April 21, 2012

Christina Hendricks Should Lose a Few Pounds.*

photo: pinterest

Oh wait, scratch that.

She’s already hot just the way she is.

This is kind of one of those no-win topics. Undoubtedly, there will be people who love Christina, think she’s sexy, beautiful and talented and share the post. There will be some who hate her, hate that we’re sharing a picture of a large-breasted woman and talking about sex appeal at all and will comment with complaints either here or on Facebook. Then, there will be others who say that commenting on someone’s outward appearance at all just feeds the idea that what we think about appearances matters.


 In any case, here’s my take on it:

Life would be pretty boring if we all looked the same.

Celebrating beauty is a good thing.

Realizing that there are many ways to be beautiful is also a good thing.

We notice each other’s appearances. Deal with it.

We are spiritual beings. We are emotional beings. We are cerebral beings.

We are also sexual beings.

{and P.S. Mad Men is pretty awesome, although I also keep hearing good things about Game of Thrones. }


Fun Mad Men mashup bonus:


“Set me free why don’t you, babe?”


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edward May 16, 2015 12:34pm

She doesn’t need to lose an ounce. The only reason she would ‘need’ to lose weight if it was for health reasons. If some smug bastard thinks she looks too big they can go take a long walk off a short pier.

carmelene siani Dec 29, 2014 9:21pm

I have a figure just like hers. I always thought it was a beautiful shape to be in. It's hard to buy clothes however. She surely didn't get the dress she's pictured in off the rack.

corrinne Aug 5, 2014 5:03pm

I think the media can be blamed to a certain amount with bombardments of images, films with the 'hot girls' (boys this is what you fancy; girls look like this if you want to be fancied… Some people more susceptible than others) to brainwashing woman into 'believing' in what is the perfect woman, size thin, boyish body blah blah blah… But it's up to us to break it … I know I get suckered in … But I think more woman be proud of their bodies and not let media dictate sexy and just be sexy instead of striving to fit in a mould of media sexy (which is only after your money anyway and don't give a crap about your health) then we can stand up, look in the mirror and think… "Wait a minute, god dam I'm one sexy woman…" 😉

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