Acupuncture for Heartbreak. ~ Kate Sciolino

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on Feb 24, 2012
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Sharon Pazner

Everyone has experienced heartbreak. Shakespeare wrote about it, pop songs convey particular flavors of it, and there are endless websites listed on google that promise to “heal the emotional pain of heartbreak.” I’d like to share how acupuncture alleviated the suffering I faced during a difficult break-up and explain how it can give you relief during transitions and stressful times as well.

Two weeks before I was scheduled to start my acupuncture residency, I flew to Thailand to meet my boyfriend, for what I thought would be a blissful vacation at the beach with my beloved. The day I arrived, he picked me up at the airport, we shared some pad thai, and he told me that after weeks of enlightening meditation and solitude he realized that he still loved his ex-girlfriend and wanted to get back together with her.

I thought, “Wait, really? Are you kidding? I just flew to Asia to see you and you are telling me this now?” (I know what you’re thinking: where did I find this guy in the first place? That story I will save for a different blog).

Anyway, by the time I made it back home, the shock to my heart was so severe, I had become physically ill. It was your typical, garden-variety heartbreak––we’ve all been there right? I was riddled with anxiety, and could barely eat. I sobbed night after sleepless night, was getting more and more exhausted, felt hopeless and couldn’t stop thinking about Mr. Thailand. What was worse, I knew the day I would be sticking needles in someone for the first time was quickly approaching, and I could barely brush my teeth or stop my hands from shaking.

So I called my acupuncturist and scheduled an emergency appointment.

You know those scenes on “ER” when someone is rushed into the emergency room, in cardiac arrest, on the brink of death, and the medical team uses those electric paddles to shock the heart and the person suddenly, dramatically opens his eyes and is brought back to life? Well that is how I experienced my acupuncture treatment that day. Decked out in sweatpants and huge sunglasses to hide my puffy eyes, I dragged my pathetic, heartbroken, weeping self to my acupuncturist’s office, and with her treatment, she gave my heart the currents it needed to “keep beating,” and “brought me back to life.” The change really was that dramatic. I walked out of my acupuncturist’s office feeling lighter, stronger, clearer, free of anxiety, more hopeful, able to sleep again… just better.

The thing about Five-Element Acupuncture is that it lessens suffering. Wounds that can take months or years to heal, become less painful within minutes.

In addition, it alleviates other symptoms and prevents more serious stress-related illness while keeping you energized, relaxed and vital. I want to shout this from the mountain tops so no one out there needs to go on suffering more than necessary. We all have our “stuff” to work through in life, but aren’t we so lucky that tools exist to lighten the burden, keep us healthy, and even thrive?


Editor: Lindsay Friedman 


Kate Sciolino, a licensed Five-Element Acupuncturist, helps her clients feel awesome.  They report increased energy and relaxation, relief from physical and emotional suffering and less use of the snooze button.  Kate treats all kinds of ailments, and doesn’t want you to loose sleep over someone who obviously “didn’t deserve you anyway”.


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12 Responses to “Acupuncture for Heartbreak. ~ Kate Sciolino”

  1. Hi Kate,

    I enjoyed your piece. I volunteer at a local acupuncture clinic and it has also brought me great healing, both physically and emotionally. Powerful stuff.

    I have shared your piece on Elephant Journal Facebook Page.

    Jeannie Page

  2. evolutionarycatalyst says:

    Having been crought back to life several years ago by acupunture, I studied TCM for two of four years. When physical assistance is needed, it is my Go To :)))

  3. katesciolino says:

    Hi Jeannie,

    I'm so glad to hear that acupuncture has helped you. Isn't it great? Thanks for sharing my piece!

    Have a great day,

  4. katesciolino says:

    So glad to hear that! My hope is that people understand that acupuncture can help with so much more than just physical pain, but also emotional and spiritual suffering as well. : )

  5. Awesome article, Kate! I'm a Five Element Acupuncturist too and glad to see you bringing light to the amazing benefits of acupuncture for emotional disturbances. I think people have a tendency to sweep something like heartbreak, stress, or anxiety under the rug because they think it will just take time when really, acupuncture has a tremendous effect! Thank you thank you thank your honesty and the courage to share this posting!!!

    I'm sure anyone reading this could contact myself (or likely Kate, as time allows!) to get a referral to a great Five Element Acupuncturist in your neck of the woods. Truly powerful amazing stuff!!!

    Thanks again!
    Kristin M. Althea, M.Ac., L.Ac.

  6. katesciolino says:

    Thanks Kristin! I agree… acupuncture decreases suffering and I want the whole world to know! People will still go through their process, but they will be much more resourced, stronger and it won't drag on endlessly. Aren't we so lucky that we get to offer this to people?

    Where do you practice?

    : ),

  7. katesciolino says:

    Woo Hoo! Let's spread the good word!

  8. Capri says:

    Loved that article! Thats definitly a reasonable heartbreak situation you had there, dang! Ive been a patient and student of 5E acupuncture for two years now. I went into it not really knowing what i needed help
    with but as it turns out- my heart needed tons of support! Its so true that acupuncture helps a broken heart by bringing us gradually (and sometimes inexplicably/quantumly!) into or most natural and pure state. Comparitvely speaking- when i first started treatment i was a heartbroken case now- things feel a lot different! Anyway, im
    just trying to echo what youre saying… Recently ive been thinking about what acupuncture has done for heart specifically and wrote a little on my personal blog about it on vday… 🙂 and thats just one of the organs! Glad to see you on here, spread the word & the medicine <3

  9. Capri says:

    PS im moving to boulder in may and need a new acupuncturist but wasnt sure who cuz i dont want it to be a teacher or fellow student in internship… Coming to you!! 😀

  10. katesciolino says:

    Hi Capri,

    I thought I replied to this 3 weeks ago, but the thread is missing. So sorry! Not sure what happened, must be some website thing I don't yet understand.

    Anyway, I'm so glad to hear about your experience with acupuncture. Thank you for sharing. I know, I'm so grateful for the support of acupuncture during tough times.

    I'm wishing you the best of luck with your studies and travels. Look me up when you get to Boulder, I'd be pleased to meet you : )

  11. […] Acupuncturists often palpate these points to gather information about which organ system is involved in a person’s symptoms. If a certain point is tender, or noticeably raised or depressed, it may indicate that something’s going on with that point’s corresponding organ. Once a diagnosis has been determined, Back Shu Points may be needled directly. […]

  12. sophie says:

    Is there a specific acupuncture treatment for heartache really? Do you just go to your acupuncturist and say your heart is aching? I am grieving over the passing of a man who I cut short a relationship for several reasons (one big one that seemed insurmountable) and so it feels like two blows in a row (one, the abrupt ending of a seemingly promising relationship and two, the death of this person, who I still daydreamed about after our breakup).