October 17, 2011

Instant Gratitude.

If you have a soft spot for hungry dogs, people down on their luck, or both, this photo might tear your heart out. But before you get mad at me for not posting a picture of a rainbow or a pretty person in a yoga pose, let me just say…sometimes it’s good to venture to the shadows.

You can’t know happy without sad… as you can’t be sensitive to pleasure without also being sensitive to pain.

So take a moment to be grateful.

Because there are 925 million hungry people in the world, of which 36 million…let me repeat…THIRTY SIX MILLION… are Americans.

And many more hundreds of millions are struggling with another kind of hunger…a hunger in the soul for something that food cannot nourish.

As Dr. Jeff Mullan said when originally posting this photo on Facebook, “In every interaction with every person, be sure you never make them doubt themselves in any way. Everyone is struggling in one way or another. You cannot measure how much love they have in their hearts.”

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David Romanelli


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Read 3 comments and reply

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