June 15, 2012

Divine Sistahood of the Traveling Souls. ~ Kelina Nelson

Whether or not you have blood sisters, the sistas you get to choose yourself along the way prove to be pretty special indeed.

Sistas are boundless—they are souls.

These are the ladies that you can joke with, talk your dirtiest with and piss off a time or two, and still be loved by. They are the ones who refuse to let you dance alone.

One, because they see the fun you’re having—and two, because who really wants to dance alone?!

They know when you’re sad. They feel your pain and they get mad right along with you. They are you in so many ways.

If  we were lucky enough to be born with sisters who make the best of friends, someone had to have thought it was best for us not to travel so far for something so great.

Others may have to travel, but we will find those who are unrelated in kin but born of the same thread, who were clumsy and lucky enough to find each other further down the road.

These are sistas!

Each sista comes with her own spice to add to the wonderful mix. She might be the phone call that brightened the day. The understanding hug. The kick ass motivator!

She can be the much needed compliment. The one who calls you out on your shit because every now and then that’s what we need.

She will tell you to take those damn Spanx off because girl, you look good!

She wants you to be happy. She wants you to smile. She wants you to be loved by the best as well as treated like the best, because to her, you are the best!

Sistas are gems. They are shining lights and heroes. Without sistas who could we talk about our dirty dreams with?

No, really?!

If you have a sista, if anything you have read above resonates with how you feel about yours, shoot her an email right now and tell her:

“I love you girl!”


Kelina Nelson is on a mission to help make the world smile and do as many good and groovy things as possible. She’s a mom, love of Mr. Brown, full-time gardener, recovering pessimist and a writer of thoughts who knows they’ve just gotta be put to use.

You can reach Kelina by visiting her Daily Weeds at http://lovinthatlight.blogspot.com or email her at [email protected]


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