I Don’t Believe in Astrology, Yet I’m an Astrologer.

Via Sam Geppi
on Apr 27, 2012
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That’s right, I don’t believe in astrology, yet I’m an astrologer.

This might seem odd to some people. How can an astrologer not believe in astrology? Well, it’s pretty simple—astrology is not a religion, it is a science.

Yes, I said it, astrology is a science. I know most people in the West (including most astrologers) don’t “believe” it is a science. In fact, crazily, even many who “believe in astrology” don’t believe it’s a science.

Let’s get back to the “science” part of it in a minute. First, I want to examine the whole concept of “belief.” Then we can look at whether or not it is a “science.”

What is a Belief?

Here are a few questions—answer them quickly in your head.

Do you believe in God?
Do you believe in yellow?
Do you believe in noise?

You probably answered “yes” to all of these questions. But the truth is, unless you are deaf, blind or both, only one of these questions even fall in the category of belief. The first question, “do you believe in God?” That’s because, God must be a belief, either for or against, because it can’t be directly perceived or known as an experience. Even what we might call “an experience of God,” is a belief that the thing we experienced was God.

Only a blind person will have a belief system about “yellow.” In fact, for the blind, yellow must be a belief, either for or against—as they have no direct experience of light, and therefore no direct experience of color.

A deaf person must have a belief system about noise, for the same reason.

If you are blessed to be neither deaf nor blind, yellow and noise are not beliefs—they are facts, based on your experience. But imagine trying to explain yellow to a blind person, who did not believe in it, or noise to a deaf person. What would you say? How could you convey something intellectually, that can only be an experience?

No amount of explaining, or producing a rational argument, can convince the blind that color exists. What they need is an eye operation, which would give them the experience of color.

Why is this important?

Here at elephant journal, yoga is the big thing—the big spiritual thing everyone “believes in.” So, we might say that people here believe in yoga. But is that correct? Would you say that you believe in yoga?

No. You don’t believe in yoga, you “practice” yoga. You “do” yoga. In other words, yoga is part of your experience. But guess what, there are people who do not believe in yoga. They do not believe in meditation. They think yoga and meditation are witchcraft, where you open yourself up to spirits. Some of them may have even practiced yoga or meditation and became uncomfortable or restless, then interpreted these practices as satanic and evil.

People say the same things about astrology who have never studied it.

But what would you say to such people, entrenched in their calcified beliefs about yoga, beliefs that deprive them of something so beneficial and beautiful? What could you say? The only thing you could say is “well you just have to try yoga for yourself and see.” In other words, talking to them on the level of their “belief” is a waste of time. They are like the blind or deaf person who needs an operation.

As an astrologer, this is very familiar to me.

People often say something like “I don’t believe in astrology, it’s not scientific.” Or worse, “it’s used to dupe people/rip people off,” or “it’s a superstition.” Sadly these opinions not only come from the right-wing, but from within the yoga community as well.

Even here at elephant journal, astrology is often ridiculed or demeaned. I have been teaching astrology for close to 10 years now. I started as a yoga teacher and I was shocked at how many swamis and high level yogis also don’t “believe in astrology.” Paramhamsa Yogananda himself did not believe.

But I will tell you here and now, as I said at the beginning, I don’t believe in astrology. I practice it. I study it—just like every other person who has embraced astrology as part of their life. To them it is every bit a part of their life experience as yoga is a part of your life. It is a practice, not a belief system.

This is a sentence you will never hear: “I’ve been studying astrology, looking into it and it just makes no sense. It just doesn’t work.” That is the thing about astrology, and all metaphysical sciences, the more you do them, and participate, the more you see them working.

But How Does it Work? What Do These Big Rocks in the Sky Have to Do With Me?

The big question is “how does it work?” What do those big rocks up there have to do with me. Is it gravity? Do the planets emits some sort of rays? As revered scientist Carl Sagan pointed out in his mocking, absurd report on Astrology in his Cosmos series, “the physician in the room has more gravitational influence than the planets.”

The Answer to the Big Questions:

I don’t know.
No one knows.

Does this prove that astrology is not a real science? Because after all, we know how other sciences work, right? A doctor knows how the body works, right?


Our Belief in Science:

A doctor does not know how the body does what it does. A doctor does the same thing an astrologer does. A doctor uses his gross senses to perceive chemicals in the body reactions in the body, and then based on that makes a prognosis. It is repeatable and consistent on a diagnostic level based on thousands of years of research.

But the doctor doesn’t know how the body does what it does anymore than the astrologers know how the universe works. For example, the doctor can take your pulse, which indicates your heart is beating and pumping blood, at a certain rate, etc.

But the doctor does not know how the heart does it. He knows where in the brain stem the electrical impulse is sent. But where does the impulse originate? How does the impulse know exactly when to emanate? How does the body keep breathing? How do the cells know exactly what to do all the time?

The pancreas secretes insulin at the right time, but how do the cells in the pancreas know when that time has arrived? What makes it all work? How does our food just digest itself? From where does this cosmic genius emanate? The doctor doesn’t know any more than the astrologer knows.

Just because the doctor or other scientists can perceive results and offer explanations about what and why (the same things astrologers do), does not mean they know how any more than astrologers do. We ask things of astrology we don’t ask of regular sciences, then discredit it because it not scientific.

What Astrology Does:

The diagnostic process I described above is exactly what an astrologer does. Instead of taking the pulse, or looking at chemicals in the blood, she looks at the birth chart. Any beginning student or advanced practitioner of astrology will say correct and uniform statements on an astrologically diagnostic level. Just like a lab intern that sees insulin in your blood.

For example, anyone who has studied astrology at all would say the same thing if they saw Mars in the first house in an astrology chart. They would say the same thing (in their own words), and it would be correct. If it was aspected by Jupiter, they would know what that means and it would be correct. If it was in the tenth house instead of the first house, they would say something different and it would be correct—and on and on.

I made a video that shows Vedic astrology as the science of how spirit takes form
and its relationship to yoga and Indian principles.

Because astrologers disagree about advanced predictions, and what different subtleties and nuances are implied for the future, does not mean astrology is not incredibly uniform. Let’s remember, getting a “second opinion” does not usually mean a person wants to get a second astrology reading. It usually means they want to go to another doctor.

Bottom line: doctors contradict each other also. At a very subtle and advanced level, all sciences will arrive at contradictory conclusions. Because the scientists themselves perceive the subtleties of the data differently.

But even though doctors may arrive at a different prognosis, they will still completely agree on the uniformity of the data they are assessing, same as astrologers. We will see the same indications, but what it might mean for the future will be up for debate.

Eastern vs Western View:

Astrology is a great microcosm of the differences between Eastern and Western culture. In January 2011, the Western astrology world was disgraced by the “Ophiucus-13th Astrology Sign” debacle. If you forgot, someone from the “scientific community” decided to tell everyone how stupid astrology is by pointing out “You may not be your sign” because there is another sign along the ecliptic, etc. They pointed out that the actual constellations are no longer there anymore (and those pesky astrologers don’t even know or didn’t even tell you!). This did nothing for astrology in the West, except provide a forum to ridicule. Nothing new, just blind people not believing in yellow.

What many do not realize, is concurrent to the ridicule of astrology in the West, was the glorification and elevation of astrology in India. At that time, the Supreme Court of India ruled that astrology is indeed science and is to be recognized in scientific circles.

Why should you care?

Maybe this article just seems like a rant from a frustrated astrologer. Actually, I am not as frustrated as I am inspired by the possibility that astrology can reclaim a rightful place in this world. Astrology is the science of how and why spirit takes form. The source of every physical action emanates from a place of divine harmony and equilibrium. We see this conveyed in the Yoga sutras, the Bhagavad Gita and every scriptural text.

Astrology is the study of that divine love and wisdom. The Grahas (Sanskrit words for the planets/creative forces of life) are the wise beings that have presided over this corner of the universe for 4.5 billion years—compared to the “epoch of humanity” a scant 100,000 years—1/45,000th of the age of our solar system.

Everything that has lived or will ever live on Earth was created by the sun and moon and other Grahas. This is not just poetry; it is as scientific as it gets. As soon as the sun stops shining or explodes everything here is dead. None of the sutras or scriptures have any meaning then. Astrology is the study of the divine universe that creates beings and situations, so they may know themselves.

Right now, the earth is turning on its axis 1000 mph at the equator and hurtling around the Sun at 67,000 mph. All of this happens with total ease, hardly a speed bump. It so easy to forget the miracle of life, the miracle of the sun, moon, earth and stars that have created it all. But whether or not we remember the sun, moon and planets, they will still keep giving and giving as they have for 4.5 billion years.

To the ancient yogis and rishis of India (and every culture), these cosmic rhythms were remembered, glorified and studied. They gave thanks to the Sun and entered into communion with him and the other Grahas, and astrology was the result.

The great spiritual scientists of the past knew collectively that planets in the sky would not necessarily capture our imagination here on earth, so they created anthropomorphic deities and stories to illustrate the universal forces. For instance, Shiva energy is to illustrate the Sun and his wife the Moon (Parvati). In ancient India, all Brahmins (educated people) learned astrology, just like we learn math, science, history and other subjects. In this modern era, we are all Brahmins (educated people) and the need to restore our collective connection to the cosmos has never been more important than now.

Intelligence devoid of wisdom is more dangerous than ignorance, and seems to sum up the plight of our modern world.

Astrology is the practice of connecting your limited mind and intellect with the cosmic mind that produced it (and everything else). It is my hope that the modern world returns to the glory of this universal study. Everyone wants to know their place in the universe, and astrology is the study of that. In fairness to all, I think astrology is often taught badly, made to seem more complicated than necessary.

If you are interested, I have a free Mega CD of Classes that have a full range of beginning to advanced classes, manuals and videos that I will send you for free, just pay the shipping.

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About Sam Geppi

Sam Geppi is a Vedic astrologer, and teacher. He is the author of "The Ascendant-108 Planets of Vedic Astrology." You can learn more about the universe and why astrology makes sense by checking out his Free Astrology Class CD, his Facebook and his Membership Website.


162 Responses to “I Don’t Believe in Astrology, Yet I’m an Astrologer.”

  1. samgeppi says:

    thanks folks,
    This is nothing new for me, and I do not need encouragement to have a thick skin or NOT take it personally, etc. Actually I do feel this impacts all of us who want to bring in the new paradigm and i do not agree that we have to just "ignore them", especially when the intelligentsia in this country is very hostile against astrology and there are powerful corporate forces (like Monsanto) who are already successful lobbying to curtail food and herb choices, etc.

    Without being heavy, I do not think it a given that things like astrology will always be readily available.. Censorship of astrology ALREADY happens. Plus, I also think most astrology students should better understand these issues as well. The article I wrote is also imploring those who "believe in Astrology",.. but know nothing about it, to get a little better educated.

    Truthfully, one of the reasons so many intelligent Westerners are turned off to astrology is it is discussed at such a banal level by those who just "believe in it", but don't really understand it. I understand why they feel about it the way they do, and I think it is a cop-out to just ignore them because "they don't understand".

    Well they don't understand because no one has explained it properly, then they are being asked to "just believe in something" that is hard to fathom. Why should they believe in it? I didn't. I also thought astrology was BS until I started looking into it.

    This is why I give away free classes and videos to try to give "believers" a tangible explanation of astrology, based on the science of the universe. That way we all can be educated and stop talking over each other's heads – with "Scientists" thinking we are just a bunch of Charlatans and Dupes, and Astrology students thinking they are just clueless, disconnected intellects.

    If we are marginalizing them, without engaging them, we are no better, and I would like us to do better.

    I made this video to help give a scientific basis for astrology, between Science and mysticism. I would ask you to share it is you think it is helpful: http://vedicastrologycenter.net/#video

  2. Terri says:

    If you start learning about astrology. it is very much a science. And Sam is extremely well versed in the science and a great teacher. I was raised by scientists, worked as an RN in Intensive Care Units for years and saw the resistance of Western Medicine to the Eastern beliefs and "energy nonsense of Reiki, etc". NOW there are lots of scientific studies, published in numerous medical journals, that attest to its validity in post-operative pain, recovery times, etc etc. Trust me, astrology is just another science that holds great validity when you take the time to learn it!

  3. samgeppi says:

    Yes Juliana, RE: Yogananda. He was not given to belief, but changed through Yukteshwar.

    I will see you soon at UAC!

    I have been thinking of how great it will be to see you again, friend.

  4. samgeppi says:

    Thank you Renay.

    Your integrity is inspiring.

  5. samgeppi says:

    "In the West, we are obsessed with measurement. Likewise, time is inexorably connected with duration. We do, however, like to use phrases such as "quality time" when we perceive a situation to be pleasant without considering that time does, indeed, have different qualities. Astrology, in my opinion, addresses the potentials of different qualities of time. Measurement is not a bad thing. Quite the opposite. It's just not the only thing. "

    Awesome analogy

  6. char says:

    Astrology is a sacred art based on mathematics and astronomy. The dupes and frauds are the people who push materialism and BELIEVE western science is the ONLY vehicle that will get you to the truth! Wake up from your mind control.

  7. annon says:

    Would be interested to hear reactions to this older article : http://www.frontlineonnet.com/fl1810/18101170.htm

    But more important, any serious attempt to verify whether any form of astrology could have some validity by attempting to obtain correlations between cataclysmic events and the positions of celestial bodies or by testing correlations between personality traits and characteristics and zodiacal data have in general come a cropper. There has been no evidence of any correlation beyond what could be expected by sheer statistical accident or by the fact that those who knew what their horoscopes were, attributed characteristics to themselves that fit their astrological 'data'. There has been to date only one study, as the paper by Kelly, Culver and Lopston points out, that seems to suggest any link between personality characteristics and some fragments of astrological data (not the entire horoscope), but even the conclusions of this study do not support most of the claims of astrology.

    BUT the issue of this one study brings us to the second major strike against astrology. Science is not merely a listing of conjunctions, accidental or otherwise, among different phenomena. There must also be some kind of coherent mechanism of interaction that explains why and how these conjunctions are produced. Without such a mechanism or even the slightest indication of the possibility of such a mechanism, astrology can have no hope of correcting or improving itself like all genuine science routinely does, by either filtering out wrong data or correcting the mechanism itself to explain various discrepancies. Astrology traditionally has had no such mechanisms or explanations for the influences that it claims. In more modern times some explanations have been attempted based on the achievements of modern science, none of which, it must be noted, originated in any way from astrology.

  8. Mahesh says:

    Astrology is a highly mathematical science. If correctly calculated by a knowledgeable and learned person, it is very precise. One is subjected to his or her Karmic Dosh-action, either from the previous birth or Karmas accumulated in this life. Astrology even when calculated correctly goes wrong when Humans-the only ones- can change their Karmas by burning them through Sadhnas or Spiritual Vedic Practices, and with no fault of this science calculated on the basis of the parameters at birth.
    Cosmic Energy is another deep Vedic Science, which governs the Cosmos, is responsible for all existence.

  9. @orthour says:

    The Mantic art in the hands of a charlatan is of course dangerous. The consciousness and sincerity of the practitioner in combination with the art is an alchemical combination yielding gold at it's best.

  10. Shelle says:

    Im just a working class person, no college grad here. I dont begin to dive as deeply into astrology as some of the others commenting on this article do. YET, I value astrology as a science equal to psychology, for being able to locate and advise on so many different aspects of the human psyche. And I value teachers of astrology, especially those like Sam, who wish to share the knowledge with anyone who values it. Thankyou Sam, for the wealth of learning Ive gotten from your articles and videos.

  11. Bianca says:

    I love astrology and everything Sam has taught me and continues to teach me. I see no reason why astrology would make anyone angry?! It is quite bizarre if you ask me…and calling Sam names?! Silly behavior…
    Thank You so much Sam for all that you give your students. I have always found you to be inspirational and I really appreciate all that you do and the knowledge you impart to your students. Bianca

  12. John says:

    Sam keep up the great work! I enjoy the education I receive thru each of your post. I think real astrology is an ancient science. It may have become watered down due to time and to many charlatans, but its still an acient science. Someone once said that the human eye ( we as humans ) see less than 10 percent of what there really is. People need to learn to look up instead of being glued to an I phone or televsion set. Nature is much less a part of thier world.

  13. @Suri_k8 says:

    Wow, seems like we are back In the middle ages , this is as deluded as it gets , its ridiculous and what is worse is that you brought all your deluded pals with you … Funny …

  14. sherene says:

    You clearly don't understand anything.

  15. angela says:

    i am posting because sam stated interest in our posts. he freely shares w/ us so it seemed kind to give back something he has asked. right now, my religion is pistachios. i believe i have to eat them because i want them and i believe i am hungary for pistachios. i believe i need to finish the whole bag because they are nearly done anyway. i believe my lips sting a little from the salt and that my finger tips are now dry and need cream on them. a new now has come and i believe i ate too many, am fat, do not have enough control. if i bothered to question just the above mentioned beliefs, i would find that all of these are created in my mind. so for me, sometimes i notice that i have beliefs about or in astrology, other times i just see it like tonight reading these posts, projections of myself…..oh, and the posts that caused a little rise….these are the signposts where i am most unconscious/the most unaware and unquestioned thoughts…finding those takes me some meditation…cuz see, sometimes i really really really believe my shit. like, dr's and christians to me, are surely the most misguided group of humans walking the planet. clearly my religion, my belief, my prejudice spewing all over the place like our species does! (oh, and when i do 'the work' of byron katie on these beliefs, i will clearly find how misguided i am…in case anyone got a rise). and so far, i have been interested in astrology for 37 years.

  16. Bethany says:

    "But I will tell you here and now, as I said at the beginning, I don’t believe in astrology. I practice it. I study it—just like every other person who has embraced astrology as part of their life. To them it is every bit a part of their life experience as yoga is a part of your life. It is a practice, not a belief system."

    …just like every other person who studies any of the systems of the world that have an observation and experience situation over a very long period of time. It is not easy in this day and age of technology and want-it-yesterday to consistently see results of a system that still works after 5,000+ years based on natural phenomemom of the universe. This specialty science is reduced down to a small generic paragraph by your "Sun sign" in Western astrology on the lifestyle section of the mainstream newspapers (if they still actually deliver them!) for many millions of people that read it. Of course it "doesn't work" or is seriously discredited by people who hear the word "astrology" and immediately jump to this thought! There is no real conscious thought about the subject, just a snapshot engraved in the thinking mind about it.

    "To the ancient yogis and rishis of India (and every culture), these cosmic rhythms were remembered, glorified and studied. They gave thanks to the Sun and entered into communion with him and the other Grahas, and astrology was the result."

    …it's hard for the modern mind to wrap around the idea that we lived COMPLETELY different when this ancient science was observed and assembled. We lived in a more harmonious rhythm with everything and we do not now. That is painfully obvious in everything our senses connect with in our Western style culture of today. Plus the plethora of options in the realm of not only practice, but belief! And the planets (grahas) have the "last laugh", just as we are the "Fool" in the Tarot deck… the science of Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) works amazingly well, yes even in this day and age!!! It works because it is based on science. And to be good at what you do, just as a doctor or a lawyer does, they practice! Practice in science yields the possible answers to the "whys".

    "Astrology is the practice of connecting your limited mind and intellect with the cosmic mind that produced it (and everything else). It is my hope that the modern world returns to the glory of this universal study. Everyone wants to know their place in the universe, and astrology is the study of that. In fairness to all, I think astrology is often taught badly, made to seem more complicated than necessary."

    Don't get me wrong, studying Jyotish has been one of the more complicated things for me to practice in my life, but only because my limited mind tells me that there's so many things to consider!!! But I've never studied anything that has allowed for so much understanding of my Self and answers the "whys" of how I do what I do in the world: why I'm prone to anger, why I've always known since I was 13 that I will never have biological children in this lifetime (AND how my/their interactions WOULD be in our lives if I DID have them!!!), why it's hard for me to listen to my boyfriend's (or anyone's!) advice, why I can be touched in the deepest place in my heart when I see suffering in the world. And why I am able to find the light through it.

    I don't know the answers to the "whys". I just practice the science of light!

  17. Christopher says:

    Sri Yukteswar: "It is never a question of belief; the only scientific attitude one can take on any subject is whether it is true. The law of gravitation worked as efficiently before Newton as after him. The cosmos would be fairly chaotic if its laws could not operate without the sanction of human belief."

    From: Autobiography of A Yogi Chapter 16


    Socrates-"An unexamined life is not worth living."

    At the very least, what Astrology does is make you "examine" your life in ways you may not have thought about. Science or not, it expands your way of thinking. Sam has probably been the single most influential person I have encountered in my life recently and has directed me towards studying everything I have been searching for all my life. There is more you can learn from Astrology then testable experiments. You can learn psychology in an indirect way, you learn about other people as well as your self, you learn about mythology, philosophy and cultural viewpoints other than your own. So there is much to offer other being a science, which I believe it is. What needs to happen, is Astrologers need to become expert Astronomers if they ever hope for this Science to be validated in the West. The truth is, America is about the only place on Earth that has has to most trouble or objection to these type of things.

    In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna tells Arjuna to not mistake himself as the "doer," and proceeds to say that God is the doer. The point being is that most people's Ego gets in the way of Astrology, leading them to dismiss it immediately. How could the planets do something to me? I am responsible for me? Well how come a rainy day makes you feel down and tired? None the less, Astrology actually was intended to know your Inner light. It corresponds to the Chakras (Another abstract term for people) or nerve centers in your body. The Motion of the planets combined with the Positive and Negative Cosmic Rays being emitted in the universe gives us the impulse to do something. Plainly put, Astrology is the "Science" of how Light of Probable Energetic Patterning or Divisions of Time, effects the Behavior of Man. (Remember History repeats itself.)

    One major issue, is believe it or not, the water people drink in America! The water is contaminated with fluoride which actually calcifies your pineal gland. People in Yoga should know this, that the Pineal Gland is responsible for not just Awareness but Spiritual Awareness. They always say (at least in Mexico) Don't drink the water!

    As far as Guru's still not using Astrology still perplexes me too Sam, the very Science was developed by a Guru or Sage, so why it is still unpopular is beyond me.

    Lastly, Astrology isn't fast food, it takes constant digging and testing (like science) to understand it, nor is it hyper-literal like everybody here in the west wants it be. I will admit when I first started learning, I was skeptical, but I stuck with it and it is true with in the Principles and Rules that they give. People are so quick to dismiss but they won't take the time to explore. Explore it for a Year and I guarantee your view on life will be different.

    That is all, Hope this helped Sam!

  18. Dean Sky-Lucas says:

    Hi All,
    There is no definitive answer for anything – who is the most right etc. Everything is acting or exerting itself on everything else. We get to decide whether it suits us or not or by how much. Astrology is an amazing system for me because it suits me, I'm able to link into the rhythms and cycles of these things nominated as 'planets' or celestial bodies. I have used it for years and it has introduced me to the least destructive version of my life that I can live.
    Right and wrong is the place for hierarchies of worthiness. Wherever one is on that helix, eventually, absorption into Oneness is a place most devoid of pain, strife and division. It depends on how much resistance you have left. You don't have to worry about that – you'll keep resisting until you don't have the energy to resist anymore – whether that be in this life or another. Sam's view is something I'm not interested in contesting – he has a fabulous brain, he can be contentious – but that's just a form of Spirit keeping me from laziness. His heart, however, is ineffable.
    May Sam keep me striving and sometimes, struggling.
    Until we are all ineffable, by whatever path we each need,
    let us collide into Oneness,


  19. lhynnsangels says:

    Great post Sam!
    Astrology is a science I believe..to me it is right on the money!! Love it and Sam is a great astrologer!

  20. yogijulian says:

    oh goodness, i think the yoga community would be much better off if LESS people were gullible to things like astrology. its absolutelbunk and has failed every attempt to demonstrate that any of its claims are in any way true.

  21. @LonaLang says:

    Astrology is a great tool. So are pencils, mandalas and hammers. Use at your own risk. And don't give up.

  22. Gopi says:

    For anyone who doesn't "believe" I dare you to have a real astrologer (like Sam here:) take a look at your chart.

  23. anoep says:

    Hi Sam,

    Astrology is a science no doubt about that it's a complex subject and it's very important for everyone to learn just like in ancient times where it was also teached just like math in college. But this is Kal Yuga and people are ignorant towards real higher knowledge like astrology. You do not have to believe it, you have to TRUST it because it is given to us by rishi's who were enlightened. We may be proud of it to learn this science of light which is like a medicine in this dark Kal Yuga time. And luckily we have Sam who can teach this science in an exciting and inspirational and funny way.

  24. Gordana Janice says:

    Vedic Astrology certainly has proven to be an accurate science. Sam’s interpretation & analysis of stella activities has been astoundingly accurate this past year that I have been subscribed. Thoroughly, enjoy your Youtube video’s, thank you Sam Geppi for these free services to humanity & your regularly discounted classes or personal charts. I have wanted a personal chart & it will most definitely be from you.

  25. Christopher says:

    Its Actually Dwapara Yuga with a Kali Sub cycle

  26. Kris says:

    “Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do.”
    ― J.P. Morgan

  27. __MikeG__ says:

    I find it absolutely amazing to the lengths people will go to hold on to superstitious beliefs and magical thinking. And twisting the word "science" so that it means any "system of study". Maybe in common vernacular but when these people invoke the scientific method they are obfuscating the word "science" and ignoring what the scientific method actually is.

  28. __MikeG__ says:

    Thank you for one of the few intelligent comments on this ridiculous post.

  29. __MikeG__ says:

    This is one of the most ludicrous posts I have ever read. But it is a good example of using logical fallacies in writing. Arguing the straw man by comparing astrology to medicine. Not to mention all the red herrings and instances of "Begging the question". I feel sad for human kind whenever is see how invested in magical thinking we are.

  30. Dear Sam, I am SO excited that we will be hangin' together at UAC! XO

  31. Meta says:

    Excellent insight, Sam.

  32. annon says:

    Good to see after 5 pages of comments no one has yet to provide any sort of credibile evidence beyond first hand anecdotal vage hand wavery such as, "It definitely works, I know from first hand experience, you just have to try it".

    Good to see that the world is not short on sheep.

  33. @Suri_k8 says:

    I know , it is ridiculous , seems like nowadays anyone can claim to be a scientist….who needs 4 years of college when all you need is a 50 hour =insert your fave bs subject= course right ??

  34. Gwen Nitya says:

    Sam, I am just simply grateful for your courage, wisdom, and beautiful soul. Thank you for being YOU! I love what you teach, and I feel blessed by your generosity. Namaste,dearly, Nitya. BTW, you speak and write Truth, and only those who are ready will be able to receive. Surrender the "debate". 🙂

  35. Niks says:

    Sam, Thanks for your thoughtful articles on astrology. Astrology is definitely a scientific study of the planets in our horoscopes as has been proven by many astrologers. Regards.

  36. Jayasri says:

    Oh who even cares what these people think! It's kinda like Atheists challenging believers in God. Their narrow mindedness will keep them in the cycle of birth and death forever unless they open their hearts to possibilities beyond the material platform. Who made the stars? Y, es, God did. And why did he do it? EVERYTHING is empowered by Him so it's pointless to negate what you don't understand or other people's beliefs. It's kind of like a medieval witchhunt!

    Lastly, any kind of controversy either good or bad will bring attention to the subject matter in question. Sadashiva you may very well end up famous due to people's ignorance:-)

  37. ashutosh says:

    you are absolutely right sam….astrology….is a science…and …no one can challenge this fact…ya its true it seems little bit different than modern science… but it is still make sense,logical and we can prove our results by astrological calculations…

  38. Jean Lin says:

    Astrology is a knowledge who mix scientific mind and cosmic understanding. Some parts can be explained and systematized, other parts are the fruit of self experience and deep perception of the Life. Life is not a scientific phenomena. Science will never explain what life is. The truths of one day or of one century become false or imperfect the next day or the next century. When you think you've reached the goal (the knowledge), the horizon recedes and escapes. The truths of sciences are always temporary, believe otherwise is an illusion or blind pretentiousness… As it has been said by Sam, study, try, test astrology (or anything else) and you will know by yourself what is true or not true.

  39. Wendell says:

    Thanks Sam for your work. I have done my own investigation in Astrology and the truth of the fact brought me to the conclusion that it (Vedic Astrology) is factual. Farmer's Almanac states," above the ground crops seeds should be planted during the Moons of Cancer (most auspicious), followed by Pisces, then Scorpio. Crops above the ground being corn ,lettuce, broccoli, etc. Root crops seeds should be planted during a Taurus Moon. Root crops being potatoes, yams, etc. Flowers seeds during Libra Moon. Until the appropriate Moon I noticed the seeds would not sprout until that time. So Farmer's Almanac was not selling snake oil either. I've done the same study with people.

  40. Throughout the Middle Ages, religion was “in”, and when one sought approval, it was most effective to back your case up with religion. With the age of Enlightenment, science became “in” and now it is more effective to be scientificly accurate, rather than to be religiously accurate. Carl Gustav Jung points this out in his book “Analytical Psychology” and talks about how both perspectives can be -and have been- taken to the extreems, in which case one becomes so reactionary against the opposite view that one becomes blind to any possible truth that may be contained within it. Both scientific and religions/spiritual ways of deciphering the world are legitimate and capable of finding some truth. Also, both are prone to overlooking some facts when taken to a fanatic level. In other words, scientific fanaticism can be just as ignorant as religious/spiritual fanaticism. Why? Because science just hasn’t discovered everything yet; there are questions that modern science cannot answer, but some spiritual paths do. And there is a chance they might be on to something! Therefore, it is best to be open-minded and consider what the “other” is saying gently. I believe in what Sam says here. But for those who oppose the idea of astrology being a science, I recommend they consider that it might become one, someday! In other words, mainstrem/accepted/modern science might advance to the point someday where it honors and embraces what Sam is saying. Afterall, science depends on observation and experimentation. It was once commonly accepted that the earth was flat, because it was obviously observable as such! In those days, it was against common-sense to say the earth was round! However, it took a broader obseration to discover that is was round. Similarly, today’s science might just have to advance more and gain a broad enough view to recognize how the planets effect us. One question arises upon this: Howcome astrologers know more than astronomers -modern accepted scientists- about the effects of planets on human life? One possible explanation is that there once was a science on earth, more advanced than what we have today; it possibly disappeared with disasters (great flood?) etc and Vedic astrology is among what knowledge has survived from that time…

  41. Student of the Vedas says:

    Got to agree w/ the “Fundamentalist Vedic Astrologer” descriptive. I’ve been a student of Vedic Astrology for decades and I’m always learning. But what I’ve read here and the responses I’ve read from you Sam, are akin to the intolerant fundamentalist zealots I’ve encountered in other religions including far extreme Christians, Jews and Muslims. I see no difference in the intolerances for people who do not share your views from what these other extremist display. It is a total turn off. – Does Amma say everyone should be Hindu? Does Amma say everyone should have an astrological chart done? No, she does not. She accepts people of every faith, or scientific persuasion. – What would She say about this? I think I will ask her.

  42. Louise Brooks says:

    Oh boy, you revealed your true self when you wrote; "I do believe in the theory of evolution. But I also know it is a belief, not a proven fact. "
    You just revealed you misunderstand what "theory" means in the scientific community. Its like you're as close to a creationist as can be. For goodness sake, "belief" is merely an unverifiable personal feeling/value. The theory of evolution IS FACT. If you knew anything about it you would know that it is an accepted fact by all scientists (except a few nutty creationists, but all fields have a few of those 🙂 ). There are mountains of documented evidence, gathered over many years to demonstrate it.

    Astrology has long since been debunked by any serious scholar in cosmology, physics, quantum mechanics to name a few scientific specialities. For pete's sake, a beginner level science class will explain this: The four forces of our universe: gravity, electro-magnetism, strong and weak nuclear force. None of these are strong enough on any planet to affect us on Earth in any way. This is what Carl Sagan was talking about (although I have to give you credit for being brave enough to include this in your essay). In other words, the whole "Mercury is in retrograde" mutterings are complete nonsense. But alas, people WANT to believe things. People want to believe there is a caring man in the sky watching over us. People want to believe there is a safe and wonderful place that we go to after we die (and thus don't expire fully upon our death). This doesn't make any of it true. You want to believe there is a "spirit". But like the invisible man in the sky, heaven, and eternal life, astrology is wishful thinking that can give us a warm and contented feel that we're all taken care of in this vast universe.

  43. rodolfo says:

    Sam, this is in response to the guest who said that your work is the biggest BS he or she had ever read. And that you are our snake oil salesman and that your article is offensive to a somewhat educated person.
    First, if there is anything offensive, it is the language and the rudeness of the e mail from someone whom I believe is a total ignoramus about western and eastern astrology and scientific matters. Let me just put down some points in defense of Sam who has been kind enough to share his knowledge to his "snake oil students:"
    1. When Isaac Newton was asked why he was such a fool to have believed in astrology because he was a scientist, his answer was, "Sir, I have studied, while you have not." Mr. Rude Critic, how far have you gone in science and astrology or even in your normal education as well. Did you finish grade or high school? Your rude and sweeping remarks seem to tell me that you aint got much up there in your cerebral cortex. Do you?
    2. Now, let's support Sam's assertions:
    2.1 Mr. Critic, read "Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain," by Steve and Sheila Ostrander (circa early 70s). Russia spent billions of money in paranormal research. A certain scientist/doctor was able to discover a system of birth control as well as determining the sex of the baby based on astrological configurations. Even the fertility of a lady can be calculated based on the aspect between the sun and the moon, among other things. Now you call that BS and offensive to an educated person.
    2.2 Now, since you started this libelous exchange, under American law and laws applicable to the country having jurisdiction over me, one has the right to retort with a libelous remark by way of a defense, to another libelous remark. Are you aware of that, Mr. Educated Critic? You talk about education– do you have anything to show? Come on, I challenge you. Walk the Talk. I have studied astrology both eastern and western since I was educated in an exclusive Catholic school when I was 13. I finished my degree in psychology in the most prestigious state university in my country, cum laude. I took up law in the same university- where I graduated with honors, top 3 of my batch while I was a working student. I never applied for a job in a law firm or in a corporate legal department. I had always been invited by the most prestigious and biggest firms and corporations. I have been a trial lawyer for decades and I know how to decide things on the basis of evidence. I have weighed my astrological configurations since I was a kid until now, after decades and decades of very hectic lawyering. the evidence based on my experience shows that astrology works even if the quantum of evidence which you use is proof beyond reasonable doubt.
    2.3 Are you aware of how Dr. Carl Gustav Jung was able to accurately match hundreds of charts of married couples by picking and analyzing them from a ton of mixed charts?
    3. You are very rude. There are people here around the globe who's education, knowledge and intellectual stature I am sure, are far beyond your compare. Perhaps you ought to be sued for libel or defamation.
    4. So is that how you think you can insult and bull shit us?
    5. Well, Sam, I think its time that you really consider concocting a strong snake oil tonic and hand it over to the gentleman critic. Please make it good, fast and strong. And you know what I mean.
    You know, Mr. Critic, you shouldnt sound so rude or look like a bully here. If you were just physically present, I can perhaps teach you the meaning of respect in the way that the ancient warriors and martial artists of long ago do.
    Sam, please dont give lessons to rude people who dont even know the basics about how to respect other people. This sacred science has no room for such people. And Sam, and to the other supporters of Sam, my apologies for the strong language. Cannot help but to stand in righteous indigation in defense of Sam.

    Sam, just leave that guy alone. After this, he is not worth your time nor effort.
    More power to you, Sam.


  44. Louise Brooks says:

    Spoken like a Rick Santorum fan.

  45. Louise Brooks says:

    Astronomy is the science. Astrology is the quackery that has arisen from it.

  46. Louise Brooks says:

    Science says nothing about a supposed place called "Heaven".

  47. Louise Brooks says:

    Ahhhh, the placebo effect. The pill had nothing in it but the patient assumed it did and got better. Yes, I agree. Astrology is a sugar pill. No substance but people think there is something useful in it.

  48. Louise Brooks says:

    Rosanna, Edmund Halley was talking as an astronomist, not an astrologer.

  49. Louise Brooks says:

    "If Vedic Astrology (Jyotisha) is not a science, how would two different people come to the same conclusions given the same data? "

    Simple, they give you general information that is vague enough to be molded into whatever life situation was/is at hand and you think "oh my! how did he do it?!""