Walk the Talk Show: Ecofashion ft YAW & Na’an Stop.

Via Walk The Talk Show
on Mar 18, 2012
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Up-cycled Fashion, “Hot Mom” jeans and Na’an Stop action.




The women at YAW are “committed to creating the dopest art for your body, your business and your home.” As we see in the fashion show segment, this means everything from making yarn out of old t-shirts, to screen printing on thrifted flannel shirts, and doing whatever it takes to keep fashion fresh and eco-responsible at the same time.

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Na’an Stop is an up and coming local band whose fusion of reggae, roots, rock, and ska will surely get you on your feet. With the full five-instrument band formation in February 2011, Na’an Stop has quickly developed a unique sound and style that separates them from other local bands.

This sound can be heard on the demo “Escape” which was recorded in May 2011 and released in August 2011.

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Kate Bartolotta.


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  1. […] As far as environmentalism goes we see consumption as the biggest problem when it comes to fashion. Sure, there are issues with fabrics and chemicals, but if you buy a garment and wear it down to its death you are actually cutting down on environmental impact as opposed to buying something new each season and getting rid of it. My goal is to offer clothes that you love and adore, that you’ll be able to wear all day for every activity, and you are able to wear into the ground. Then you are cutting back significantly on the amount of consumption. […]

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