January 29, 2012

How Bad Do You Want It?

Chapter 12: How Much Do You Want What You Want?
Rod Stryker’s Four Desires (4D) Virtual Book Club.

Did you think the math lesson was over? Almost. You may think that the variables of the Creation Equation are vayu, shakti, and karma; and you’re right. There is, however, one other variable; the level of “I” or the degree of intensity. For right now lets discuss the right side of the equation and the degree of intensity of your desire or “Pprapti. 

The title of this chapter is asking you what is the level of your desire? “How much do you want what you want?”-Rod Stryker

According to the Vedas there are four levels or degrees of desires. Your degree of investment and passion determines the success of you achieving your desire.

The Four levels of Desire:

Level 1: Abhilasa– This translates into a “wish” and it has the lowest degree of intensity. We have many wishes but how much power is really behind those wishes? At this level, the desire could be something casual, passing, or a more authentic desire but lacking the requisite intensity for it to likely be a tangible part of your life.

Level 2: Svatmi Karana- At this level, your desire is so intense that it influences your thoughts and actions to the point that it occupies a significant part of your consciousness, moving you closer to being one with your intention.  You can’t imagine life without that which you want, and that degree may be enough to manifest the desire.

Level 3: Iccha Bhavana is the mental attitude of your desire. Rod explains it as “indomitable will and determination.”  At this level there is no longer any need to look outside of yourself for why things are not manifesting. You start to generate more will, knowledge, and intuition to make the choices that bring you closer to manifestation. These choices are usually made in alignment with your dharma. However, there still may not be enough force to manifest your desire.

Level 4: Sankalpa Siddhi: The definition of a siddhi is perfection, accomplishment, and power. Sankalpa as we know means determination, will and in this case a resolution made in the heart. Rod states it perfectly: “when merely thinking of something is enough to manifest it.” There is no distinction between wanting and having. At this fourth level the intensity is effortless.  This effortless intensity is fed by complete realization that there is no separation between the internal and external worlds.

Understanding the intensity of each level of desire, go back to the original question this chapter asks: “how much do you want what you want?” In the context of the different levels of desire mentioned above, what insights do you have about your Creation Equation?

If you just realized that your desire really doesn’t have as much intensity as you would have hoped, don’t worry.  The Four Desires advocates that in order to achieve what you want “all you have to do to is make a decision.” You must decide NOW, that you cannot and will not fail.

There is comfort in how the tradition acknowledges that we are already in a state of fulfillment; we cannot get there because we are there. The only trouble is that we are not aware of it.  To become aware of it–feel and experience it–we must connect with the light of our soul.

The yogic teaching in “meditation to increase shakti” is introduced in this chapter to bring us closer to our soul and more aware of our creative capacity. The moment we turn inward, consciously choosing to connect with the part of us that is most authentic, we have already begun our journey to the soul.

As you follow the meditation to increase shakti, the book, or the CD’s, there is a teaching  we should repeat, feel, absorb and ultimately embody: “in me, there is a light that lights the whole world. It radiates truth, boundless will, action and knowledge.” When we express this as an authentic version of our true self, it can affect our relationship with our desire in a positive way.  The shakti in your Creation Equation begins to increase. Although this is not the end, we are more confident in ourselves to continue this journey.

For this week lets look at our desire and note our level of prapti.

Lets also talk a little about our experience with the meditation to increase shakti.
How did you feel, how are you practicing it (with the audio CD or from the book)?
I really love this meditation and want to hear about your relationship to it. 


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