Meditation vs. Asana? Vegan vs. Vegetarian? Liberal vs. Conservative…Meanwhile your rights are disappearing..

Via Aminda R. Courtwright
on Jan 9, 2012
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Recently I’ve read articles about the hullabaloo over advertisement: Is it selling sex? is it real yoga?

I had a bit of a rant once upon a time about the arguing over what is yoga and how annoying it is that we in-fight so much

I’ve seen articles about people are going vegan and why those people are stupid and why those of you that haven’t are evil…–kate-bartolotta–waylon-lewis/—confessions-of-a-carnivore/—5-reasons-to-start-eating-meat-in-2012/

hell I even took the time to explain why I’m back from veganism to being a vegitarian—i-am-not-strict-vegan-anymore-either/

We are arguing about whether yoga can hurt you or not (it can but don’t be too scared)–yoga-can-wreck-your-body/

We have spent some time talking about politics…mostly just arguing…–kevin-hotaling/

OK I’m not even going to pretend that these aren’t important topics and that we don’t have a right to express our opinions.  But I just got this link from my son…

And it got me to thinking…maybe we aren’t focusing on the right thing. Maybe we are playing into some heinous plan by continual bickering and pointing fingers.

While we are screaming “sexist”, “cruelty”, “hypocrisy” and whatever other epithets we prefer to throw at each other…things are happening, have been happening – to our money, our freedom our rights….

I can’t pretend to have the answer but doesn’t it make you stop and think just a little bit? That while we are slinging metaphorical hash our a**es are being cooked?

I don’t know about you but I’m a little worried about being able to continue our dalliances with topics and being able to freely debate them…perhaps we would be better served to hold hands – vegan to omnivore – liberal to democrat – hot yogi to ashtangi – man to woman –  and accept our differences and stand next to each other in unision to protect those rights.   A little less moralizing and a little more love and tolerance???

Is it even possible? 



About Aminda R. Courtwright

Aminda is a wellness facilitator and founder of ARCreated Wellness, LLC. A yoga teacher, transpersonal hypnotherapist, and Reiki Master, she shares her own healing journey with others in hopes of inspiring and uplifting those she meets. Her yoga classes are gentle and workshop style to invoke a real sense of learning and designed to be truly accessible for all levels. Her biggest hope is to help others take their yoga practice off the mat and into everyday life where it is truly meant to be experienced. (and can be most useful) Refusing to settle into the middle path just yet she prefers to dally on both edges and can be seen swinging right and leaning left. A devoted animal lover and activist and a humanist she is prone to rants and believes strongly that life is to be savored and that “we are all in this together, shouldn’t we enjoy it that way? “ When she isn’t teaching yoga, hypnotizing people, adoring her husband or doting on her grandson she is out riding her motorcycle—promoting the image that yogis are rebels and are a force to be reckoned with! You can also find her on Facebook. To join her for free classes online follow her here.


2 Responses to “Meditation vs. Asana? Vegan vs. Vegetarian? Liberal vs. Conservative…Meanwhile your rights are disappearing..”

  1. casey says:

    This was just wondefully said.

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