Lululemon, please consider older Ambassadors?

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on Jan 5, 2012
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{Warning: spicey language}

To Lulu, or Not to Lulu: That is the Question.

Once again my “To Be” list for 2012 has “Become an Ambassador for Lululemon.”

But even though I am one of the most popular and skilled teachers in Denver, and have written a yoga book, and I’m super freaking hot…I am still not an Ambassador. Why?

Dare I say it’s because I’m over 50.

Let me tell you something: If you don’t give a shit about this right now, you will someday because unless you fuck it up, or get terribly sick, or get hit by a car, you too will be my age. It’s (much) better than the alternative.

It could also be that I am not a vegan with lots of time to Tweet about how I can put both feet behind my head (which I can). However, since I’ve begun Tweeting my Lululemon song, my followers have tripled (if you don’t include my Mom, I’m up to something like 26! OMG!). Here’s the song:

“Oh Lord, won’t you make me a Lulu Ambassador

            My friends all wear Tonic, Lucy and Prana

            I practiced hard all my lifetime, no help from my core

            So Lord, won’t you make me a Lulu Ambassador.”

(Sung to the tune of Mercedes Benz)

Interestingly, I often have 50 people in my noon class on Friday, so I think we might video the whole class singing it for YouTube. I hear this youtube thing is a popular way to get a message across.

After my class yesterday, in which 30 of us sang the song with gusto, a student asked me why on earth I even want to be an Ambassador. I sometimes refer to this split as: “To Lulu, or not to Lulu,” because that is often the question. You know, those clothes by Lululemon are really fucking expensive, right? And hello, they only make clothes for small people size 12 and under, which is just wrong. And lastly, they only feature young people in their marketing. How many 20-year-olds have $92 for a pair of pants? Bring on the sexy old people with money. (My people will call your people, okay?)

The real reason I want to be an Ambassador is because even though I have full yoga classes, and have been teaching for six years, and have written a book, and have trained many of my local stores’ current Ambassadors, and have all the little Lululemons in my classes every single week, and have a second yoga book coming out this year, and wear their clothes too much of the time, and have started not one but two yoga-oriented charities in my area, and I’m trained in two styles of yoga, I have never been asked.

I want to be a Lululemon Ambassador, and I’d also very much like to have dinner with George Clooney. I will probably have a better chance with George Clooney when I’m at the Tadasana Festival in Los Angeles this year.

I know this rant is probably not going to get me what I want, but it sure was fun. And my phone is ringing, which could be Lululemon calling (I’m a yogi, right? We are ridiculously optimistic.) This morning I even filled out my fourth application online, because, like Rumi said, if you want to touch the sky you better learn how to kneel.

I’m on my knees, Lululemon, and at my age I may need help getting back up.


Michelle Berman Marchildon is a freaking fabulous yogi at any age and teaches Anusara-Inspired and Power in Denver, Colorado. She’s the author of “Finding More on the Mat,” a yoga memoir available in January from You can find her blog at www.michellemarchildon/blog or on her Facebook page, Yogi Muse.



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31 Responses to “Lululemon, please consider older Ambassadors?”

  1. su halle says:

    I was an ambassador back in 2005, at the overripe age of 45…. no problem, but that was then…

  2. Céline Lavoie says:

    Being a long-time yoga practionner and teacher who will turn 50 this year, I don't understand all this fuss about Lululemon. It's trendy and young and cool, but I much rather wear organic cotton pants from Mountain Equipement Coop or from other companies that really care about the environment and the community.

  3. Angie says:

    I live in Austin and several of the ambassadors here are over 40, one over 50. I find this post bizarre, since the author spends a good bit of it bragging about her accomplishments.

  4. anon says:

    You really need to accepted by a corporation like lululemon? Just to get your 1000 dollars of 'free' merchandise (which costs them probably $50 made in somewhere where labor is cheap) and pose for one photo?

  5. elephantjournal says:

    Hunh. Thanks for the comment. I didn't find it to be bragging…I found it funny, making fun of the notion of yoga resume, and self-deprecating if anything. ~ Waylon

  6. Merrie says:

    Agree, Angie!

  7. The Pet Vet says:

    I think Michelle is really cool and she gives lulu to geezers to make us cool too.She really wants to be an Ambassador, Lulu, get the message and make her one. You want her as a friend not an enemy.

  8. You are absolutely right Céline, cotton is the way to go for yoga. As for Mountain Equipment Coop, I am a long time member. Last time that I went to their Montreal store, I saw Prana clothes and yoga mats. MEC is getting into yoga!

  9. Patrick says:

    If you already wear Lulu clothes, they don't need you as an ambassador! What they want is that a yogi that enter in a class feels cheap to not wearing Lululemon because anyone else do, including the teacher. I used to wear cheap sport short and cotton t-shirt for yoga, that is comfortable and affordable and do the job. I can afford Lulu, that is not the point. But even if I would like to wear them, I would have a problem because their offering for male version of our specie has many shortcoming, to say the least. In fact, men in term of yoga attire is still a work in progress, I stick to may t-shirt, cheap short until further notice. Sivananda yoga used to wear white cotton pants and t-shirt for both men and women, that is not a bad idead, after all.

  10. elephantjournal says:

    I found her attitude fun, funny. I find yours mean, meanie.

  11. elephantjournal says:

    This ^

  12. elephantjournal says:

    A true friend is not an enemy if you don't give them what you want.

    But yes, I dig, she'd be a great Ambassador without the threat of enemyship!

  13. elephantjournal says:

    You so serious.

  14. Amy says:

    You are too good and overqualified to work for them or to be an ambassador. (Unless they haven’t gotten to you yet?) My resume and accomplishments are also quite extensive with yoga, massage therapy and knowing a ton of people athletic and non-athletic in our community. I was overlooked and ignored for a job as an educator there. Hindsight I am thrilled to not be working for Lululemon. I find them inauthentic and fake. Yeah the clothes may be good quality, but the attitude is not. Better opportunities exist!!

  15. Tanya Lee Markul says:

    Posting to Elephant Yoga on Facebook and Twitter.

    Tanya Lee Markul, Yoga Editor
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  16. Melissa says:

    In all seriousness.. I hope they do call! You deserve it. Good luck!

  17. Rudy Mettia says:

    I made ambassador in Santa Monica Ca at 48 and I just turned 52, maybe they'll use me again:)

  18. kristal lana says:

    I know numerous Lulu Ambassadors. Some of them are amazing, caring yogis, others are business driven, greedy, show-offs. Try to remember to be grateful that you're 50 and can DO yoga, or "put your feet behind your head". You are helping people every day with your teaching, spreading love, joy, and grace. Lulu is just a corporation, not a life. Enjoy yours ♥♥♥

  19. Sara N. says:

    Michelle rocks so many yogi worlds of all ages, as a 26 year old I can only hope to be half of the yoga ambassador Michelle is…Lulu is missing out on a stellar lady!

  20. Louise Brooks says:

    People! This was a really funny, tongue in cheek essay! Lighten up for pete's sake. There is a lot of truth in what she writes. I know, I'm 47 and a yoga teacher. Not one of the "chosen ones" in Lululemonland.

  21. Louise Brooks says:

    Thank you for this light-hearted, self-deprecating yet wisdom filled essay! You sound like a strong and grounded enough not to get too bothered by all the humourless types who have posted on here. Yeeesh. Yogis can be such over-serious sour-pusses sometimes!

  22. Older Than Dirt says:

    I smell a marketing stunt, nothing more.

  23. yogijulian says:

    i find the whole concept bizarre and disturbing, and lululemon creepy…

  24. Hannah says:

    Being an ambassador for Lululemon means nothing. Take if from a former employee. Take your energy and money elsewhere!

  25. Chelsea says:

    I honestly think this is a pretty self absorbed post…yoga is not about the gear you rock, the clothes you wear, the size you are, how many books you write, how "hot" you are, and "popular" your teaching is in Denver. Ick, this post sort of made me cringe…please keep your venting to your facebook page. Due to your article I will probably avoid all of your classes all together…what a bummer!

  26. LaughALittle says:

    It's called humor, people! Look it up..

  27. Arlyn says:

    This is hysterical! Thanks for the laugh.

  28. cathy says:

    oh, for gosh sakes.. ther eis an application process… you go to their website and fill out an application.. then they can or nto ask you.
    If you are old enough to write a book and rant like a champ, you are old enough to read the rules.

  29. […] You are preaching to an off-white woman in her fifties (I may look small and white, but I have the soul of a large black woman so I’ve been told.). I also raised this point regarding Lululemon Athletica not appointing any ambassadors over the age of puberty. […]

  30. Dede says:

    They should let you be one! I am almost 57, just lost 54 lbs and told myself that when I could FINALLY fit into their clothes, I would go in there and buy a hoodie because I COULD! And I just DID! (So I can imagine where you are coming from) Women our age CAN be in good shape and you would be a great role model.