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Via Waylon Lewis
on Nov 12, 2011
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Ron Paul calls for military cuts:

“I am sick and tired of foreign welfare,” said Paul, 76. “Stop these senseless wars so we can provide health care for people at home.”



That said, as one Redditor points out:


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3 Responses to “Quote of the Day.”

  1. Mark Ledbetter says:

    For pacifists and libertarians, war is the number one issue. Why is it most of you here can’t get behind that? You seem to prefer war mongers just because, for example, they support universal health care.

    Bush and Obama, Republicans and Democrats = Bombs and Bailouts.

    There are more important issues than govt health care. Like peace. So why don’t we see an outpouring of support from Ele for the ONLY peace candidate? Instead of the implied ridicule of this column?

    No matter what your position on social welfare programs, you can’t do all those programs and police the world at the same time. Doing both will only bust the budget and wreck the economy. Nothing besides actual war would be worse for the health of the People than that.

    Vote peace and freedom. Ron Paul.

  2. Mark Ledbetter says:

    And come on now. “Have health care if you are able to afford it” is a sarcastic misstatement of Ron Paul’s beliefs.

    There are more ways to cheap and universal health care than the govt way. Look at what govt intervention has done to the medical system. Govt supports drug companies that make super cheap medicines super expensive. Govt supports lawyers who force doctors to make expensive unnecessary tests in case of law suits. Govt supports the tight control that medical associations have over the numbers of candidates allowed into med schools, increasing cost by reducing the supply of doctors. Govt supports laws against non-doctors delivering babies (in many states), setting bones, and doing many things that don’t require years and years of expensive medical school. Govt support of medicine since the 1930s has, step by step, virtually destroyed the extensive system of charity medical care, cheap medical care by religious organizations, and cheap medical care by fraternal organizations that used to be so important.

  3. Mark Ledbetter says:

    Must've been in a cranky mood last night. I just looked in this morning (morning where I am) and maybe I was a bit hard on peace-loving Ele

    The original post was more balanced than simple anti-Paul sarcasm. The big headlines were great. The smaller quote beneath it was sarcastic, but set off as an alternative view with the words "That said". And adding the "bonus" on Paul's views on torture clearly swung this in a Paulian direction.

    Yes, Ele is a formum for peace after all! Even if not a hundred percent consistent. I am relieved and a bit chastened.