Christina Hendricks Should Lose a Few Pounds.*

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Oh wait, scratch that.

She’s already hot just the way she is.

This is kind of one of those no-win topics. Undoubtedly, there will be people who love Christina, think she’s sexy, beautiful and talented and share the post. There will be some who hate her, hate that we’re sharing a picture of a large-breasted woman and talking about sex appeal at all and will comment with complaints either here or on Facebook. Then, there will be others who say that commenting on someone’s outward appearance at all just feeds the idea that what we think about appearances matters.


 In any case, here’s my take on it:

Life would be pretty boring if we all looked the same.

Celebrating beauty is a good thing.

Realizing that there are many ways to be beautiful is also a good thing.

We notice each other’s appearances. Deal with it.

We are spiritual beings. We are emotional beings. We are cerebral beings.

We are also sexual beings.

{and P.S. Mad Men is pretty awesome, although I also keep hearing good things about Game of Thrones. }


Fun Mad Men mashup bonus:


“Set me free why don’t you, babe?”


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anonymous May 16, 2015 12:34pm

She doesn’t need to lose an ounce. The only reason she would ‘need’ to lose weight if it was for health reasons. If some smug bastard thinks she looks too big they can go take a long walk off a short pier.

anonymous Dec 29, 2014 9:21pm

I have a figure just like hers. I always thought it was a beautiful shape to be in. It's hard to buy clothes however. She surely didn't get the dress she's pictured in off the rack.

anonymous Aug 5, 2014 5:03pm

I think the media can be blamed to a certain amount with bombardments of images, films with the 'hot girls' (boys this is what you fancy; girls look like this if you want to be fancied… Some people more susceptible than others) to brainwashing woman into 'believing' in what is the perfect woman, size thin, boyish body blah blah blah… But it's up to us to break it … I know I get suckered in … But I think more woman be proud of their bodies and not let media dictate sexy and just be sexy instead of striving to fit in a mould of media sexy (which is only after your money anyway and don't give a crap about your health) then we can stand up, look in the mirror and think… "Wait a minute, god dam I'm one sexy woman…" 😉

anonymous May 16, 2014 11:49am

What i find very annoying is that even people say who cares?she's beautiful the way she is…are still making a judgment about her appearance. Of course she's beautiful (according to some beauty standard) and most people would agree she has a "beautiful figure". What if she wasn't "as beautiful" (according to whatever standard of beauty). What if she had a "normal body" or didn't have curves or breasts etc etc would it still be ok? Its as if she's "allowed to have those "10 extra pounds" because she makes up for it in beauty?" Honestly, it's just exhausting.

anonymous Jun 15, 2013 9:20pm

Honestly, what I love is your bio!

anonymous Jun 15, 2013 7:30pm

Don't worry – she may have the perfect hourglass figure, and a lot of people may be thinking she's too good to be true, but as far as physical appearance and proportionality go, she has a small head/face for such large arms, shoulders, and breasts. She can only look completely proportional with certain hairstyles.

Beautiful? Yes, without hesitation. Perfect? No way. But so what?

anonymous Jun 15, 2013 10:30am

Thank you for posting her picture. I don't have time to watch TV ( I'm a nursing student), but I have heard about her online and read the chatter about her figure. When I saw her pic, I thought, FINALLY–a person in the spotlight that actually looks like ME. It made me happy. 🙂

anonymous Jun 15, 2013 10:03am

I remember the first time I came across a photograph of Christina Hendricks and was content to see a woman with a similar shape to mine considered beautiful. But then I read some backlash that Christina Hendricks is unrealistic, no woman can attain such a standard of large breasts and a perfect hourglass. Interestingly, I realized how shocked I was to hear this because I have always been bombarded with the opposite ideal: extremely thin, boyish, straight-framed etc. For me, that is unattainable and not consistent with my frame and build. In that moment it dawned on me….women are loaded down with ideal images of beauty that are always unattainable. We all fall prey to the media's interpretation of what we are not. If we are one thing, we strive to be another. It is this mindset that needs to change. Ditch the ideal and define a standard of beauty that includes an accepting image of yourself, your health, and your conception of being beautiful.

anonymous Feb 3, 2013 9:17am

[…] I’ve noticed an on-going theme in several of my conversations lately—poor body image. […]

anonymous Jan 31, 2013 7:50pm

[…] even though we intellectually know that in the grand scheme of life, it doesn’t much matter whether we are a size four or 14, we drive ourselves mad and cannot even be happy when we are told that we are beautiful just the way […]

anonymous Apr 26, 2012 10:44pm

excuse me I misquoted she said wouldn't "every" woman…which actually makes it worse haha.

anonymous Apr 26, 2012 10:43pm

It's just kind of sad that famous women don't realize some of the stuff that they say only serves to depress/oppress/marginalize the women that I'm sure they intended to inspire.

anonymous Apr 26, 2012 10:34pm

She is a lovely looking lady, I've never watched Mad Men because I cynically assumed (being a designer in advertising for the last 7 years) that the show wouldn't be accurate…but I should give it a shot, it's been going strong this long!

Anyhoo, I just don't like the statement she made "Sure, I'd be happier with 10 pounds off, wouldn't any woman?"

To me, this is incredibly sad and totally flies in the face of body-…scratch that, self-acceptance. If she really felt beautiful, she wouldn't have prefaced her sentence with a modifier that implies she could be happier with her body. Now I'm not faulting her or saying she has low self-esteem or anything, I don't know the lady, but this is my point: Women talk out of both sides of their mouths about body acceptance, and it stems from the insane amount of mixed messages given by the media to women regarding their bodies. ("Be sexy…but not too sexy or else you're a whore!" Oh, and "women's" magazine's hypocritial headlines right on the same cover together: "Check out this triple chocolate cake recipe…How to get a "beach body" in 10 days by eating nothing but alfalfa sprouts!" "Love yourself just the way you are—20 ways to hide cellulite from your man during sex!"…I don't think I need to go on haha)

If we, as women, become more aware about our conversations regarding weight, and body/self-acceptance, this can all change and eventually, after many years, the media will finally respond to it.

We have to stop saying shit like: "I'm beautiful…but if I was 10 pounds lighter I would be even MORE beautiful", and stop calling women skinny or fat "bitches", or saying someone ought to "get on a treadmill" or "eat a sandwich"…etc. If we keep having our conversations circling around "Oh I need to lose just 5 more pounds" or talking about how "disgusting" we feel because we indulged in a delicious treat, whatever it is. I can go on and on about this but I won't hehe.

I just think that it's so important for women to stop beating themselves up because they can't reach some imaginary universal standard that was made up in order to control and distract us. Think about it, if we're constantly obsessing about weight and our looks then we're distracted from the bigger problems facing our gender…like marginalization via media (and government) oppression. I know I sound like a total conspiracy theorist but I promise you I am not that hehe.

    Kate Bartolotta Apr 27, 2012 7:03pm

    Well, I hear where you are coming from, and I also think her attitude is a step in the right direction and much better than many media messages. Many American women feel like they'd be better off slimmer. That's an accurate (if unfortunate) assessment. I love that she said, yes—I feel that way, but I'm willing to let go of it and feel beautiful.
    (It's okay to be a bit of a conspiracy theorist though. You are probably right!).

anonymous Apr 26, 2012 3:04pm

I think she is gorgeous. I imagine that she would be gorgeous no matter what her outsides look like since her self-confidence radiates and has created that glow that can tranform any "ordinary-looking" person into extraordinary. Any woman (or man, for that matter) who can readily admit, "I thought I looked beautiful. I didn't tear myself apart" is lovely in my opinion.

anonymous Apr 20, 2012 10:22pm

Right on! And yes Game of Thrones is worth watching for sure.

    Kate Bartolotta Apr 21, 2012 6:22am

    Thanks! Looks like it's time I checked out Game of Thrones.

anonymous Apr 20, 2012 10:09pm

effing awesome

anonymous Apr 20, 2012 9:30pm

props to Elisa Kreisinger @ for the brilliant social commentary!!!!!

    anonymous Apr 20, 2012 9:30pm

    via the remix video, of course

      Kate Bartolotta Apr 21, 2012 6:21am

      I know! Saw a few weeks ago & didn't really want to blog it on it's own, but was looking for a reason!

anonymous Apr 20, 2012 9:22pm

Game of Thrones is indeed very good!

    Kate Bartolotta Apr 21, 2012 6:21am

    Sounds like I need to check our Game of Thrones. Books first?

      anonymous Apr 13, 2014 10:54pm

      Yes! I read the first two books first. I think it helps with the plot because there is way too much going on and too many characters to not have that background.