for each of us reflected as the realities we unfold?

Consciousness and its mastery is attuned to the word “Siddha.” The Siddhars are the Sages journeying beyond enlightenment, the mystics of the yoga tradition. From the Siddhars, the masters of consciousness, the insights of consciousness are the ultimate tool to transform our human limitations to Angelic Beings.

Photo: Painting of Ancient Lineage of Meditative Depth by Nandhi.

1. Consciousness is Empowered Realities:

As consciousness grows, so does our ability to think clearly from harmony, bring focus to priorities and create the power of intensity within intent. Manifestation of any desire is through the strength of passion, focus and sustenance of the underlying intent. Those of higher consciousness hold the empowerment to manifest with ease as a natural divine gift as they utilize the thinking process effectively.

However, greater than even the gift of extraordinary focus is the ability to see from outside the box. Conscious beings like Einstein attribute the ability to conceptualize beyond their mind to unraveling of greater truth.

Quote from Nandhi’s upcoming book, Be The Prophet, “In the entwining of joy, focus and surrender is genius that springs from our heart as the most perfect ‘music.’ Joy is Mother Kundalini’s sacred fire; focus is the mind’s fixation to source as in bhakti (divine love); and surrender is the vastness of void that accompanies the knowing. The subtle essence of heart’s music is wisdom, the poetry of the Now.”

2. Consciousness is Abundant:

The Siddhar saying goes as, “Lord Siva’s favorite disciple is Goddess Laxmi and Goddess Laxmi’s favorite God of worship is Lord Siva.” This means, when we are detached (as in being Spirit), abundance of that we are detached to comes to us in ease. Likewise, when we are abundant (as in grace of Goddess Laxmi), we are detached. It is sad to see many spiritual beings be suffering from poverty and actually swear by poverty. This poverty could be attributed to the vows of poverty they took of past births and their present attitude towards abundance.

An oil lamp used on the altars of most households has inscriptions of Goddess Laxmi over it. The reason is that when our lamp is alight, we manifest a solution to any of our need. So when a yogi sits in a cave to meditate and his body needs food, someone will bring the yogi food.

When Gautama Buddha was born, the astrologers saw from his birth horoscope that he was a highly realized soul- so they named him Siddhartha, i.e., In Sanskrit, Siddhartha means one who is a Siddha, a conscious being or a master of consciousness. It was only natural that such an elevated being should have been born in the midst of plenty, as in a royal family. Where consciousness is, abundance always is. Where collective consciousness is, the nation prospers.

3. Consciousness is Freedom:

All poets, philosophers and writers throughout ages find one common aspiration as the most mentioned- it is freedom. This freedom is that to be happy, blissful and be the immense Spirit of infinite consciousness. The original role of any spiritual teaching is freedom to “Be.”

Unfortunately, religion, belief systems and cults have stood in the way of an individual reaching towards Source by curtailing the freedom to be the wisdom behind the “I Am” experience. Consciousness forever grows and the wisdom of our unique Now of consciousness is greater than any sacred scripture there ever was.

The first freedom is that from our own mind, the belief of the past and our own karmic veil that keeps us from understanding the vastness of whom we are as the Spirit having the human experience.

4. Consciousness is Oneness:

The consciousness Christ spoke about was from deep love that expressed oneness. This love was from the ability to see God in every human. That consciousness of Christ was way ahead of his times two thousand years ago for which he was crucified. Consciousness grows perpetually and is still growing. The deeper our realization of God, the more of God we see in all living creatures.


The first trait of a conscious person is that of compassion towards all living beings. When we understand the wisdom of Oneness to not kill another living being, the food we eat will carry more energy to expand consciousness. When Oneness is understood so will we understand that race, sexual preference, culture etc. from not just tolerance, but appreciative over differences we might have. From Oneness, the word “love” becomes more meaningful as unconditional and from the heart.

5. Consciousness is Purpose:

When we awaken to the vastness of the “I Am” experience, we are then reminded of our human body that has a shelf life. The next question then is, “What am I here on Planet Earth to do?” As we journey through consciousness, we come to realize our individual highest purpose that has all the passion and joy in it even just to dream or think of it. Coming into the ‘knowing’ of purpose, we attain the blessings of inspiration that enables well-being, fulfillment and evolved grace in our life. Consciousness then becomes action and a reality. The collective reality of conscious folks in the world then creates heaven here in Planet Earth.

6. Consciousness is being the Spirit:

One of Nandhi’s Guru, Siddhar Rajaswamy would explain to Nandhi the meaningfulness of this human birth as in its preciousness by way of this story:- When Siddhar Rajaswamy was in the forest with his Guru Kakapujanda Thalaiyattinathar, he saw many wild animals and birds come and sit beside them especially in the evenings as they sat meditating or while doing the sacred fire (yagna). Siddhar Rajaswamy asked his Guru, “It is truly heart touching to see all these animals and birds come towards us and sit so peacefully around us. There is more to all this that I can see. Could you tell me about it?”

Siddhar Thalaiyattinathar said,

“Yes, of course there is more. Like all living beings gravitating to their innate wholeness, even the Angelic Beings seek to evolve through conscious beings who is Spirit having the human experience. The Angelic Beings too are twirling around us at this moment. Angelic Beings seek those of higher consciousness who recognize themselves in being Spirit and they serve as the collective Oneness of Spirit that rewards them the good acts (dharma) of the human experience. Through the dharma done by higher conscious being, the Angelic Beings too evolve. A higher conscious master is many as one.”


This inner wisdom explains how spiritual beings have legions of angelic beings and Source serving them to attain the highest aspiration for humanity. This Spirit as experience is our own inner bliss of being in the Now.




Tapasyogi Kalathi Adiyen Aadi Nandhi: Through years spent in the caves and wilderness as a saddhu under the guidance of enlightened gurus, Nandhi was at first woken up to his childhood dream, a vision that he unfolds as the Ariven Community- global sanctuaries for retired animals- www.ariven.org. To support the Vision www.sensitiveplanet.com , the enlightening marketplace offers products that are recommended by the yogis of India. Nandhi imparts his wisdom and the inner teachings through yoga, through music and by initiation. His yoga website www.nandhi.com.

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