Wandering Yoginis Intro by Meghan Currie a.k.a. Grannypantymartian

Via Meghan Currie
on Dec 4, 2011
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I am so very pleased to present you Wandering Yoginis first video from India.   This is an introduction describing who Alyx and I are and what the gosh dang were doing wandering on motorcycles around India.  Geez I sure hope y’all like it!


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I love handstands, motorcycles, smells, safety pins, bicycles, music, moss, languages, books, trees, beets, mud, dancing, diagrams, sewing, teaching, surprises, shaking, yard sales, anatomy, India, instruments, sleeping outside, wisdom, nonsense, sprouts, spoons, seeds, cats, insects, fears, rocks, giving, essential oils, foods that vibrate, photos, Ocean, laughing, naps, spinach, crying, sewing machine parts, singing, Love, wrinkles, long walks, good talks, all creatures, trees, apples, raspberries, learning, breathing....being...


One Response to “Wandering Yoginis Intro by Meghan Currie a.k.a. Grannypantymartian”

  1. Tanya Lee Markul says:

    I'm looking forward to more!!!