10 Days in the Wild. Alone & Fasting. ~ Duncan Parviainen

Via Duncan Parviainen
on Jun 20, 2012
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I recently returned from an amazing 10-day solo canoe trip in Temagami, Ontario.

I was rained on, attacked by birds (nesting time) and bit by hundreds of bugs. I canoed under rainbows. I ran out of food and had to fast for a day and skip several meals over the course of three days.

It was one of the best times of my life.

Below is a video I made of the footage I captured, as well as a piece I wrote while contemplating my time up north.


I go into nature not to escape the world, but to meet myself, face-to-face. 

Some people seek wisdom from establishments; I look to the windswept skies and wild forests.

My greatest teacher is the wild north. I go there to learn, to de-construct, to transform and renew.

I am not running from life, I am living life. It takes courage, strength and humility to run wholeheartedly into the wild.

Beneath the rainstorm, nestled in between roots and rocks with the bugs, surrounded by water and sprouting life, beneath the unforgiving sun and struck by the humbling winds, the corners of my eyes soften and yet my gaze intensifies.

All that is untrue falls away until only the bone of spirit remains. I am nothing and I am everything.

In the heart of destruction and in the birthplace of creation, the wild will forever be my home.

 “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.”

~ Henry David Thoreau




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About Duncan Parviainen

Duncan Parviainen loves yoga. He often spends a lot of time alone in the wild, smiling in the rain, and soaking in the sun. You can connect with him on his website, on Facebook and Twitter or email him at [email protected]


9 Responses to “10 Days in the Wild. Alone & Fasting. ~ Duncan Parviainen”

  1. Robert_Piper says:

    Great article Duncan!

  2. jon says:

    great video 🙂

  3. thanks for reading robert 🙂

  4. thanks for reading jon! 🙂

  5. clare says:

    lovely article Duncan . i would love to try something like that. but since you mentioned it,why the fur? or wtf?

  6. hey clare! thanks so much for reading! You should definitely try it out sometime-super fun and rewarding! Oh, I still wear fur because one of my jackets is made by Canada Goose, and it has coyote fur trim. coyote fur does not freeze and keeps you warmer than artificial fur. Canada Goose is a canadian company and supports great outreach programs to northern communities and they employ local trappers to trap coyotes versus animal farming. Long explanation but lots of vegans have given me heck for wearing my jacket, so I thought I would offer some of the reasons why I am content and proud of wearing my CGjacket. wooo= that was long! have a great day 🙂

  7. clare says:

    thanks for answering Duncan. vegans can be our own worst enemies .i am vegan, but have a couple of old purses and shoes that are leather that u still use.some vegans might have a problem with my using my old leather items, but i will utilize them instead of buying something new. iwll not , however, buy leather again. i have actually know a coyote, and he was exactly like a dog. i could not imagine him being trapped, like those terrible leg traps, or shot, or poisoned . so, you graciously responded, and your morals are your own, but as a fellow vegan , i would hope that you might find used fur at a thrift store, if you truly need it for your outdoor adventures , instead of contributing to the deaths of wild animals . thank you for listening to me giving you heck, i look forward to more of your articles .

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