April 4, 2012

Ode to the Entrepreneur. ~ Evan Beard

To be an entrepreneur traditionally means that you start something, usually a company.

But this is not an entrepreneur.

It is to look in the face of intolerable odds and know that you will conquer them.

It is to stand as David, in front of Goliath, and to feel not fear.

It is to conquer your insecurities, for at every point, everything will be at once going great and falling apart, held in precarious balance by some force that you don’t understand.

An entrepreneur is an emotional warrior, one who succumbs not to the tides of life, or accepts the hand he’s been dealt, but who deals a new hand himself, who changes the rules if the rules don’t work for him. There is no time to be knocked down or upset, only time for action.

As entrepreneurs we do impossible things, we dream big dreams, we know the toil and tears of hard work, the pain in the eyes that comes from working hours on hours, the ache in the back. The feeling of at once needing a shower from personal neglect but also not needing one, because today the keyboard is your only companion.

To be an entrepreneur is a way of life, it defines our relationships: with God, with our significant others, with our family.

We are the ones who do not settle, who know no gear but our highest, who aren’t afraid of failure as a part of who we are; for we know that if we don’t fail on occasion, we aren’t aiming high enough.

We are dedicated people—to our work, to our life, to those with whom we’re close.

We know the feeling of living on pure adrenaline and you can see it twinkle in our eyes, dangerous and fierce.

To feel the triumphs of life, and the sorrows; to breathe them in as a beautiful, artistic experience; to enjoy the vicissitudes as others do the Mona Lisa.

This is how one is an entrepreneur. We are people of passion.



Evan started Etacts, a relationship management company which went through YCombinator, raised $720k in funding and sold to Salesforce.com. He has also written an iPhone application featured on Good Morning America and in Cosmo Magazine. He is now starting a new company called Gridtech. Connect with Evan here.



Editor: Andrea B.


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